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Courage To Date A Scorpio

How to attract a scorpio woman?

Just be yourself. Don't be all fake and stuff because they hate that so much. I'm warning you, they sting so better run away before it's too late haha well it is true but if you really like her then go for it. they're not into games and they like their man very mature and sophisticated. DO NOT flirt with other girls when you're with her or else, she's just going to get revenge and everything will just get really bad and nobody wants that. since scorpios have a really high sex drive, try seducing her. or sometimes if you do this, scorpios will think that you'll just want sex and they're just going to use you for it and leave you before you actually leave. well good luck !

How do you attract a Scorpio man?

Stop fishing for security and compliments from him. You will only drive him away.

If you want to know if he likes you ... pay attention to what he DOES. Words are cheap. Actions do not lie. If he does not speak to you when others are around, that's a sure sign he's not proud to have you as his girl, that he's embarrassed with you someone. And if he doesn't want to linger on the goodbye hug ... but pulls away quickly .. either he has serious hangups about affection (a real relationship killer), or he doesn't like YOU very much.
There's a huge difference between a guy liking you because you are you .. and liking your body because you are a female. Don't mistake one for the other, or you end up broken-hearted.

He won't confess if there's nothing to confess.

And we cannot keep someone attracted to us if THEY don't want to be attracted that way.

Cuddling and playing with your hair is not something to take as an indication of affection or attraction. Just about any guy will touch any girl that lets him ... don't take it personally. You could carve a giant pumpkin up to look like a woman, and a guy would want to cuddle with her.

How should I tell my crush (who is a Scorpio) that I like him?

A2a...I think you have a good grasp on the non-verbal cues - judging by your observations, I think he likes you. I'd try to isolate him so you can have some privacy, and just tell him that you like him. It's hard, I know, but getting him alone eases the pressure, he'll be able to talk freely, and a possible rejection won't hurt as much if it isn't coupled with embarrassment (from getting rejected in public).As to the Scorpio/Sagittarius issue - don't tell him that unless he's also heavily into astrology. Most boys are not into astrology and you don't want to weird him out with 'it's written in the stars'.Good luck.

How compatible are a Scorpio man and Scorpio woman in terms of attraction, liking, dating and love?

Okay, I'll begin with a rule of the thumb. Every sign is highly compatible to itself!The 1–1 combination is a lovely thing to happen to any zodiac sign. A Scorpio-Scorpio you say? It is a great match, one of the super compatible ones, even by the standards of most 1–1 matches.The ups of this relationships are these-1. Scorpios place loyalty above all. And they believe in giving what they expect. So, this couple will have no need to worry about cheating or infidelity unless one of them has an ascendant or rising sun in Aries, Gemini, Aquarius or Sagittarius.2. You can't lie to each other. Scorpios like to keep their secrets and to discover other people's secrets. So, there will be a lovely game of guessing and investigating going on in the beginning. But once that phase is over, there will mostly be lots of trust. Because you can't successfully lie to a Scorpio.3. They will be extremely supportive and emotionally available to each other.4. The sex will be great. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is governed by forces of mystery and sexuality. They are the absolute best zodiac to get in bed with. Need I say more?The cons however, and they mustn't be ignored-1. Ego - What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? Scorpio-Scorpio relationship. Good luck solving your arguments, fellas. And yes, Scorpios are the epitome of overly-jealous (read overly protective) and overly-controlling (there's no mild way to put it, they're control freaks). Have fun fighting, Scorps!2. Temper tantrums - They can be really nice and calm, even when they are angry and irritated. But once their Psycho-Switch gets flipped, the devastation that ensues can only be measured in the Richter Scale. The fights, yes, they will be tough.3. And if one of you cheats... They love like hell, and if you disrespect that, they become hell. Scorpio never lets someone get away with hurting them. So if their partner hurts them, there will be retribution, and it will be ugly.4. They have similar personality strengths...AND weaknesses. And, however hard it is for the scorpion to believe it, they can go down the wrong road in life too. And in most cases, there partner won't know any better, and will actually support them in the process. A partner with a different personality might give better advice at some crucial junctures of life.So, that was it. A Scorpio-Scorpio couple for you.

How can you tell if a scorpio guy is interested/attracted to you?

Scorpios are VERY intense people; keep that in mind. One sure fire sign is that they tend to stare a lot with those intense eyes right into yours. Don't be surprised if you start feeling like he can see right through you; they're human x-ray machines. They do tend to keep things inside so you may have to be an initiator but once he knows his feeling are reciprocated, he'll wine you and dine you until he makes you his. Scorpios don't take no for an answer by the way, so make sure a relationship with him is what you really want. If he fits the stereotype, assuming their are no inflictions in his natal chart, he'll be very passionate and want to become lovers soon. Just remember, the Scorpio passion is not all about sex; that's selling them short. Also, never lie, or otherwise attempt to deceive a Scorpio; he'll know. They also tend to be jealous and possessive so be prepared for that if you do get involved. He will also be fiercely loyal so you won't have to worry about him cheating unless you royally piss him off. So, bottom line, if you want passion and romance, go for it!

