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Could I Go To A School Dance

Should I go to my school dance?

Wow, that is really sad how the bullying has affected you. I hope the trauma goes away for good soon.

Go to your school dance. You want to go, so you should go. Just ignore the jerks who show up. And you know what, often bullies when they're out of their element will act differently, pretend that it never happened. If they try to be jerky with you, pretend like they don't exist. But chances are good they will avoid you, so really, don't worry, go and have fun. And your new friends will be there for you, you're not alone.

Also, by not going you are showing that you are easily intimidated and at any school there is at least one mean kid, you don't want to make yourself a target.

Go, get dressed up, have a great time! You'll feel proud of yourself afterward that you didn't let fear get in your way.

Good luck!

Should i go to my school dance?

you should definitely go, its a great time to hang with friends and have fun and you don't want to miss out on all the gossip at school the next day lol

if its you're first dance, don't take a risk, wear something cute, but simple that you feel good in.

if its a formal wear a nice dress but if its just a dance or a "social" (which my old school called it) then wear something a little more casual

Should i go to my school dance?

Yes, yes, yes. Get dressed up and go there to have fun with your girls. Trust me. Friday night, I didn't want to go to the dance because I had gained a few pounds and my short were too tight and I wasn't allowed out of the house in them. 5'3, 125 pounds. Anyway, I go to the dance. Three guys from a militairy academy all pretty much average looking from what I can tell were obviously checking me out. The only reason why they didn't approach me is because I didn't want them too and stayed close to my friend. A fourth guy asked me to dance and then asked me to kiss him. I didn't like him so I wouldnt kiss him. A fifth guy who I liked approached me three times, shook my hand, introduced himself, and gave me a hug. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying. This all happened to a girl who thought she was too fat to even go.

please answer mine!;...

Should I go to the school dance?

Is dancing your life passion?If so, the answer is definitely yes!First a dancing school or any serious dancing classes/lessons can teach you a lot about fundamentals of music and of dancing.You can learn different techniques, possibly different styles and you can practice your skill in an appropriate structure with mirrors, bars ecc.Practicing with the presence of a good teacher is a must, is the best way to improve. Listen closely to it's word as dancing is not made only of body movements!A good dancing school will let you progress very fast plus it will give you routines to practice and it will be easier to stay consistent with your training days.You will meet a lot of dancers like you that could help you progress furthermore.Beware to chose good teachers though as there are so many improvised ones. Remember that a good dancer is not always a good teacher and a good teacher is not always a good dancer.Don't waste too much money for the school if you're not willing to make a career out of it or if you're not comfortable with the expenses.There are so many ways you can learn dancing, take time to choose the right one for you and always remember to enjoy dancing and to be kind.Hope this will help, have a good life.

Should I go to school dances....?

I think you should go it would really help you boost your confidence, and they are so fun!

What to Wear -
If its a casual dance just wear skinny jeans and a long top.
A skirt with a nice top.
A casual dress, but you can always dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans on.
Even a long top with leggins and you can accesorise it with a belt
Or you can even just ware baggy jeans and a top if you would feel more comfortable in that.
But it would be good if you were able to accesorise your outfit with bangels, necklace ect.

How to dance -
For dancing all you do is step from left to right and back again and just do what everyone else is doing, but you might get set dances such as "saturday night", "the cha cha slide" and "the macarena" and im sure you would know these dances but if not you can look at them on "youtube" or if you go to this dance look at other people doing it and joining in. The dancing is really easy though all you need is confidence and dance like nobodys watching.

Make up -
You don't have to wear make up you can just go natural but if you really want to wear make up just wear what you have, but remember if you are doing your eyes dark and bold with eye liner or such your lips have to be nice and pale because if they are bright to then it will just look to much, this goes the same if you put a bright colour on your lips make sure your eyes are just nice and pale because this would look to much also so if your eyes are dark your lips are pale vice versa.

And just remember don't be shy, be more confident!

Friends & Boys -
Don't worry about boys i know you will want to have your first kiss but believe me you will get to do it soon, you never know you might meet a nice boy there, but your first kiss should be the last thing on your mind and don't worry about boyfriends i have only had one and im 15 years old, and for your friends just go with them and dance with them it doesn't matter that you only have a few friends, its better to have a few than none, and im sure you might be able to make new friends there!

So yeah go have fun!

Hope I helped xxxx

How not to go to a school dance?

Just tell your friends and parents that you are not comfortable, or do not have the desire, to go to the school dance. I usually don't go either, and my friends and parents do bug me about it, but they eventually get over it and leave me alone. Try explaining why you don't want to go, and tell them that you would appreciate them understanding that. If that doesn't work, try finding another friend (or even just acquaintance) that cant/does not want to go, and make plans to do something with them. Then you have an excuse not to go and you may become friends with someone a little different. But before you completely decide not to go, think about whether or not you really dont want to go, and also think about whether or not you may be missing out on something you will later regret. For instance, when I look at pictures of all my friends at homecoming, part of me wishes I had gone. Think about it all the way through, and if you really decide that is what you want to do, then go for it. Hope that helped.

