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Describe And Explain The Five Basic Steps Of Mining Group Gold For Its Team Meeting Management

How the world is running without Blockchain?Let’s take a case of Tom & Jerry Cheese War because of Batman.Case 1Tom owns a cheese packet and he finally decided to end the war by giving his cheese to Jerry. But the problem is Tom is afraid to go Jerry’s house as Jerry is ready with his arms to kill Tom.Tom decided to send as a gift to Jerry through a middle man and he called Batman. Batman ate half of the cheese and then he gave it to Jerry saying “Full packet cheese from Tom, hahahaha”.1st problem - Batman2nd problem - No records of cheese transaction & manipulation can be done easily3rd problem - Lots of information given by Tom to Batman about Jerry4th problem - Tom has to “TRUST” BatmanBut after few years all four problems were solved by “Digital Cheese” invention.Tom now decided to give Jerry digital cheese and now the war was solved. But Tom was smart he copied that digital cheese and gave it same cheese to Batman.5th problem - Double spendingAfter few years Tony Stark came with a solution called “Digital Cheese Blockchain”Digital cheese Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public ledger of Digital cheese. Every cheese transaction are recorded as a block and followed by another block. Each transaction is verified by the network of nodes.Technical Flow of Blockchain-Pic Source - BlockgeeksBlockchain -Distributed databaseTransparent and IncorruptibleA network of nodes(Computers connected to the blockchain network for validation of transaction)DecentralizationSource - BlockgeeksJoin Us - Join Blockchain India - blockchainindia

Q1. Mention the difference between Data Mining and Machine learning?Data mining: It is defined as the process in which the unstructured data tries to abstract knowledge or unknown interesting patterns. During this machine process, learning algorithms are used.Machine learning: It relates with the study, design and development of the algorithms that give processors the ability to learn without being openly programmed.Q2. What are the five popular algorithms of Machine Learning?Five popular algorithms are:Decision TreesProbabilistic networksNeural Networks (back propagation)Support vector machinesNearest NeighborQ3. Define precision and recall.Recall is also known as the true positive rate: the amount of positives your model claims compared to the actual number of positives there are throughout the data. Precision is also known as the positive predictive value, and it is a measure of the amount of accurate positives your model claims compared to the number of positives it actually claims. It can be easier to think of recall and precision in the context of a case where you’ve predicted that there were 10 apples and 5 oranges in a case of 10 apples. You’d have perfect recall (there are actually 10 apples, and you predicted there would be 10) but 66.7% precision because out of the 15 events you predicted, only 10 (the apples) are correct.Q4. Why is “Naive” Bayes naive?Despite its practical applications, especially in text mining, Naive Bayes is considered “Naive” because it makes an assumption that is virtually impossible to see in real-life data: the conditional probability is calculated as the pure product of the individual probabilities of components. This implies the absolute independence of features — a condition probably never met in real life.As a Quora commenter put it whimsically, a Naive Bayes classifier that figured out that you liked pickles and ice cream would probably naively recommend you a pickle ice cream.Q5. Why overfitting happens?The possibility of overfitting happens as the criteria used for training the model is not the same as the criteria used to judge the efficiency of a model.>>Read More>>

Steel...Can some one give mo some info of steel?

Steel, an alloy, consists mostly of iron, with a carbon content between 0.2 and 1.7 or 2.04% by weight (C:1000–10,8.67Fe), depending on grade. Carbon is the most cost-effective alloying material for iron, but various other alloying elements are used such as manganese and tungsten.[1] Carbon and other elements act as a hardening agent, preventing dislocations in the iron atom crystal lattice from sliding past one another. Varying the amount of alloying elements and form of their presence in the steel (solute elements, precipitated phase) controls qualities such as the hardness, ductility, and tensile strength of the resulting steel. Steel with increased carbon content can be made harder and stronger than iron, but is also more brittle. The maximum solubility of carbon in iron (in austenite region) is 2.14% by weight, occurring at 1149 °C; higher concentrations of carbon or lower temperatures will produce cementite. Alloys with higher carbon content than this are known as cast iron because of their lower melting point.[1] Steel is also to be distinguished from wrought iron containing only a very small amount of other elements, but containing 1–3% by weight of slag in the form of particles elongated in one direction, giving the iron a characteristic grain. It is more rust-resistant than steel and welds more easily. It is common today to talk about 'the iron and steel industry' as if it were a single entity, but historically they were separate products.

