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Could Someone Help Me Develop This Tv Show Idea

Game show ideas for my tv class!?

For school we have this elective called TV production and its basically all about filming and the control room and etc.... so we have this project that we need to make a game show to produce and direct.
It can be like a trivia game show or like an already made game show but i want mine to be creative so if you got any ideas that would help :)

What do you call somebody who sells business ideas?

A Concept Developer, Program Developer, Strategic Developer.

I have a great idea for a movie/TV show. Where can I pitch my idea?

No disrespect, but the answers below are more accurate for scripted projects.First, a reality show pitch is something you need to take a risk with.  Try and register "pawn store idea" with WGA.  You will need to sign a waiver and just pitch.  In the industry, we've heard EVERYTHING.  We are probably developing something already that is like what you are about to pitch.  Etc.  So if it's REALLY unique and a good idea, odds are we will be interested and work something out.  There is no incentive to steal concepts because the legal headache completely outweighs any kind of perceived reward.If you want to pitch something, find a production company online that has done shows similar to what you are proposing.  Most will have a section about submitting a waiver to hear your idea.  If they don't, email them and ask what their process is.Honestly, reality TV shows don't come out of thin air.  Usually the network is looking for something specific already, or more importantly, you are someone online who really stands out in what you do.  Either you are big "talent" in that you are super funny, unique, etc.  OR you do something really unique and interesting that happens to be what people are looking for at that moment.  Hopefully, you're BOTH.  I would say 99% of reality tv shows that don't involve celebrities are the production company finding the show, not by someone reaching out to the production company.  So if you have an idea, you should DO IT, PUT IT ONLINE and make sure you're doing it BIG.

Why do people go on tv talk shows to solve problems they can solve at home?

15 minutes of fame, and sometimes it may give way to deeper issues they can't resolve on their own that they may need professional help for they can't afford or have the resources available to them.