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Could There Be Such A Thing As

Is there such thing as a fake PS4?

It could be - some fraudsters sell fake electronic devices. Usually it is just a plastic case with battery connected to LEDs / screen - so it will look genuine and operational during a very superficial check. Some may even pose old hardware for a new one (that works with MacBooks, probably won't work well with PS4).Just do your research - buy online only @ safe verified places. If buying second-hand, look for red flags (like hurrying you, price too good to be true, refusal to check the operation, etc).In case of PS4, checking the operation should be quite easy - lend valid PS4 game from your friends/classmates/colleagues and ask the seller for a test before the sale. It the game runs, that PS4 is genuine.

Could there be such a thing as ghosts?

Well I can't say no, however I'm positively sure, and heres why. Ghosts are known as paranornal spirits of the dead who've lost their way. Now consider that this is not scientific. Honestly if the mythical ghost was replaced by the mythical transparent unicorns, people would be saying they saw magical transparent unicorns. You see most people are mistaken when seeing ghosts and spirits and such. People who hunt ghosts make tons of money off the public, its a scam and people follow its ideals ignorantly, and most people who do have biblical beliefs. Which is why I think they're delusional. Sure a good scare is good once in a while. But this is reality, not a fairytale.

Being born on a cusp - is there such a thing?

I have been an astrologer since 1986 and in my personal experience of chart reading, cusps are not real. If you are a Virgo you are a Virgo.

However, both Mercury & Venus are close to the Sun, so they will often be in the sign before or after your Sun sign... so if you are Virgo, Mercury & Venus could be in Libra... or be in Leo, the sign right before Virgo. Or you could be Libra Rising. You could have a Libra Moon. Or you could have Venus conjunct the Ascendant which might add strong Libra-like qualities.

Personally I think this explains the "cusp" theory much more rationally.

And it points out that astrology is much much more than just your Sun Sign.

Is there such a thing?

you need to get a physic not TAPPS but like someone that can clear your house using special equipment. mabye you need to get out for a while and if it follows you the exclanation is it is in your head. when i was younger i saw a goth like figure in my moms bedroom and itn was strange looking and when i went to investigate and i found that it was nothing, the way i found out was i stayed in and started asking the spirit questions and when i saw it again i grabbed clothes i threw it at it and it was strange but i never saw it again; my point is it could be the heater air conditioner, heater or something that is not paranormal. and i'm quite sure it is something that you noticed after you watched a scary movie or a show about ghosts. but if your mom thought you were pulling her leg then she probbably won't get a physic but try to investigate have a clip board to record what you notice and have flashlight to see what you're writting i hoped i was a help. and thanks for giving me 10 points for that other question.

Could there be such a thing as hard fantasy?

Science Fiction is categorized as ‘hard’ if its focus is on the science; ‘soft’ if the focus is on the characters. Additionally it can be ‘utopian,’ ‘dystopean,’ ‘Space Opera,’ ‘cyberpunk,’ ‘Apocalyptic,’ ‘post-apocalyptic,’ ‘alternate history’ and on and on.Fantasy is usually categorized as “High” or “Low.”The term "high fantasy" was coined by Lloyd Alexander in a 1971 essay, "High Fantasy and Heroic Romance.” Lloyd Alexander was the author of the “The Chronicles of Prydain,” which includes “Taran Wanderer” and “The Dark Cauldron,” (which Disney consolidated and made into a movie).High fantasy is any story set in an imaginary world where magic is real. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings,” and “The Chronicles of Prydain” are High fantasy.Low fantasy is set in the ‘real world’ where magical or supernatural elements exist. Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Grey,” Butcher’s “The Dresden Files,” and Hamilton’s “The Meredith Gentry series” are examples of low fantasy.Dorian Grey can also be classified as ‘dark,’ or ‘Gothic’ fantasy,’ for its horror elements.“Sword and Sorcery” fantasies are stories like “Conan the Barbarian,” thats focus is on the action of the hero in battle, rather than the broader, world-altering consequences, like Lord of the Rings.But there is no equivalent to ‘hard’ Science Fiction in fantasy, since, without the magic, it isn’t fantasy, it’s just plain fiction.The point about breaking one’s internal logic can apply to Science Fiction, as well. There’ a descriptor for that, as well: bad writing.

