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Creepy 90s Show Involving Hands

How scary/creepy is the movie Black Swan?

If your comparing it to something like Paranormal Activity and Fourth Kind, its nowhere near that kind of scariness.
Basically its an hour and a half movie. The first hour is completely fine, but the last half hour or 20 minutes do get a bit scary. There are some jump scenes, like where a girl in the hospital starts stabbing her cheeks (but its Nina's hallucination), and the part where i personally jumped the most was when Nina gets to her home and shes in the kitchen washing her hands and than turns the lights off hears "sweet girl" turns the lights on again and theirs the bloody girl standing there from the hospital hooolly **** i screamed in the theatre lol.
theirs a bit of blood, and some disturbing scenes like where her knees get inverted and broken or whatever, but it's her hallucination.
thats just a few of the scary scenes, theirs some more but i get nightmares easily as well but i dont think this movie will (hopefully) give me any. The focus of the movie is to show how Nina is going insane, and how she interacts with her inner "black" swan, the scary stuff sorta comes with it especially toward the end.
great movie, definitly worth seeing honestly one of the best films ive ever seen

Where can I touch a woman, in a friendly manner, that isn't crossing any lines?

Touching a woman on the small of the back is a generally-recognized romantic gesture. It will probably be inappropriate.There are some women who are simply uncomfortable being touched at all. There are some women who will be generally uncomfortable being touched by you because they are not comfortable with you. Anyone can have anxieties about anything though, so always be sensitive to individual reactions.Arms and hands are the most socially-accepted things for people to touch. People shake hands and high five. It would be unusual for a woman to be uncomfortable with either of those.A pat on the back or a hand on the shoulder are both a little more intimate. I can say I've felt uncomfortable in the past when women have done such things with me. Whether or not it made me so seemed to depend mostly on the vibe I was getting from them. Is it a comforting and friendly vibe, or is it a "I'm trying to find an excuse to touch him" vibe? The latter is creepy, the former is generally ok.Any touching of the legs and lower back will tend to have romantic implications. The face, hair, and neck are the most intimate places short of overtly sexual places like the breasts and vagina. Touching women (or anyone) around the head will tend to provoke negative reactions unless they are already comfortable being physical with you. If you're touching their hair, you'd better be about to kiss them.Stick to hands/arms and have truly friendly motivations and you'll stay out of trouble most of the time.

What 80's or 90s movie had a little girl trapped in a painting?

I'm having a movie problem and I'm hoping you can help! I am trying REALLY hard to remember a movie I saw where there was a little girl with blond hair in a painting and she would move around the painting and eventually dissapeared (I think).

She would be getting water from a well, walking in the garden and playing with toys. I think someone either joined her in the painting or she just dissapeared. I just remember that either a girl (maybe a guy but I doubt it) was looking at the painting and started to notice that the little girl would always be in a different place doing different things. And she always seemed sad.

And I may be wrong but maybe her family came back to her in the painting at the end of the movie (that just popped in my head but I'm not sure if its right)

It was really creepy and I can't for the life of me remember!! Please help!!!!!!! I've tried web searches and can't come up with anything!! I thought I would ask! Thanks!

Why do they call the zombies geeks on Walking Dead?

While the 21st century definition of geek involves mental images of techy guys, thick glasses, lab coats and computer spiel, the original geek was a carnival performer.

People from towns and villages would come to see the traveling carnival to be amazed and presumably repulsed by the exhibits of display. The geeks were a particular malevolent part of the show as they would perform of most explicit and distasteful acts. Biting the heads off live birds is one such example.

So there is a similarity at least when the zombies are referred to geeks.

Name this movie: this kid gets his penis cut off while peeing out a van and a guy is killed by a gravestone?

11:14 (2003)
starring Henry Thomas, Blake Heron, Barbara Hershey, Hilary Swank, Shawn Hatosy, Colin Hanks, Ben Foster, Patrick Swayze, Rachael Leigh Cook

I cannot give you a synopsis because to do so would ruin the film. Basically, the film weaves together five stories. People do things that they want to get away with and... No, I'm not going to give it away.

Let's just say that the weirdness you saw is only a small part of this freaky film.

It's available at Amazon:

Actually, Amazon has a somewhat non-revealing lreview that provides some background on this odd and intriguing film:
How is it possible that "11:14" went virtually unreleased in theaters? After modest film-festival exposure, it played briefly in San Francisco in August 2005 (over two years after it was completed), but that's a cruel twist of fate for such a cleverly twisted movie about cruel twists of fate. Destined for sleeper status on DVD, the audacious debut of writer-director Greg Marcks boasts a fantastic cast in a smartly constructed comedy/thriller, partly inspired by "Blood Simple", in which a fatal traffic accident is examined and re-examined from multiple perspectives. The flashback structure involves all of the characters and events that lead up to the accident's deadly occurrence at 11:14 on an otherwise pleasant evening in Middleton, a typical suburb of Anytown, USA (filmed in the vicinity of Los Angeles).

Do you know of any pencil and paper games like MASH?

well you can see if he is your true love - do this
1. write your full name
2. write his full name
3. cross out the letters that occur in your name and his name
4. the count the letters not crossed off by four (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) write down the number of the last letter (should be a 1,2,3 or 4 only) do the same for his name
1= friendship
2= courtship (dating)
3= true love
4= marriage

if you match then it is destined - if you dont - then you do not feel the same for each other!!!

Late 80's early 90's movie... Loner Boy walks through desert trying to win corporate lottery...?

OK movie buffs. Pop Quiz Hot Shot!! I saw a movie on TV when I was little and want to watch it again but don't remember the name. Here is as much info as I can remember.... the movie had a real creepy feel to it, but it could have just scared me because I was little.

Setting: A "Brave New World" type world where corporation/government is ruler. People do what they have to do to survive. Takes place in a desert type environment along a highway a lot.... maybe there is dam involved. Like Solar Babies?

Main Character: A young rough looking boy in his late teens. A loner. Survivalist.

Plot: As much as I can remember, there is a lottery that everybody plays and this boy is trying to collect all of the correct pieces to win (sort of like Mc. Donalds Monopoly game). He talks to lots of different people and there are mini stories that shape around him. The lottery is rigged to be impossible (almost ;) ) to win, but somehow the boy collects all the pieces... (shenanigans ensue). The wind blows the completed lotto card out of his hand and he almost loses it over a cliff (by a dam?). He goes to the corporate headquarters to collect his winnings to the dismay of the CEOs.

Vivid Scene: The boy goads a man with 2 children into playing horseshoes for money or something (maybe for a lotto piece?). When the boy wins the man is devastated he can't afford to keep the kids, so he leaves them in the forest and he and his wife drive off abandoning them.

That's as much as I can remember. It was a creepy movie, especially that horseshoe scene. If you can give me the title that would be awesome.