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Could U Recemmend Me The Directories Of Social Networks And Web Apps

What are some quality directories for web apps?

There's quite a few great web app directories—the one I likely frequent the most frequently is AlternativeTo, as it's a great place to find similar apps and the upvotes help you gauge popularity to a degree.Zapier's Zapbook, which I help maintain, is another great place to check for apps since every app listed can integrate with the other apps there through Zapier. If you pick a new app there, you can be sure it'll work with your other apps you've found on the Zapbook. We're also adding App Reviews of the most popular apps, to help make it easier to pick the right app for your needs.

How do I design a specific social network website?

Congrats on deciding to make one in the first place! Quite honestly it's not as hard as you think. If you don't know programming or don't want to pay someone to make it for you, there are tons of websites that can dramatically help you--without much programming needed. For example, allows you to create your own "social-community." And on Wordpress, there is a plugin called BuddyPress that converts a WP theme into a "social-network theme." Joomja and Weebly are amazing but require a little more programming knowledge. But to truly customize your network, I would recommend starting a website from scratch (or hiring someone). You can learn the basics of making a social-network with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, etc. on Treehouse--Learn Web Design, Web Development, and More. That way, you'll learn programming in addition to creating the social-network.  Whether you choose to start from scratch or use a pre-built framework and then edit it (i.e. Wordpress, Weebly, Ning) depends on your desires. Do you primarily want to learn coding? Then start from scratch. Do you want to learn how to market an Internet website? Then don't focus on the programming. Personally, I made CafeMocha to inspire students to write and then share their writing with the world. In other words, I wanted to focus on the business--not the programming aspect--of the social-network. So I focused my time on Search engine optimization, social media optimization, blogging, guest posting, marketing, speaking, and eBook writing.  And the business is the hard part, not creating the website part.... Having people come to the social-network, post, and then recommend the site to their friends is the extremely difficult. Why? You have to offer a really solid incentive for them to switch to your network from previously established networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Reddit, and tumblr.  Good luck! Hope this helped.

Is there a social network for startups or entrepreneurs? I am looking for an online network where entrepreneurs can exchange ideas, find co-founders, connect with investors and get feedback.

Check out BEAMIt’s a community of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Journalists, and many more professionals, and their app makes it super easy to connect and collaborate with each other. Think of it like LinkedIn but more exclusive and minus all the hassle of adding people within your network.Official website: BEAM - Business, Investments, Careers, ConnectionsiOS Download: BEAM on the App StoreAndroid Download: BEAM - Android Apps on Google PlayAt the same time there is an incredibly powerful broadcasting tool that allows you to spread the word and reach many people on the platform. Probably one of the fastest and simplest way to get customers and spread the word.

What is the best social network plugin for joomla?

Social Network is quite important in today’s time. It increase your post’s shares, increase the conversion rate of your website, Increase your visitor, these are the things that everyone desperately wants. so, Social share plugin is the must have plugins for Joomla, WordPress website.For Joomla, You should check out JD Social share.With the JD Social share you can select any social handle from up to 24 social media channels. Also it provides two URL shortening methods Google URL Shortener and bitly and It’s comes with fully responsive layout. I think you should check it out at once.It’s really amazing.Hope it’ll help you.

Choosing a network protocol? case project?

Nishida Kitchens is a medium-sized company that makes packaged Japanese foods, including noodles and sauce combinations. Its foods are distributed to grocery stores and specialty food stores throughout Canada, Europe, and the United States. The company is moving in to a new building and has hired Network Design Consultants to help them create a new network. Before the move, their head network administrator accepted a job with another company and his inexperienced assistant has been promoted as the head network administrator.

The Nishida Kitchens business and sales unit has 42 computer users. The plant in which the foods are produced, packaged, and shipped has 45 computer users. The company has Windows Server 2003 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers. The business and sales unit used Windows XP Professional workstations. The plant users have a combination of Windows XP Professional and Red Hat Enterprise Linux computers on users' desktops. The company plans to have Internet connectivity available to all network users. Nishida Kitchens has an outlet store across town which provides the public with direct sales of their products. The outlet store also has Internet connectivity on a small network of 12 computers that are running Windows XP Professional.

What protocol do you recommend for this network, and what are its advantages?

Because you have to travel to the location of the new newtwork, you want the option to remotely access the Windows Server 2003 and Linux servers from your office at Network Design Consultants, and from your laptop computer at home. What options are available for you to accomplish this?