Could there be such thing as an electric bomb?

A bomb designed to create an electro-magnetic pulse might be described as an electric bomb. A high altitude nuclear explosion produces an EMP. The results are the subject of the novel "One second After."

An EMP could be made without a Nuclear Explosion but then generally involves chemical explosives:

Non-explosive EMP weapons could involve the use of capacitors and an antenna without chemical explosives. Certainly our extensive military budget and secretly perfected the means to accomplish this

How could there be such a thing as lesbian rape?

(1) I love how people think that those who identify as gay/lesbian are so weird and magical that their relationships don't have the same power dynamics and they don't have the same abuse problems as people in hetero relationships. YES, THEY DO. They have the SAME PROBLEMS, including domestic violence and rape.
(2) As another commenter said, many people who rape in prison would still self-identify as hetero. Rape is about power and violence.
(3) People who are aroused at watching rape scenes - I'm pretty sure this is not uncommon, given half of our popular R-rated movies contain some scene where a not-wholly-consenting woman is either coerced or prodded or eventually "gives in" to having sex - are simply responding to a culture in which rape/violence and sex/pleasure are intertwined in the popular mind. When you conceive of sex as "dirty" and shameful, when men are portrayed as and taught to be aggressors, when men are encouraged to feel entitled to women's bodies, as though they're public property, through the spectacles that are sexualized advertising and porn, a rape culture is what results.

Is there such a thing as "clown metal"?

Nah, that sounds like a fan-made genre. I've heard metal bands that sound very cabaret-ish, or circus-y, and dress up as clowns, but I usually put them under avant-garde metal myself.

You probably either got the vio for being "insulting towards another member" or "not answering the question". Yahoo is a bit picky sometimes, sorry.

Is there a such thing as a perfect person?

I think perfect is relative.When I saw this I thought, ‘if there was, I wouldn’t like them.’But then I thought about a perfect person and to me, that’s someone with flaws. Which isn’t perfect in the general sense of the word. But I could probably find someone who I personally consider pretty close to perfect. I doubt I’d ever find someone 100% though. Considering that’s part of the word, the answer is no.But the general sense of the word, well, that’s a bit tricky. I guess that’s someone who is perfectly healthy, whose body best reflects the conditions they live in (perfect up to date evolution and all that), whose mind is at peace and open and knowledgeable. If we’re talking that, my answer would be no.But here’s the problem, some people wouldn’t find that ‘technically perfect’ person, perfect. And if we’re talking perfect socially too then they’re not succeeding. If we expect social perfection there is zero chance because again, perfect is relative. Let’s say political views, we’re obviously all different so if they choose a side they’re not perfect to some. If they don’t choose a side they’re not perfect to others who want people to act. You can’t make everyone like you because everyone is different and you’d have to have more than a billion personalities inside you to be a perfect person socially.I really could’ve stopped and said no, everyone has flaws. But it’s deeper than that. Scientifically or physically or socially. The fact is the world is changing, society is changing, even if there was a perfect person they wouldn’t remain that way unless they changed too (including physical changes, some of which probably aren’t possible).So no. I doubt it. The ideas I chucked around and shared above say why.

Is there such a thing as a "perfect crime"?

There will never be a perfect crime, because technology will continue to find more ways to trace a person back to it.Do you remember the kidnapping and murder of Maria Ridulph? Probably not because it happened during 1957.December 1957, she goes missing. The police force viciously search for her, and after a week of no progress, they start to lose hope. However, four months later in April 1958, Maria is finally discovered, however she had been killed.The culprit wasn’t discovered until fifty-five years later!My point is that if you get away with it now, you won’t later.However!You could, in theory, perform what I like to call the “Prime Crime”.The Prime Crime is the best result of a crime you can hope for. It’s not exactly perfect, because you will be caught, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get convicted of anything…In order to do that, you have to make sure that all the evidence doesn’t exist. Don’t let the police find what you want to keep hidden. It’s that simple. Because even if they bring you in, what evidence do they actually have to convict you?If you’ve done it right, they shouldn’t have anything. And so yes, you’re name will be out there, but they can’t do anything about it.Innocent until proven guilty….Proven guilty