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Could Somebody Break This Into Stupid For Me Im Really Bad At Math.

I suck in Math. Am I stupid?

Thank you for the A2A"Sucking at Math" does not mean you are stupid.Many students are good at things like reading and social studies, and lack the skill or knowledge to understand math and science (which also requires math).I spent my whole life feeling as if I was a failure at math, and I had a test for "math disability" when I took the test for ADHD a few years ago. I did have ADHD, but my math ability was far greater than I had imagined. While I was thinking it was about 4th grade, I was told it was 10th grade.When I asked about all the things I couldn't do or understand, the doctor explained to me that all those concepts were taught the same year, most likely 5th Grade. That was the year my family moved, and from that point on, I never really seemed to "get" math.I've thought about going back and "teaching myself" 5th grade math, but 5th grade 50 years ago is a lot different than it is today. If you have a sibling or friend who is really good, or understands in a way that makes it easier for you, ask for help.If you want, explain to your teacher that you aren't understanding, and ask for additional help. I failed Algebra 4 times before I passed. All 4 times were with the same teacher and the same book. I didn't even open the book.The 5th time, I had a different teacher who made me WANT to learn. Not only did I open the book, I passed the course!

Why am I so stupid, and everybody else is so smart?

'Smart' and 'dumb' are just excuses we tell ourselves so that we don't have to try as hard or at all. Smart and dumb don't mean anything. Think about it. What is the definition of a smart person? The only answer I think of is 'someone who does smart things'. Well then, does a smart person always do smart things? Of course not. Can a dumb person ever do smart things? Of course. So what is a smart person when he is doing dumb things? And what is a dumb person when he is doing smart things? It's all a mirage. Think about whenever you call yourself smart or dumb. What are you really saying? When you say you are smart, what you're saying is that you don't need to work as hard as everyone else. When you say you are dumb, what you are really saying is that no matter what you do you will fail, so why bother. Either way you come to the same conclusion - don't do you best. So the solution is simple. Always do your best, and you will realize that there is no such thing as smart or dumb.

I’m really struggling in math and I always feel stupid because of my grades. I want to get better but I get frustrated easily and I don’t know where to start. What should I do?

Practice, practice, practice. I’m not sure what level math you are in- high school/college- but this is how I would recommend studying…Go to class & write down exactly what your teacher/professor writes down (typically, you’ll see the same question but with different numbers on exams).Go home and practice, practice, practice. I started doing well in math when I rewrote my class notes and looked at examples in the book (basically connected the dots to understand why we do certain things).Talk with your teacher/professor. Take a deep breath, suck up your pride, and meet with him/her. They want to help you succeed. They can give you advice about where you need to improve and maybe even help a borderline grade at the end of the semester.YouTube is amazing. For any subject area, there’s a YouTuber that has made a video about it, especially math. They maybe able to explain things in a better way then your teacher does.Again, practice. “Three times a day, brings great grades your way.”The fact you’re reaching out and helping for advice is the first step. You’ll be able to get your grade up, you just need to commit the time & energy into it!You can do it!!! :).

Why is it that if a student is good at maths and science but bad at English, they're still considered intelligent, but if they're bad at maths and science and good at English they're usually considered to be of average intelligence?

STEREOTYPE.As someone who is fine at English, average at Science, and suck at mathematics. I got to admit, I am part of that Stereotypical Society.I am the victim and the accused.I was that hypocrite who voices out against people with an opinion. Opinions such as ‘Literature is for Dumb Students’ and ‘Maths is the supreme metric of intelligence’.Uhh!!I hate to be that person who constantly judges herself and feels insecure.Probably, because of the community exposure, I received as a child. I was taught to always prefer a safe career path. There was enough and more emphasis given to science streams.Anyone who takes a different route than the conventional were considered Losers or Failures, or maybe Just-an-exception.Back in 1995 till early 2005, I used to believe that career can only be categorized as ‘Engineers and Doctors.’That’s how myopic I was. Even though my parents especially my Mother, who herself was a Music Teacher, encouraged us to overcome all prejudices.Unfortunately, she wasn’t bagged by the very community.I recall my father was being questioned time and again regarding the career choice I made. It was absurd. It was illogical of people to ask him.I was a science student till school. I took up ‘Arts’ during graduation. And people assumed me dumb.It was a soft blow for all my relatives. They mocked me, Made fun of me. And considered me slow.Today, I stand tall in my career. I work as a Sales Consultant for a Technology firm. I earn equivalent to those who chose to pursue ‘Science/ Maths’ for life.But no amount of appreciation, efforts, or encouragement can remove the scars of childhood.It’s brutal to call someone dumb if they fail in either subject. One need to value the talent not the report cards.No one’s future can be truly dependent on few marks. It can have an effect initially, however, in the long run, it doesn’t matter.Break thy stereotypes.Thank you Mohan S Nayaka for the A2A, you brought back some bittersweet memories.