Nishida Kitchens wants the ability to monitor its networks to keep the network stable and to troubleshoot problems. What should they implement to accomplish network monitoring at the main location and the outlet store? How can network monitoring be made secure?

Nishida Kitchens is considering the implementation of their own e-mail server so that employees can exchange email with one another and with others over the internet. What element is important to implement in the e-mail server so that messages can be transported over the Internet? How does this element work?

For WAN communications, such as over the Internet connection, what protocol should be used by the Windows XP Professional and Red Hat Enterprise Linux workstations? What are the advantages of this protocol?

Can someone using the same home wifi network as me view my computer (internet history, photos, docs, etc.)?

Someone on my home wifi network said that they can see internet history, cache, documents, photos, etc. from my computer on his. I just turned on my firewall. Does that mean he can't see those things anymore?

Air Force: anyone know the difference between "cyber surety" and "cyber systems operations"?

Don't let any of these other answers fool you. Neither of these career fields are offensive hacking as they would have you believe.

3D0's are primarily support career fields. For example, Cyber Surety guys (3D0X3) install/maintain/configure security related devices on air force networks (such as IDS/IPS, firewalls, etc), and maintain security policies and access lists for said devices.

Cyber Systems guys (3D0X2) are mainly server technicians, as in they install/maintain/configure servers and services such as DNS, Active Directory, FTP, just as an example.

I know it seems like you can only find very vague information online about what actually happens in these career fields, but that is mainly due to OPSEC. Once/if you get in the service, you will understand the importance of discretion.

All network technicians on Air Force networks are required to be able to achieve and maintain a CompTIA Security+ certification (which you will be given a test voucher for during tech school). If you're looking to start a future in network security, you should align yourself with the Cyber Surety career field, as Cyber Systems Operators rarely (if ever), have anything to do with security.

You can look up just about any communications related Air Force career on the internet, and the information will almost always hint at it being some sort of hacking career field...which is FALSE. This is due to psychological operations on foreign countries that are enemies of the US. Those career fields also require recommendation to get into, and there is a very small amount of careers that you can be recommended from (Cyber Surety being one of them).

Computer & Information Systems or Computer Science degree?

Hello, I'm currently studying in a 2-year college and I thought I'd major in Computer science and when I transfer, I'd have the option of basically picking any of the sub-categories of Computer Science. But, I was really for no-reason looking around the college website and I noticed another Computer major called Computer & Information Systems that can also transfer.

Now, the question is,

I want to study things that have to do with Security like for example work in a company that makes software to protect home users from being hacked, build firewalls, that kind of things. Also for my surprise, I found that CIS requires me to learn way more programming languages but much less mathematics unlike CS which is totally the opposite at least in my college. So, If I want to work in keeping computer secure or basically become what's called "Ethical hacker" which degree of those 2 should I pick? I'm currently in Computer Science, is the CIS basically what I should major in according to what I want to be after I graduate? Or am I already studying the right major for me?


Is computer science a good major?

Im 20 years old right now and it has taken me so long to figure out what i want major in. ive tried everything from pre med to mass media to marketing to nursing and nothing could hold my attention.

after countless hours of googling and looking at the courses for different majors i think its finally hit me that id be a perfect fit for computer science.

for starters, im an introvert. im sure comp sci people have to be outgoing to some extent and thats fine i mean thats life you cant just be a hermit forever, but i could sit on a computer all day figuring things out and not get bored. now that i think about it ive always been into computers. when i was younger i was in a robotics course at my elementary school and i loved it. also back when myspace was a hit i was obsessed with learning the html to make layouts instead of actually myspacing. then when the site switched over to css i sat for hours learning css. now i make themes for tumblr just for fun. i know computer science is more than css and html, im just trying to make a point. i love everything about computers. when im at the mall i always stop in the microsoft and apple stores just to mess around with their computers and ask questions about them. my parents are always asking me to fix something on the computer here at home because they know im good at it.

im not amazing at math but im not terrible at it. i could deal with it. and i love chemistry which is what a lot of the courses consisted of when i was looking at the required classes at the college im going to attend for it. i hate biology though, so i think thats why nursing and pre med never worked out for me.

is this an in demand field? hows the pay? ive even heard i can get some pretty decent scholarships since im a girl in a STEM field.

i think a robotics or security concentration would be cool.

any input would be awesome.

Is there a service that scrapes contact information from websites?

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