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I'm leaving my job, how should I write my notice?

Start your resignation addressed to the person that has hired you, or the person highest up. Usually you address hr, but depending on where you work, you may not have contact with hr, in which case you could give the resignation to your manager who will pass it on to the appropriate people.

Start off by thanking the company. If you were underqualified and you feel like the company reached out to help you, say something like, "thank you very much for the opportunity to work at ____". If you learned a lot through the company, mention, "During my time at ____ I developed essential skills, such as ____." "My supervisor, Mrs.Bay was exceptional and was very patient with me as I struggled to learn the job".

Just be polite. Mention positive attributes about the company. Mention that the coworkers were amazing. The job was excellent. You really enjoyed working for this company. The work was good, etc.

I usually spend a paragraph thanking the company/manager/owner.

After that, you can say, "Due to certain events in my life, I will be leaving the state. Please consider, April 13th my final day of employment." You don't have to explain your reasons why. It is no one's business why you are leaving. If you don't wish to mention your reasons, then don't worry about it. It would be preferred if you mentioned, or eluded to a reason, but it's not necessary.

I can't really write a letter for you because your reasons for liking the company are unique to you. I don't even know what field you work in!

*be careful about dropping in your resignation too early. I did this when I worked in retail, and they started "forgetting" to give me shifts because they were more focused on training a new employee. Especially if you are doing shift work and your hours are not guaranteed. You are also putting yourself at risk for being terminated! You'll learn not to trust everyone. Your manager might love you, but their manager might pass on directions to fire you to save the company money - the business world can be cruel!

* make sure you get a letter of recommendation! These are assets and you can use them for all sorts of future jobs. If you provide letters of recommendation, often times the new employer won't waste time trying to track down your old employees to ask about you!

Instagram asking me for a security code and they didn't send me any texts Messages!?

This has been a problem since so long and yet the solution is not provided by Instragram tech team. Shame!!! I created an account for my travel photographs a day ago. Followed some accounts, posted one photograph and was excited to get good response right from the word go. But the joy was short-lived. This security code thing has been so irritating! I looked up the issue on google...and found out that i m not alone! haha..tried all sorts of suggestions..nothing worked! and the worst thing is I can t delete your account as they won t let me do anything till I enter the security code. But how do i enter security code when you didn t send one!!! I am so fed up I am creating another account... the old account will get deleted i guess when Instagram is once again on a cleaning spree.

Other than dear, how else can i start a letter?

As others say, it depends on the context of the letter. A simple "Sir:" or "Ma'am:" is acceptable for some business purposes, as long as you are certain of which you are addressing.

For titles other than Mr/Mrs, the title itself works: "Professor Jones:" or Reverend Mr. Smith:", but it is a little abrupt.

"Dear" is probably your best bet, no matter what you think of it.

Please, I need a little help with my English homeworks?

Hello everyone! I need a little help with my homeworks. It says to read the text and then to correct the phrases/verbs in brackets.
Here it is:
"My name's Arnost and I'm from Prague in the Czech Republic. I was born there, and (I HAVE LIVED THERE =>......) until I was 15, but then my family (DECIDED MOVE =>....) to Brno and that's where I live now.
I'm divorced and I have a daughter caled Eliska who (IS 5 YEARS => ..). She spends 2 weeks a month with me and 2 weeks with her mother. I have 2 sisters, (WHICH ARE => ....) both studying at university. I am (THE OLDER CHILD =>....) in the family.
I work for a big supermarket chain. I am (ON CHARGE OF =>...) foreign supplies which means that I have to use English when I talk to them on the phone, and sometimes I travel to other countries such as Italy (FOR TO MEET =>...) suppliers.
(I AM LEARNING =>...) English for about 8 years. I studied it at school and then when I left school I spent 6 weeks in England. During the day I (WAS GOING TO =>...) English classes and in the evening I worked (LIKE A WAITER =>...) in a restaurant. It was (A VERY HARD WORK =>...). When I came home my English (HAS IMPROVED =>...) a lot but I still need to learn more. My main aim this year is (TO BE ABLE SPEAK =>...) more fluently and to improve my writing. I think I am wuite (GOOD AT READ =>...) in Englis. As soon as my level of English (WILL BE GOOD ENOUGH =>...), I'll take the Cambridge First Certificate exam.
I (HAVE VERY FEW =>...) free time but when I can, I go swimming. If I had more time, (I'LL LEARN =>...) another language, maybe spanish or italian."

That's it :) Thank you so much for the help!

I need help writing a letter of withdrawal of my acceptance of a new job as I am staying with current employer?