I literally think I'm stupid, no matter how hard I try I can not understand math.?

I remember one day in math class (I'm a new freshman, so this was when I was in 8th grade) there was a question up on the board, and I don't remember what it was, but I did not understand it. I just stared at my blank paper and and put down my pencil thinking "I can't do this... I'm too stupid." So when it came down to the teacher calling on one of us to answer the question (which with my school he uses little sticks with our names on them) I prayed he didn't chose me... But he did. I panicked and slouched in my chair saying "Um.. Well.. Uh..." and everyone else knew the answer and they were screaming at me saying "It's so easy!" or "How do you not know the answer!" I got up and ran out of the class crying.
I don't know what's wrong with me, or if I have dyslexia, or if I'm just down right stupid... But I just was wondering if any of you could help me. My parent's say it's because I don't try, I just give up. But I do try! I try so hard! I excel in other classes such as English (If you can't tell from my grammar) and Science! But Math... I just don't know.

Why was I born so stupid?

I happen to be extremely clumsy, and I lack common sense at times. I wouldn't mind this, if it wasn't for the fact that I am stupid academically. In math I can't grasp anything -- it's just a jumble of numbers and symbols to me. When I tell people that I find it as the most difficult subject, they look at me in shock and say something along the lines of, "You just have formulas and insert numbers!"

But for some reason I can't do that. I get the formulas mixed up, I usually make simple mistakes in problems such as moving the decimal point -- I'm just terrible at math.

Because of that, and along with my clumsy personality, my friends view as the stupid girl who's ditzy. I'm usually the punchline of their jokes.
No matter how many friends I make, they all come to that conclusion above...

Help? I just feel like I won't succeed in life. I have a terrible personality and an terrible intellect at that.

Why am I considered stupid if I’m not good at math?

How about something that will make you feel better about yourself?All I ask is that you read ALL of my answer here.You probably are bad at math IN PART because you are stupid.You get smarter when you learn math.Everyone is equally smart at birth. And equally stupid.You get smarter when you learn.Being smart is being able to learn.You learn how to learn when you learn.Everyone is bad at math at first.The smarter students do not stop trying to learn, do not stop learning, and learn for themselves.Most math teachers do not tell you this because smart is also being able to teach.I would like to think that I am very smart, both as a teacher and as a student. But I started out no smarter than you.And I have already answered a question on Quora on the reasons why you may be bad at math.Trust me on this.Einstein said that he is smarter because he thought longer about things.It took him longer to learn.Bohr said he was smarter because he took less time to think about things.It took him less time to learn.The smartest students I ever had were autistic spectrum. Smart in some ways and stupid in others.As is everyone. There are different types of intelligence.I was close enough at university to some really really smart math students, who probably now all have doctorates.Or who have left mathematics to play music.Trust me on this. If you think you are bad in math now you could still be a world famous mathematician later on.They always say they lose tbeir edge when they get older, and you clearly have not yet are old enough to gjve up.You get smarter by learning. You may find it is only that you are an Einstein and not a Bohr, and the chances are you do not know who Bohr was.

I want to become a pilot but i'm not good at maths?

When i grow up i would like to become a commercial pilot (With Monarch), i have been wanting to do this for nearly 7 years now. I'm 13, in year nine and live in England, UK. I have become a bit obsessive over becoming a pilot because i always imagine my self in that smart pilot uniform sitting in the cockpit. I am beginning some flying lessons soon, which i am really looking forward to!

However, i'm not the brightest in maths at all, i never understand things its just so hard.
I don't really know what to do i try really hard in my lessons at school hoping to get good grades but i don't feel i'm smart enough to become a pilot or ever will be. Although, I am extremely good with computers (if that helps?).

I know most pilots these days start in the RAF then make their way into major airlines but however silly this sounds, i'm afraid of getting killed and never being able to get into a major airline at all.
I thought about becoming a cargo pilot for a while then moving to major airlines but then realized you would need the same qualifications anyway.

Anyway, I'm just looking for a bit of advice to maybe help me for fill my dreams of becoming a pilot.

I'm out!