Should I do dance team at school?

Dance team is hard. I have practice four days out of five a week, spending three hours doing kicks and spins and whatever is in the routine we have to learn. And because of issues with the coach (age wise) we didn’t do competitions this year- for us, it’ll be a lot more rigorous once we go back to them. I choreographed a small part of one of our dances at because of complications had to cancel half of it and it was the most stressful part of any extracurricular I’ve done this year.And honestly, (to be fair part of this is laziness of team members and not respecting our coach and our captain) what we do is honestly really relaxed. Most teams are crazy rigorous compared to ours.If you love dancing then go ahead and try out. But it’s hard- half of our team does dance outside of school; most of us are able to do splits, like five of our girls do gymnastics, and we had one girl kicked off for athletic ineligibility (and this year- chaos with the coaches and stuff- we only had it going through basketball season= 2 months).I’m not trying to be rude or scare you off- but it is intense, and you need to realise how big of a commitment it’ll be. It pays off- My flexibility has increased a lot; my legs are stronger (although I’m in color guard and soccer too so I don’t think dance team can take all the credit for that).But it gets treated like a sport and you will be expected to prioritize it over all other extracurriculars. I’m in our play and I’ve been able to attend a full practice once. I have to go there first then leave early once my stuff is done so I don’t miss dance and be forced to sit out the next game. If we miss once practice without telling our coach why, we sit out on the next performance. If we do it twice, we’re kicked off the team.But it’s still my favorite extracurricular, and I would not quit. It’ll be some of the most fun you’ll have- I love everyone getting ready together before performances and doing peoples’ makeup, and having someone do my hair. Team bonding exercises make everyone cry in the best way. You might hate some of the people on your team but the ones you love, you adore. One of the best feelings is when you’re placed in the front because you’ve got the dance down, or having a part of the dance where you have to dance with someone and twirling one of your best friends. Dance is life.

High-School Dance should i go?

It sounds like you are looking for a good time! I'm going to tell you this; go to the dance! I have never, ever regretted going to a dance, and they have always, always been loads of fun! If you don't know how to dance, just watch others dance and do as they do! That's exactly how I learned, and now, people request me to dance with them. Dances are exactly what you've heard they are; sweet! So don't hesitate to go. Also, getting drunk at all is a bad thing, but definitely if you do it right before you go to a dance. I suggest not drinking ever, but if you must, wait until afterwards. That's when all the after-parties are going on anyways. Hope this helps! :)

Should I Go To The Middle School Dance?

Don't worry about it. Dances are not there to patronize you, theyre there to help with some of the less sociable kids in school. In other words, you're supposed to go, so you'll feel better about hanging out with friends. Trust me, I was sooooo shy, and I never wanted to go. The first time I went to my dance, I was practically blackmailed into going, and it helped my friendships so much. Its also a fun place to try out your style of clothing and makeup, and to find out what your friends act like in public (who wants to hang out with friends that are problem kids?)

Why should I dance at High School?

I will tell a story that, by its end, will provide an answer to your question. (As you can see from my photo, I'm not black, but race is not important for this question.)When I was in high school, I loved math and science, so I took all of the math and science classes that the school offered. I also liked French a lot, so I studied that for four years. Between all of those courses and the required curriculum, I had my hands full academically - I even had to attend summer school before my senior year to fit in everything I wanted.The other notable characteristic of my four years in high school is that, along the way, I developed an interest in girls (and, not to put too fine a point on it, certain parts of their bodies). However, I did not have many dates, and I never had a girlfriend (though, looking back, I realize that a couple of girls were interested in me), because I was shy.In addition, I was emotionally immature. I was largely unaware of, and did not have any sense of how to relate to, others' feelings - and this was even more true of girls than it was of boys. I was clueless concerning how to attract or relate to girls.Decades later, I had matured and had married. My wife and I had two daughters.When the girls were young, my wife and I took up social dance (in anticipation of my brother's wedding) and I took up jazz dance for fun and exercise (when our daughter's teacher pointed out that she taught adult classes).Both types of dance give me great enjoyment. At social gatherings, my wife and I usually are the first ones on the dance floor. We love having space available to move around the floor, gliding, turning, being one with the music.Jazz dance (in a class with a teacher and a few other students) is enjoyable in its own way. I have learned new ways to move, and I feel comfortable using my body to express my feelings.It has crossed my mind that I probably would have enjoyed dancing as a teen, and perhaps even younger.As a result, I have had the following thought quite a few times during the past several years:If I had high school to do over again, I would take dance classes because that is where the girls are!So, even though you will be uncomfortable (at first), you should take some dance classes. Indeed, you just might find that some girls respect and appreciate the effort you are making and, for that reason, reach out to help you through your discomfort - the start of a closer relationship.I wish you the best.