I need help writing a letter of Job withdrawal NOT accepted
I got a job offer for an assistant GM position. We agreed over the phone and via e-mail the start date , salary and everything, I told her that I had given my resignation at current job and confirmed the start date. The new job two weeks later sent me an apology letter for the delay in sending the contract. However, i opened their e-mail which it said:
‘’I am sorry for the delay in sending you the contract. Please, find the appointment letter, together with your contract, staff handbook and job description attached.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.Kind regards,
( As i was at work, i opened this e-mail quickly on my phone..flicked through pages but didn t read…as usually hotel industry has the same contracts) A week later i received a letter saying Job offer withdrawn as i had not replied on time. I was under the impression that everything was accepted over the phone and e-mail prior to receiving the contract. I immediately opened the contract and on a 30 page contract i see a sentence which says i need to respond within a week. I desperately was trying to contact them that day about 7/8 times but they were avoiding me. I quickly signed the contract and sent it with an appology letter and advising them that i was under impression that everything was agreed over the phone and via e-mail with start date and everything. The next day I called in sick at my current job. Sent a letter to the new job saying that I will be there at 10 am as I prefer talking face to face rather than telephone calls and e-mails. I met the lady (but not the GM). She was understandable and said that will have to talk to GM and will get back to me. I can’t go back to my current job either now. If the new GM or the lady has a friend to take my position THAN its acceptable on my side otherwise im NOT going to accept their withdrowal letter and im going to show up for work next week (to the new job) I would appreciate your help in writing a letter of JOB WITHDROWAL NOT ACCEPTED – (he might hate me the 1st time he sees me but than I can guarantee that he will love me) From all their candidates for this position I was the favorite one!!

No.It contains a number of errors. I have a few comments on the content which may also be helpful.“Dear Sir” is a salutation and should be set apart from the actual opening sentence. See the format example in Toby’s answer. Also, the first letter of any sentence is almost always capitalized.Further, it is preferable to use the person’s name (e.g. Dear Mr. Saito), rather than sir, ma’am or to whom it may concern. This type of generic salutation makes your correspondence sound like a form letter, almost as if you were too lazy or incapable of even finding out the name of your recipient. I wouldn’t be too surprised if a lot of people immediately tossed or deleted any correspondence after seeing these words, before even reading what follows.“I am coming to you at your office” sounds very awkward and reveals you are not a native English speaker. The more appropriate phrasing would be “I am coming to your office.”However, with that being said, the sentence, while being grammatically correct, is presumptuous.What if I don’t want you to come to my office? Don’t you want to ask for my permission first? What if I’m busy and cannot or do not want to meet with you?It is best to soften the phrasing to be courteous.“With your permission, I’d like to come to your office…” or “At your convenience, I’d like to come to your office…” would be more appropriate and palatable.Also, some things are implied in English. If you say “coming to you at your office to meet you” there is no need to say ‘meet with you’. If you’re coming to my office, of course I understand you’re going to meet with me. It wouldn’t make any sense for you to write to me, come to my office and meet with someone else.“…if you have a some time to meet me please reply me" lets the reader off the hook. Also, it’s “reply to me” not “reply me.”What if I have some time, but don’t want to meet with you? What if I don’t have time? Shall I just ignore you, leaving you in the dark wondering what happened?If you really don’t want that to happen, you should phrase it a bit more aggressively.Replace “if you have some time” with “at your earliest convenience.” This phrasing assumes that the two of you will be meeting. If you are incorrect in your assumption, they will let you know.I hope this will prove helpful.

Addressing a letter: Dear Ms. Mrs. Mr. Dr. or Other???

Since it is a formal letter, and I guess the letter seems to be important,......when I have been in such situations, I have called the company or organization where this person works, etc. and just merely ask anonymously if so, and so a man or woman so that you have the salutation correct when addressing a letter. "To Whom It May Concern;" is another way of handling this, but, I usually like to get the correct salutation correct if it is a formal letter. Dear Sir or Ma'am is not improper either and although does convey that you do not know their gender, it is an honest yet proper way to address such a letter. Dear Sir or Madam/Ma'am is not impersonal as afterall, you are not writing a personal letter, you are writing a formal letter, and this does not lend itself to impropriety. Bottom line, I said; I've always called and sought the information from a benign source within the orginization. It's not uncommon to do this when wanting to make a truly proper salutation.

Please open the brackets to complete the letter, English?

This is Sophia's letter to her family who are in Italy. Sophia is taking an English course in Great britain and is planning to visiy her relatives at home. Open the brackets to complete the letter.

Dear Mother and father,
I (feel) very excited at the thought that in another week I (be) with you again on holiday. I (enjoy) my stay in England very much indeed. My teachers and my fellow-students (be) all very nice to me but as they (say) in England, "There (be) no place like home."
I (leave) here early on Saturday, 14th. and so I (be) at home somewhere about lunch time.The train (start) from Calais at 22.30 p.m., so I (think) I (sleep) on the train all through the night and by 5 o'clock on Sunday I (finish) my train journey. The train (arrive) in Rome at 4.55.I (be) very excited, and when I (see) you on the platform. I (think) I (cry).
How you all (be) at home? I (hope) you all (keep) well. I can't (say) how much I (want) (see) you all again. Can you (meet) me at the station, as I have a lot of luggage? Enrico and Marchello (meet) me? Or the whole family (be) there? Saturday can't (come) too soon!
Whole family (be) there? Saturday can’t (come) too soon!
Love and all good wishes, Sophia

Is "Dear Sirs & Madams" a proper way to start a letter to a company/organization.?

The following ways could be appropriate for use in this matter:

1. Dear Sir/Ma'am;
2. To whom this may concern;
3. Dear (company name);
4. Dear (presidents/v.presidents name of organization);
5. Dear (Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss {specific name if known directly});

This is how I must write a professional letter. I am an administrative assistant, so I perform these duties a lot. So I must do this a lot.