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Could I Be Showing Signs Of Schizophrenia

What are the signs of schizophrenia in dogs?

As in humans schizophrenia, in dogs it will show itself in the exhibition of opposing behaviors. One moment the dog is seeking attention, cuddling and then will growl, snap and even bite their owner later, even moments later.

In people, coming to grips with reality is real life for sufferers. In dogs, it is characterized with rapid changes in personality. It can be a complex and disturbing disorder to live with for owner and dog. Emotions change quickly, almost hair trigger, and even changes in emotion of the owner can quickly trigger a schizophrenic reaction in the dog.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is another malady your dog may manifest when stressed. As amusing as it is to see a dog continually chase their tail (this isn't the only reason for tail chasing), this is not a healthy behavior. Dogs have been known to pull out clumps of hair and bite themselves until they bleed. Some dogs will lick everything in sight even in concentric circles, or line up stuffing pulled from pillows in geometric patterns. In an exclusive interview with Dr Fretz Ph.D., he reiterated that the drug Prozac is often the drug of choice for dogs needing medication for OCD. For milder cases of OCD, distraction and attempts at removing the source of the stress will prove beneficial.

Schizophrenic mice have been documented. Having a Schizophrenic Fifi or Fluffy is not far fetched. There are also documented cases of bi-polar dogs out there as well. Certainly there are other mental illnesses that plague dogs. Psychiatry is a fairly new science for humans and even newer in pets. There is so much we don't know or understand about the brain as of yet. What is known is that dogs can be mentally ill for a variety of reasons. There are also various treatment options open for you and "man's best friend", your dog. So take care of all your dogs needs, physical, social, and emotional. You and your dog will be happier for it. Remember when in doubt check it out with your veterinarian.

Can an x-ray of the brain show if someone has schizophrenia?

There are no brain abnormalities in schizophrenics prior to taking psychotropic drugs. All scans that show brain abnormalities show them in patients who have been taking drugs/medicines. However with an MRI they can tell when you are hearing someting when there is no audible sound to anyone else. The hearing centers of the brain light up, but that is a normal function of hearing. In spite of scientific evidence that schizophrenics are hearing something real, they say that they are hallucinating. How smart can that be?

Early signs of Schizophrenia or just Anxiety/Pure O?

All my surroundings seemed different and I felt like I was in a dream state. This lasted for about 6 weeks; pretty much all day. During that time and all the way up until today, I have experienced severe anxiety that I am insane or that I am going to lose touch with reality. I have constantly looked up signs of early Schizophrenia. I also have had obsessions with ideas about reality.