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Could Someone Explain These Things

'The Thing' (1982) Can someone explain the ending?

An open-ending is a dramatic device used in many stories. It leaves the viewer in suspense, and allows you to imagine your own events afterward. Plus, it's alot like life, where not all answers are clear and things aren't always wrapped up neatly.
We're fairly certain MacReady isn't the thing, and Childs may or may not be. I liked the ending.
I haven't seen the latest remake, but the 1982 version was a far departure from the original 50's version. In the 50's one, the 'thing' was just a big space monster guy. The whole shape-shifting stuff was all John Carpenter's brilliant idea.

Could someone please explain the "marco polo" thing to me please?

I know it is some sort of game. I have no idea how it is played. I've seen it recently on an ad on TV, and had heard it referred to before. We don't have it in Australia, I'd never heard of it until we came to live in America. So could you please explain what on earth it is?

Can someone explain the "Godfather" to me?

Dumb question to ask because of course everyone's seen it and it's a popular film. But the thing is I find it hard to follow. For anyone who's really grasp the full length plot of this film please explain to me what is happening. (Possibly from beginning to end.)

I appreciate this.

Can someone explain the ending of the movie Deja Vu?

This is a simplified explanation of the ending. Some time travel theory is explained in the movie itself.Future Doug travels back in time. This means that Past Doug and Future Doug exist in the same timeline.Future Doug stops the event he was investigating and then dies.Past Doug arrives on the scene. He now has nothing to investigate, so he takes in Claire to question her.That’s basically it, there are plot holes and the theory given in the film doesn’t explain how the two timelines are suddenly one again, but that’s about it.I might also point out that they could send a note and files about the case for proof, back in time. They don’t need to send him :)

Can anyone explain these things? My ENT said he will do surgery for this when I have my tonsillectomy.?

So you have a stuffy nose. Caused by a growth and large turbinates. Turbinates are passages in your nose thru which you breathe, they serve to warm the air on the way to the lungs, obviously if they are large, they could partially obstruct the flow of air. Maxillary sinuses rest below your eyes, so a cyst in one could contribute to blocking the flow of air thru your nose. concha bullosa refers to a turbinate being inflated with air, it needs to be removed.

Can someone explain the Buddhist religion to me?

Im so confused, Im studying a religion class and Buddhism was confusing to everyone in the class even my teacher had a hard time explaining it. I heard they believe in reincarnation and then eventually they go into Nirvana which is no existence. Whats the point of being Buddhist if you just want to disappear and fade away into Nirvana. Why pray and be monks? It just sounds like a hopeless road to live and then just fade away. please explain

Will someone explain the Flat Earth theory to me?

There is no Flat Earth theory; it is simply a (false) claim.A theory is a proposition that explains observed phenomena. In addition - and most importantly - it can be used to make predictions, with subsequent observations and/or measurements confirming them. It supports the scientific method and is a basis for a consistent set of information.On the other hand, a claim is a statement which does not necessarily have supporting evidence or allow for predictions to be made. It can often be disproved as being unable to explain real situations.For example, if the Earth is a flat disk with a diameter of roughly 25,000 miles, and the Sun simply moves in a circle above it at a distance of less than 10,000 miles 9it has been quoted at under 4,000 miles), then it will be at greatly varying distances from different points on the Earth’s surface, and consequently it will be observed to be at varying sizes depending on one’s location on the Earth.This is not what is actually observed; instead all observations of the Sun are completely consistent with the theory of the Earth being a globe which orbits the Sun at around 93 million miles.There’s a simple example of the difference between a theory and a claim. Various other Flat Earth claims can also be shown to be totally inconsistent with what is actually observed, which is why no-one should believe this nonsense.