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Decorating A Room For A 13 Year Old

How should I decorate my room? im 13 girl.?

i don't have a big room. in fact, its quite small. i have not made any major changes in my room since i was a baby lol. its time to change. what do you think i should do? what to buy? what colors? what accessories? and not too expensive please!

13 year old girl redoing room!!! any ideas?

here are some ideas. nothing better than to actually see examples
When you do polka dots. You dont want to be like EEEVERY other girl who has something like this.
Think different, you'll have a cool room no matter what.

Should I allow my 13 year old to lock their bedroom?

Yes. Every child deserves the right to lock their door at certain moments. At 13, my family lived with my dad’s (now disowned) step dad. My ex-grandfather kept “accidentally” barging in while I was changing, or sleeping. I demanded a lock. My parents, luckily, didn’t fight me on it.Later, at 16, my dad, step mom, and brother lived with a friend and her boys. I began sleeping with less clothes when I had a severe full body sunburn. I was belittled, and they insisted that only a lock means privacy, and the room I was using didn’t have one. If it had, I’m certain that woman would have removed it before letting me sleep in there. I was later barged in upon by her 13 year old son while I was changing for work. His twin brother laughed and goaded him when he shut the door and rushed off. “What happened? What happened? Did you see Hannah naked?” Luckily, I had my bra and pants on, and was straightening out my shirt to put it on. The boys received no consequence. My dad was pissed. The woman and my step mom insisted it was my fault; an unlocked door is not privacy. I “should have changed in the bathroom.” The only bathroom my 4 person family was allowed to use there had a tub shower, a toilet, and enough floor space for the door to open. Oh - and no lock.My 4 person family moved up to Washington, again stuck with friends. My room, once again, had no lock. It was still known I did not sleep fully clothed; my step mom frequently mocked me for it. (And yet she walks around the house in sheer tops, no bra, nipple piercings and paw print tattoos on full display.) I was again constantly reminded that if a door does not have a lock, it is not a private space.I am now 19 and living with my mom, step dad, and brother. Closed doors are treated as if they are locked. But I know that if I asked for one, my mom would allow it.Children deserve privacy. They are tiny human beings and deserve a space to call theirs where they can be safe. Until you can prove they are doing things they absolutely shouldn’t - like surfing graphic pornography, taking drugs, etc - they deserve trust. They deserve space and respect. My dad always disagreed with my step mom’s behavior. He was accused of not knowing how to be a strict parent. I was accused of manipulating him.My parents raised me and my brother with one thing in mind: we are human beings first and foremost. We are their children second.

How can I decorate my bedroom like Cece's on Shake It Up before Christmas? :)?

You should paint your room teal and then add posters which include the colours pink, green and yellow in them for over your bed. You need to get a white bed frame with white floting book shelves around it on the right hand wall. Then you need to buy a brighter teal to your paint teal for your duvet cover and if you go to poundland or a cheap shop such as home bargains, you chould find some pink and white elephant pillows ther. Do you have a red lamp, you need to get one!

I hope this helps :)
Merry Christmas! = Red lamp, quite similar. = Bed frame, similar just not rounded. = Duvet cover = Pillow

Hope these links work for you :)

How can I decorate this Alarm Clock? (Pics)?

Okay this is a weird question ino but I wanted to buy an alarm clock before going back to school when I told my mom she said I couldn't buy one because she had one. When we went home I saw she had bought a new alarm clock that you plug your iPod/iPhone into just like the one I wanted and she gave me an old white one called "Dream Machine" by Sony. It's Model No.ICF-C130L .

So I want to kinda decorate it or paint it but I have no idea how/what to use.Im 14 and I want It to look better. Please help it looks really old and manky!!! :(

Hippie themed room (18 year old girl)?

Put up posters of bands from that Era, lots of cushions and brighter colours,
Lava lamp, Canvas' on the walls, just make sure it's personal to you no matter the theme of the room.

Why not do different shades of pink as the paint/accessories?
Obviously mix in other colours to break up the theme.

I really like your room idea i have to admit :)