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Could You Love A Girl With Self Harm Scars

Would you date a girl with old self harm scars?

I use to cut. My scars are keloids, cause often I'd go sorta deep. My main fear is that since I have a few words on my skin, and how my skin is very pale making it take years for the redness to fully leave ( scar creams make my skin react badly. So I don't put anything on them cause whenever i do my skin reacts really badly.) That I don't be able to date girls.
I have the word ' fag ' twice from when I wasn't happy with my sexuality.
Would you date a girl with old self harm scars?
I'm seeing a tharopist and stopped cutting.

Guys, would you date a girl with self-harm scars?

everyone goes through some tough things like myself and i have 1 or 2 small scares and it is not at all a turnoff everyone deals with thinks their own way you dealed with it by cutting and i think that's fine i would date you and it sounds like you have a gr8 personality and scares make no difference to me i would love to meet a girl like you someone who has a nice personality so don't be self conscious im sure there are plenty of guys who would love to meet you

Is it weird that I like my self harm scars?

Yeah, I like mine. Don't feel weird for it. They're a part of you and they all tell a story. All of those faded lines and words on your body, they are a part of your history.
I like mine, deep down, even though I hide them from people because I'm scared of their judgment. But I feel that having those reminders, whether they're healed or unhealed, just really helps me acknowledge who I am sort of...
Hope you can get help for it though. xx

What do guys think of self harm scars?

I was wondering what guys think of self harm scars? Mainly. But I guess it can be anyone in general. I'm asking mainly guys opinions or girls with the experience of guys because lately all I can think about when I see my scars is 'No one will ever love me' I feel so stupid afterwards, and I don't know what to do. I'm tired of coming up with scenarios in my head, and thought I might as well just come out and proceed to ask. So here I am, I'm not going to say no rude comments or anything along those lines, because even if it will hurt I would appreciate real honest answers, and if they fall under the rude catagory so be it. I also would like to ask for people of the younger age to answer this. I am female and 15 years old and would like this question to mainly stick within the opinions of other teens, but if you feel you have something to share that will benifit me, and you are not within your teenage years, that is okay and you can answer. Not that me saying not to do so
would stop you. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this, please be honest. Alsi I didn't really know what catagory this fell under, I apologize.

What do boys think about girls with self harm scars?

Well I'm not a guy but I do have self harm scars and so I can tell you from experience.. They really do t seem to care. I think the biggest thing that matters is what state your in now. If they are scars (something from your past) they don't care. It's just something you've been through. I think it makes you a stronger person and when someone sees something like that they just feel bad that you've been through that and it can draw someone closer to you. Especially if its something you have grown from.

However, if its something that you still do, then that can be a deterrent. But again it depends on the guy. Alot of people are drawn to someone that is happy and doesn't come with a lot of drama. I think when a guy sees that he could see you as someone that would require alot of attention or someone that would need to lean in him more than he's capable of. But then there's the other type of guy that looks for someone to "rescue".

Either way I don't think you should care what someone else thinks. Try to be happy yourself and improve who you are for you and you'll draw the right type of person.