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Cupons For Petco On Fish

What is it like to work at Petco or Petsmart?

I worked at PetSmart for 6 months and overall I have to say I did dislike it so much I quit a month early. I had a new job but I couldn’t start yet because of all the paperwork. My original plan was to work both for the about 3 months.I worked mostly with pet care but I also did some cashiering.This was my first job in sales, before I worked in a library.I worked in a library for 3 years so I was used to not speaking for long periods of time and I found all the talking I had to do at PetSmart energy draining.I’m a quiet and reserved/shy person.If I was my normal reserved self I’d definitely get complaints so I tried to be louder and more bubbly/friendly and it was sooo emotionally draining.I don’t like confrontational people.Customers would get so upset accuse me for things I can’t control (expired coupons, they misread sale items, discontinued items). I would try to see what I could do to help but they’d get so angry when I couldn’t do anything.It got so bad I was literally crying while ringing people out because they’ll yell at me.I’m mixed and most of my coworkers were white or could pass as white. Most of the customers were white too.These weren’t super hateful racists incidents but they made me uncomfortable and they were very common.When I started my boss clapped at me (imagine calling a hard of hearing dog over-that’s how they did it) and asked if I was Mexican or Filipino…I’m neither which seemed to confuse them…I had a customer come over and tell me my English is good…I’ve lived in the U.S. my entire life. English is my first language.I had a plethora of older white men follow me around and ask “what are you?” and after I’d tell them they’d all respond with “interesting mix…” which made me feel like some sort of weird food combination (like guacamole with peas).I loved working with literally every animal PetSmart had and I really do miss them. My love for all the critters just didn’t overcome all my bad experiences working there.Also, I felt like I smelled like fish after cleaning their tanks and all the chemicals in their water gave me really dry skin and made my knuckles turn grey/black which was really gross.Lots of my coworkers really loved working there and many of them have been there for years! I think it really depends on your personality and strengths/weaknesses!

What's the difference between PetSmart and PetCo?

Petco's corporate focus is pet sales. PetSmart's corporate focus is pets, pet support products and services "for the lifetime of the pet".
At a glance, the difference is Petco has ferrets, spiders, live feeder mice and marine fish (saltwater). PetSmart does not sell these breeds.
PetSmart has a cat only or cat / dog adoption space built into the store ("Adopt a Pet") and some PetSmarts have a "Pets Hotel" on site. Some PetSmarts have a "Banfield: the Pet Hospital" on site. All PetSmarts have a Grooming center. Petco does not have a vet, an adoption center or pet hotel on site in any of their stores. All PetSmarts have a dog training ring in the center of each store.
I prefer to shop at both for the variety of products. When I buy pets, I prefer PetSmart. Where I live, Petco charges more for the same products. If they have the same thing at both stores, I wind up buying from PetSmart. I find that when I'm in Petco, I have to hunt for somebody to help me, when I'm at PetSmart, I am greeted right away, within minutes.
Petco got a lot of heat recently for the treatment of parrots in their care in some of their stores, so can no longer sell large birds.

Gothic-type fish tank ornaments?

If you find ornaments to put in the tank of a gothic quality, make sure they are ceramic. Resin ornaments are painted and coated in special paints that don't leech into the water over time. Many other resin statues might not be so careful. Same goes for plastic figures. Ceramic has a glass coating that is pretty resistant to water conditions. Just make sure there's no gold leaf or other metallic paint put on top of it. Metals can get into the water and poison fish.

There's plenty of hits if you search 'Aquarium ornaments Gothic Castles' and you can pic and choose what comes up and get ideas. There's a nice Gothic look if you use black sand or gravel substrate and bright blood red resin or ceramic coral ornaments. Don't forget to check ebay. There might be some ceramic Nightmare Before Christmas statuettes or Christmas ornaments made of glass that can stand to be put in the fish tank.

Looking for Nutrisource dog food coupons?

Contact the company and see if there any coupons available.

Are there Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales on fish/aquarium supplies?

only thing i saw that would be a good deal was petsmart has a 10 gallon tank and hood with light for 14 bucks, 10 gallons is tiny i know but its a good size for raising fry and a hospital tank, usually the tank itself is 17 and this ones 14 with the hood and light, thats about it that i know

Can I put resin figures into my fish tank?

I have searched high and low for a fire truck, as well as "Texas" themed ornaments for my tanks and have come up with zilch. I'm designing an ode to Texas tank. I've managed to build the divider for the substrate making a Texas flag, I've jumped through hoops and found a great background, I've found the plants I want but cannot find actual tank ornaments. Among the I want list are an armadillo or two, a "Texas" sign like the Hollywood sign, and fake blue bonnet plants. I do, however, have some resin armadillos in the box as well as a couple other resin items that would work. Assuming I sanitize and sterilize, can I do that? If not, is there a tank safe sealer I could baste them in?

Secondly, I'm designing a Fire Truck themed tank and would like to scuttle a fire truck. I've discovered through trial and error (kid's pool in my back yard) that the plastics and die cast won't work, plastic scale models won't work. I've located a cookie jar and a piggy bank or reasonable size that i'd risk trying, again, is there a sealer I can put on those to cover bases? Is there some secret leaching material in ceramic or glass that could be bad?

What are some good things about petsmart.?

Some good things about PetSmart..

They showcase rescued cats and dogs at just about every single location..
Many locations will also adopt out small animals like rabbits from shelters rather then buying them from breeders..
They operate "Rescue Waggin" that transports animals from high kill area to shelters with more demand then animals available. Rescue Waggin brings animals every single week to our local shelter from places like Ohio and West Virginia that had much higher kill rates before Rescue Waggin went into place.
Here's the PetSmart Charities site for more info

The bad is that they get some of their small animals from an irreputable dealer..

To me, they accomplish a lot more good then harm..

Can you use brass as a weight for fish tank ornaments?

Use a stainless steel nut or washer.

Lead is more dangerous to you or to children in the house than to the fish. That is reason enough not to use it.

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper. Copper and zinc are both metals toxic to fish and invertebrates.

If the water is hard and close to neutral in pH, the brass may not dissolve very quickly, but it will build up and be hard to remove since it precipitates into the rocks, gravel, equipment, and even the glass of the aquarium.

A steel or stainless steel nut will work. Neither one will harm the fish or the plants, but the plain steel nut will eventually rust and leave rust marks on things it is in contact with. There are people who think iron will poison their fish or plants, but they are not thinking it through. Early aquariums had cast iron bottoms and frames. These tanks, some dating back to Queen Victoria's reign, worked fine and some are still around, usually in antique shops mislabeled as Wardian cases. In the ocean, delicate corals, sponges, and gorgonians so delicate they cannot be kept in most marine aquariums, colonize the rusted hulks of sunken vessels. And in fact much of the ocean's bottom is iron rich rock.

I like 316 stainless because it holds up even to saltwater, but any stainless will rust much less than plain steel nuts. I have bought driftwood with slate bases held on with steel screws that turned out not to be stainless. Sometimes those screws rusted so much that they stained the bottom of the tank, but it didn't affect any fish or plants, except that both require some iron and the plants may have been a darker healthier green than usual.

Where I live, streams sometime cut through rock layers that contain iron. Even though everything below that point for many feet can have a coating of loose rust, it does not discourage fish or even plants.