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Did Any One Else Notice White Liberals Smell Bad

What's it like living in a liberal state? How are the social attitudes in a liberal state?

I lived in Vermont for 22 years before moving to the Florida Panhandle (Pensacola).I guess I never really appreciated the generally liberal attitude Vermont has until I moved here.My first week at my job, a guy came up behind me while I was with a black co-worker and said “hey, can you help me? i don’t want to talk to any black people.” It ended up being that he was joking and knew my coworker, but that wasn’t the kind of joke I ever grew up hearing. It wasn’t funny to me, at all.Racism is deeply ingrained here. It’s an unmentioned and unquestioned part of life, that many minorities either don’t bother to confront in public or just simply don’t notice.When Dylann Roof shot nine people in Charleston and sparked a debate about what the Confederate flag represents, Pensacola residents went to the Pensacola Graffiti Bridge to paint the flag and attempt to educate their fellow citizens on what they believed it meant. I learned that night that, as one person put it to me, “that flag means n*****s sit at the back of the bus.” I still want to believe I was being trolled, but sadly I cannot. That was never something I had ever imagined happening, much less hearing, growing up in Vermont.I remember growing up in a state that legalized gay marriage early, I remember race not being much of an issue to anybody, at least as a white person. I never heard anybody spitting racist garbage about a minority group growing up in a liberal state. In the panhandle it seems like it’s hard to go a week with such a thing.I was asked once if I believed in guns, because I’d need them when the refugees came here to wage jihad. That was just last winter.But as I learn more about racial disparities and racial boundaries, I learn my own liberal state dislikes the Sudanese refugees we house and employ. I have seen comments on local cititzen swear in ceremonies in VT that complain about the lack of legitimate immigrants, something these very people were finishing up the process of.I think in liberal states, Vermont at least, racism is less overt. I cannot recall a single homophobic experience in Vermont. Racism ails the entire country, everywhere you go, however. Seeing it in it’s unchallenged state has only enabled me to more accurately identify the hidden kind I thought didn’t exist in a liberal place.

If you smelled pot coming from someone's house would you call the police? Could the police do anything?

Sometimes yes we can. It all depends.Back in January, 2017 a neighbor called that she could smell the odor of burning marijuana emanating from her next-door neighbor’s apartment. We responded to the location. It wasn’t my call. I was acting as the cover officer. As soon as we got out of our cars we could smell the marijuana. Last January was very cold and snowy and everyone had their doors and windows closed and the odor was still very strong — that’s pretty impressive. So we made contact with the calling party and she directed us to the right apartment. We knocked on the door like the gentlemen we are and, incredibly, the door opened.We were slammed in the face by a wall of marijuana smoke. I could barely see that there were three men in the room behind the homeowner who had thoughtfully opened the door to us. They were smoking a couple really pretty, and expensive, glass bongs (Oregon is next door and there is a head shop just a little ways across the state line). They were all in their late fifties and just kicking-back watching the NFL AFC Championship game (New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers), smoking some grass, drinking beer and eating pizza.The responsible officer explained to the occupants why we were there and asked if they were indeed smoking pot. They said yes they were and let us into the apartment when we asked if we could come in (the other officer and I are big believers in the soft approach first). We confiscated the bongs and pot, and the primary officer issued them a summons for possession of a controlled substance. The homeowner also got a ticket for possession of drug paraphernalia (the two bongs which he stated were his). They were all nice guys and it was obvious they were very experienced pot smokers. I kept the door open since the air was so heavy with pot smoke. It was making me a little sick actually. We thanked them for their cooperation (I felt like we were British cops) and left. The whole call was very civilized.

Why don't White people have a racial identity in society?

Well, as several other people said, Whites do have a racial identity in this society ; unfortunately, it's a completely negative one. It's completely negative because the Elite, the Left, and the non-white groups have a shared vested interest in keeping Whites divided, powerless, and psychologically crippled. Although we are close to being a minority at this point, and Traditional Whites are already a minority, we are still numerous enough that if we united and asserted ourselves, we would instantly become the most powerful tribe in Fedgov's empire. We would be very difficult for them to continue to exploit which is why they are so determined to prevent us from awakening.

So much for the outer dimension of the problem which is serious enough; unfortunately there's an inner dimension as well. First, a large percentage of our people have internalized the the anti-White hate propaganda they have been bombarded with since childhood. Worship of other races and denigration of their own has become virtually a religion to them ; they seem unable to think or feel their way out of this mental prison.

Besides the effect of enemy propaganda, there is also a serious issue of decadence among modern Whites. From about 1948 to 2008, White America experienced a golden age of wealth and prosperity, unprecedented in human history. Sixty years in paradise had the side effect of disabling most of our defense mechanisms of which the most important was our tribal solidarity with the other people who share our Race and Culture. We also lost much of our physical toughness, intellectual acuity, and moral rigor. In fact, the modern White middle-class has an odd resemblance to the Eloi of H.G.Wells' classic science-fiction novel, "The Time Traveller." Even if Whites had not been subjected to the sophisticated brainwashing that was unleashed on us, it would still be difficult for people who have been so softened by luxury and pleasure to identify with our warrior, peasant and pioneer ancestors.

Is Ray Nagin very typical of a liberal democrat that spews desperation and irrelevant comments?

Nagin is a racist and we are hatemongers for noticing it and we should be banned for saying things that contradict the DNC.

doesn't hichefheidi yawn like a liberal.....

Why do white people protect other races so much?

Its like everytime something racial is said toward a non white ethnicity white people get all over protected, but when there own race is insulted they rarely dont say anything.

and i know this is very bias and understand theres some white people out there on the internet that are super racist.