Negative impacts of colonialism in Africa tends to circulate on one major factor ‘culture’ be it economic, agricultural, social or religious. here are a few factsThose leaders who could have made Africa strong because of their influence, were killed by colonisers or arrested this left societies divided and unorganised.Colonists used the ‘divide and rule theory’ this theory brought about divisions in the African traditional society and setup. Divided as we were, acted to the advantage of our oppressors and opportunists who penetrated in the veins of our trade and agriculture and stole pieces of land.Increased slaveryAfricans were forced to drop their dressing codes, cut their hair and traumatised in their own land.Our religious ideologies were rendered useless and backward thus forced to drop them.In African Traditional setup, we did not have words like rape or theft but we had cattle rustling European culture destroyed or that and brought in new challengesAfricans were forced to drop cultivating their own traditional food stuffsEuropeans came with diseases like measles, chickenpox, smallpox, polio that were unheard of before.Europeans came with mass murder weapons like bombs and guns and used them upon AfricansMost Africans were forced to fight in the first and second world wars by colonialist (their wars not our wars) and none, absolutely none of those ware rewarded or their families except for badges that they participated in the helping wherever.Africans were subjected to the colonial experience including forced labour, land alienation, taxation, poor wages, discrimination corporal punishment rape and more here:The Slave Trade in East AfricaESTABLISHMENT OF COLONIAL RULE IN KENYA.The Positive and Negative Impact of Colonization in AfricaI hope you will enjoy reading

Investing.What exactly is ....?

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Tell the best prank you have ever heard of?

This one's fun because it isn't very nasty and doesn't really hurt anything, just drives people up the wall. Get onto someone's computer and take a screenshot of their desktop by hitting CTRL+PrintScreen. Open up a program like Paint and paste the image into it, then save the picture. Now change their wallpaper to that picture. Hide the taskbar and put all their icons into a folder that you can hide somewhere inconspicuous on their desktop. When they get on the computer, it looks like their regular desktop, but nothing works when they click on it. Have fun giggling while they go into a flurry of cursing and rebooting, trying to get their "frozen" computer working.

Thanks for A2A;In economics all the goods which has demand and readiness of public to pay or exchange currency to have it has economic significance, hence Gold has it's own value in the economy like crude, cement, steel etc. Nothing more or nothing less..Having said that but in reality it is something different Because we don't hear a statement from central banks that we have stock of this much million tons of steel or cement but we do know that periodically there will be statement from the central banks that the country has certain quantity of Gold in its reserves,let us look into the reasons why it carries a special place even in the modern times..Like we know Gold has a rich legacy and past, since time immemorial until the 2nd world war after which the gold based economy was discarded and countries moved towards fiat currency system..Be it eastern or western countries Gold always has steady demand, it always surpasses supply and public considers it is prudent to invest in Gold, so the value of Gold will be always preserved..Gold was, is and will be a scarce commodity, to get few grams of gold it needs to mine tons, it will never happen that suddenly a gold treasure or abundance of Gold discovered, so the value will take a beating, but think in terms of Crude, Which is also precious like Gold but once crude reserve is discovered it could have potential to produce billions of Gallons of fuel so that price of crude will correct, but such a situation in Gold will be next to dream..When a Government is facing cash crunch it can give its gold as collateral to raise foreign currency for its basic import, some times when a country faces existential crisis it's paper currency will not have the value of piece of paper on which it's currency is printed..In ancient times, when foreign trade took place people belong to various geography wasn't aware about each others language, custom or culture but then also they realised value of Gold, like what we are realising of it's in this digital day's like in the era of our Mahabharata and Ramayanas..