Debs I Have It Unchecked But It Is Not Working I Cannot Remove Text When Forwarding A Message.

Once I mute a group on WhatsApp, why do the notifications keep popping up? Doesn't WhatsApp understand the meaning of mute?

Yes my friend whatsapp understands it correctly .Probably You have not stopped notification , you just mute the soundWhen you press mute on any group ,There is extra checkbox for asking SHOW NOTIFICATION , uncheck that and you are doneYou will no longer recieve notification for that group!

Can we ever truly forgive adultery?

Yes, you can truly forgive adultery. Many couples do. But it does take work.The person that cheated cannot do anything to fix the wrong they caused. Only the person that was cheated on can fix it.It is fixed by learning to love the person again. To truly but their heart back into the relationship and trust that person with their heart. It means to treat them with kindness and respect.It means that you have to look hard at yourself and fix the things wrong with you as well.It means you have to be able to control your anger. You have to be able to have conversations with your spouse about the relationship… the conversation needs to be non judgemental. It needs to be this so there can be honesty in the discussion. Your spouse is going to have trust issues as well he/she will think that you won’t trust them, so they are going to have a difficult time trusting you. And learning to control your emotions will go a long way to bring back the trust.After you discuss the affair. Don’t ever bring it up again. You can’t use it as a weapon, ever. Bury it and move on.It is through the act of loving your partner that you will be able to forgive. It isn’t going to happen over night. It could be 4 months.. It could be a year or more. But if you put your heart into it, you will forgive your spouse. And the forgiveness will be liberating. It frees you to have a whole marriage again.There will be many that say it can’t be done. I am telling you it can. These people that tell you it can’t be done are typically too selfish to let it go. They want to hold on to it. They live in fear. They keep the affair close so they can use it as a whip or a weapon whenever they “need” to.

Is there any way to turn off my WhatsApp while my data pack is on?

Yes ! You can do that. Not just what's app you can do it to any app which uses internet.It's called data restriction. So heres the method.Step 1. Go-to Data usageSlide down the app drawer shortcut in the notification bar or just go to settings>Data usage.9nth icon in app shortcuts is data usage.In the settings you can see data usage below sim management. Open that.Step 2. Switch carrier and find what's appAfter clicking on data usage switch to the network on which you use internet. Then look for the app you wanna restrict, i.e what's app here.Step 3. Click on what's app then click on restriction keyWhen you will get the what's app in the list , click on that and then you will find a option quoting Restrict app background data below which will be in disabled state. Click on that and enable it.After that get back and hey you just cut the supply to the what's app . Also when you change your mood and want to use what's app follow this step again and disable the restriction so that what's app can use internet.In the data usage you can check the list of apps which and how much data have been consumed. Also you can monitor and place a limitation with warning too.If it helps don't forget to upvote .Thanks