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Could It Just Be The Weather And Allergies

Lip piercing infection/allergy/cold weather?

i got my lip (on the bottom left side) pierced about 2-3 weeks ago. i thought the pain and puss went away. however since monday i noticed that the skin around the piercing has gotten dry and irritated. i thought this was because i spent all monday sick and throwing up, then i thought it could be because of the dramatic change in weather (i'm sensitive to the cold), i was also told it could be an allergic reaction to the standard surgical steel ring. does anyone know what it could b.

my problems: pussing ( after it had stopped), irritation around the piercing, my lips are dry and sensitive, i took off the piercing and felt a small bump... i thought it was normal because i have tiny bumps on my ear piercings.

Cold weather messing with dogs allergies, causing coughing? Can cold weather cause breathing problems?

First of all we have talked to the vet.

Okay we are having really weird weather here. Its been in the 30s the last few days and this morning when we got up in was in the 20s. Normally its still in the 50s and 60s, and never gets below 42 degrees or so.

My dog has come in the last 2 mornings and nights, and just hacked and hacked and coughed and coughed. He settles down after we give him his allergy medicine. But the poor little guy has these coughing fits every time he comes in from the cold early morning and late at night.

He sounds like an asthmatic (I don't think dogs can get asthma but still)....he is just trying to catch his breath between coughing and such.

We talked to the vet this morning and he said start giving him his allergy pills every day instead of as needed atleast until it warms back up. If that doesn't help we are going to have to look into other medications he said. But try this for 2 weeks.

So that is what we are going to do.

I feel bad for him though, he is fine all day but after going out before bed and then in the morning its the worst he isn't getting much rest and you know it has to hurt to cough like that.

Also we know its not kennel cough he hasn't been around any other dogs except our other dog in a few weeks. And it just started when the sudden cold front came through and decided to stay. Its NEVER this cold here

Am i Allergic to cold weather?

So i have snow day today and I went outside to shovel the snow. It was windy and a while later my face started to hurt I've already experienced this many times before, but now it seems to be getting worse. Anyway my face started hurting and swelling up (like an allergic reaction) it started out as what looked like hives and latter a big *** red circle on my cheek. It wasn't itchy or anything just hurt a bit. I pinched it and it was like when u pinch a baby's cheek, soft but firm (if that makes any sense) but i doesn't happen anywhere else on my body. For the past 3yrs my face has done this i go outside i come back to a warm shelter and my face starts to get red etc. etc. last summer i went to Pakistan (its hot over there) and maybe my skins not used to it? But I just wanted to know what this is, if anyone has ever had this, and other info u can give. Thanks P.S. I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life

Can birds get allergies?

I don't think it is allergies either, but it could be something irritating her nose or throat such as dust or something like that, not necessarily allergies. If it keeps happening, take her to the vet to be sure. I have chickens and after they eat really fast, sometimes they sneeze with a high pitched squeak, this results from a seed being stuck to their throat and they cant swallow it, they sometimes gasp for air, but they are fine after they take a drink. Also they breathe heavily if they can't breathe thought their nose, if it gets clogged with dirt or something, so you can just clean it out with water or something.

I hope this helps and good luck with your bird!

Difference between a cold and allergies?

ok, the past few days i've had a runny/stuffy nose off and on with lots of sneezing and itchy eyes. So is this allergies or a cold? There is no other cold like symptoms but I can't imagine what would be causing allergies to flare up like this....there has been a drastic weather change, from 42 degrees and rain to 80 degrees and santa ana weather...could this cause it? anyone else with this experience? thnk you!

Is there an allergy to cold weather causing edema or swelling?

I am putting in a reference to different type of hives. Cold urticaria is one of them. I had hives for 10 years and finally got rid of them by going on a gluten free diet following a diagnosis of celiac disease which is an intolerance to the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. You can get tested with blood work and possibly an endoscopy. If those tests are negative, you might try one or two months on a gluten free diet to see if it helps.

Good luck, Hives are a pain.