What are the characteristics of a Scorpio girl?

The main life assignment for a Scorpio ascendant is to transform fear into emotional courage. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of courage, so in Scopio the native is required to face their fears and in doing so, to become courageous.Scorpio is a water sign. Water sign ascendants have a lot of intuition and emotional insight. But the Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, so there is a tendency for the Scorpio ascendant to interpret their insights in a negative, fear-based way. This tendency is stronger in natives born under a waning Moon. Learning boundaries can also be more difficult for water sign ascendants.In most cultures, women are rewarded for emotional insight and intuition. In many cultures, women have less freedom and/or opportunity than men do. So Scorpio women may use their gifts to gain advantages that are denied to them through other avenues. If the advantages they seek are for the good of all, Scorpio women can make great strides spiritually as well as emotionally. But if they use their gifts for personal gain, and are willing to place their own needs ahead of others, they can become manipulative, self-absorbed or emotionally aggressive.Some Scorpio ascendants will suffer from shyness, anxiety and other fears. For some these conditions may be crippling. Others may become aggressive, choosing like a scorpion to strike out at shadows. (The scorpion is the smallest symbol of all the signs in the zodiac. To a scorpion, everything else looms large.) These issues can be problematic for male or female Scorpio ascendants.Scorpio ascendants, male or female, are sometimes assumed to be very “sexy” people. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and Mars enjoys physical activity and competition. When a Scorpio native has strong principles (seen from their Sun, Jupiter and Saturn placements) Mars’ physical energy is directed toward advancing and/or defending these principles. If the native has weak principles, Mars’ physical energy can degrade into a pursuit of physical pleasure, intensity and pointless conflicts.If a Scorpio ascendant woman has good principles and intentions, her many gifts will make her a vibrant, skillful and supportive life partner. She is unlikely to be “low maintenance” however. Those who are unwilling to work at a relationship, especially those who aren’t willing to “run interference” for her when her energy is low, are advised to look elsewhere.

Physically: What attracts a Scorpio Man?

If you want to attract a Scorpio man then be prepared for a challenge! To attract a Scorpio man you need to be intuitive and instinctive. Scorpio man are not like any other men. The Scorpio male is curious by nature and you will need to be able to give answers to his curiosities. They are intrigued by beautiful things so it would be a good idea to attract him by going on outdoor trips and taking part in out door activities.

Scorpio guys like outgoing and sociable women. Shy and reclusive women are not suitable for Scorpio men. You should be prepared to attend lots of parties and other social gatherings when trying to attract him. Show him your fun and loving character and bear in mind he is always interested in having engaging conversations. Scorpio men can be very jealous so if he is interested in you don’t do things that will make him jealous.

Flirting with other men is a big no go area. Scorpio men can have a very extreme personality so be warned!

When trying to attract him you will be busy because a Scorpio male needs constant attention. He is easily bored so you will need to keep your Scorpio man interested at all times. Attracting a Scorpio can be challenging and time consuming but in the end it could be worth your while. Scorpio men are very passionate about everything they do and a relationship with a Scorpio Male will be very intense. and fulfilling.

What do you think of Scorpio women?

Capricorn women... are go getters withh huge goals and the willpower to reach there goals. Scorpio women are Strong willed individuals who cherish their loved ones love and will go to hell and back, But will DESTROY anyone who hurts them or someone they care for. I've never met a scorpio wo as you say "always expects something back in return" the only thing they want is the same love that they give to you and to know that they're loved. They can be spiteful and vindictive but they rarely expect things in return for their kindess. Capricorn women are warm and caring once you get passed their seemingly cold exterior (which is a defense mechanism against stupidity, unecessary drama etc) but they are stubborn, almost as stubborn as Taurus, they will go down with the ship ignoring the warning calls of everyone else on the shore. Scorpio women don't have atitude problems.. it's just that with Capricorn and scorpio.. it's two very strong willed women with dominating personalities that will clash in order to have Superiority, Scorpio's may or may not verbalize it but they do indeed want too dominate in every possible way.. Capricorn women will probably make it generally known that they want to be in charge... This is where they most times have their conflict Women may most likely make it known that I believe it's something with 3-11 sun sign patterns.. Because I almost never seem to get along with Taurus women... We're always at war.. even though supposedly we're supposedly "Ideals" All in all... their both very similar just two strong spirited women who will fight for dominance.