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Creative Commercial Ideas To Sell My Strengths

How do I sell my advertising idea as an individual to a company? Also how do I approach them?

First, understand that many large companies will not accept unsolicited ideas as a matter of policy. Here's why: Very often, people imagine their ideas to be more unique than they really are. So, let's say, an individual approaches a company and pitches some ideas. Let's also say that these ideas are similar to ideas that the company or its advertising agency has surfaced in the past. This situation puts the company in an awkward position. If they decide to execute the idea with another party, for example their advertising agency, they risk being sued. (See Michigan Creators Awarded $30.1 Million in Lawsuit over Ownership of Taco Bell's Chihuahua.)All that said, companies do occasionally entertain ideas from individuals. From your perspective, the important thing is that you don't pitch "ideas" but rather reasonably tight "executions" of your ideas. Anyone can come up with advertising ideas – how those ideas are fleshed out is what matters.Assuming you're reasonably certain that the company of interest is willing to listen to your concepts, you'll want to "comp up" your ideas into a presentable form. If you're not an artist, find one who can help you. Present TV ideas in a storyboard format, print ideas as layouts, etc. If the company does not have an ad agency of record, you're much more likely to get your foot in the door. But, in my opinion, you would have much better luck going through a company's ad agency. Find out which agency works for the company, and then pitch the ad agency your ideas. Keep in mind, ad agency people tend to be very critical, especially of outside work. But, if the agency people like your ideas enough, they just might pay you for them. They may even offer you a job if you're interested and show enough potential.

Is my dream of wanting to become an actress stupid to pursue?

I am a nursing student at a 4 yr university. I'll be finishing that up for that will be my back up job. I really want to pursue acting...its been a passion of mine since junior high. In highschool, I was in a couple of theatre plays and my instructor has always said I was a natural. I'm not gorgeous but most people say I'm vivacious...I'm asian. I've told my parents and they are very supportive as long as I finish school. What do u think?

I have passion for creating ideas for tv commercials. Do the ad agencies in India buy such ideas?

Hi,It is highly unlikely, that an ad agency would take your idea if you are not part of the team who is working on the account / client’s business.To put is simply in business terms - the business of making ads has high stakes. Buying ideas is very high involvement process for clients and agencies are very careful in brainstorming/sourcing and pitching the ideas.Let me break the myth of ideas behind the ads - It is very difficult to make something as simple as ads.When I was young I saw the ad of Nike and felt great about the brand. That’s called a response. The ads are supposed to evoke a similar response in the audience.Instantly I thought of some more extensions of the similar ad in my mind and thought they will be great too. I wanted to contribute to the ides too. This is a second level engagement with the story/ad.I thought it will be really simple to be the one who ‘gives’ something.But when it comes to convincing the ad agency to take that idea for an ad it has to fit a lot of frameworks. For example every ad has to be a story that connects many dots (or problems) that are there to be solved. There are thorough processes that are there in place to identify these dots or gaps or opportunities for brands to create a story. Processes like brand archetype study, research, customer insight mining etc, re there to create context for the stories/ides that might see the light of the day.Then the client plays very important role in identifying with the strength of the ideas. Client always looks t the background logic, enough backing up of knowledge n strategy to say yes, because it is huge investment to make any idea into an someone has suggested in one answer there re indeed some contest that the agencies run, but those are largely special contest and they might or might not turn into an ad.We run an agency and would love to hear new ideas from someone who understands the brand’s past, it’s present and future plans. Someone who knows the customers, their motives, their reason to believe in product’s story.If someone fits in all these criteria then I might give him money for his ideas. If you have all this then frankly you are also an agency in yourself.Thanks for a2a.

Tips on becoming a great writer?

I love to write, I am currently a college student trying to decide between being a journalist or a lawyer. I eventually want to be a full time fiction writer. Any advice?

Do you know any company that provides Reasearch and Development services I can contact for my product idea? I have a new product idea and I need help on Research and Development.

Thousands of those out there in the market.I’d look in the direction of Eastern European vendors - top quality for a very reasonable price.It depends on you product idea. Mobile app? Web? Data Science/Machine Learning platform? Each vendor, as a rule, has its strengths and weaknesses.Message me, and I’ll try to guide you through the vendors I know and can recommend.

What are some creative advertising/marketing techniques for an online business that cost very little?

I’d say that content outreach done by yourself is a way to go. There are different marketing techniques you can use to boost your online business but what they all require is a piece of great content. If you have that, you can try one of the following:Evangelist technique for building your online presence in social media. The idea is to reach out to thought leaders in your niche and ask them to have a look at your article. Again, the quality of your content is of primary importance here. If you show thought leaders a shitty article - you’ll just annoy them.Guest posting. Writing articles for other websites is a good way to boost your online business too. However, it should be done right to achieve good results. The most important thing is to NOT just ask them for a link in your post. That devalues all your efforts. Focus on building relationships and providing quality content for the website you’re working with. Also, you should understand that you will receive a lot of requests to pay for guest posts. If your aim is to do it for free - check my article on Medium about how to get paid guest post offers published for free.Content outreach. Spreading a word about your content and blog - one more great way to improve online business. Look for relevant roundups in your niche, find resource pages - and don’t hesitate to ask people to have a look.

How do you sell this water bottle marketing interview question?

***Marketing Interview***Interviewer- Sell this water bottle?Neal- Buy it, Ma’am.Interviewer- Why should I?Neal- Your bottle seems old. You should get a new one.[Creating a need]Interviewer- I am okay with my old bottle.Neal- It can make you sick. Imagine you have an important meeting and you get stomach ache or loose motion.Interviewer- What?Neal- It’s old, Ma’am. It contains germs that can make you sick. It might make you embarrassed in public. You might lose an important deal.[Fear factor]Interviewer- How much?Neal- Only 1500/- Rupees.Interviewer- Are you mad? The old one cost me only 500/- which I bought 6 months ago.Neal- After buying this bottle, you don’t need a bottle for at least 10 years.Interviewer- How is that possible?Neal- It has a special design which don’t let water to accumulate inside it. Hence, it’s unique feature doesn’t allow germs there.Interviewer- I will think about it.Neal- We have vacuum within the 2 layer walls of this bottle. So, it will keep cold water cold for 24 hours and same applies to hot water.Interviewer- Okay! Give me a discount. I will buy it right now.Neal- We don’t have a policy for discount, Ma’am but if you buy now, I will fill this bottle with high quality mineral water, imported from Antarctica for free.Interviewer- [Laughs] Great job.***Sold***