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Did Beethoven Have Fangirls

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the Beethoven of football?

Please don't disrespect Beethoven

Which band will be "The Beatles" of the 21st century, in your opinion?

Most peoples answers seem to be geared towards a potential band that is as popular as the Beatles, but I don’t think that this is a very compelling criteria for comparison in our day and age where pop music generally owns the music industry. This has resulted in many people saying that “nobody will be the next Beatles”. I think that this is a bit closed minded, musically speaking.That being said, I am very surprised that nobody has mentioned Radiohead yet (sigh). Even Paul Mccartney stated in a recent interview that He asked if Thom Yorke (lead singer of Radiohead) would play piano for one of his songs, but was worried that he would refuse.. Yorke did refuse but not out of arrogance, or lack of time or interest, but because he claimed to not actually be good enough at piano, as he is primarily a singer, guitarist, and generally only plays piano for songwriting.To me there is no denying that both bands are great. One thing that many will argue in favour of The Beatles is there level of innovation in comparison. While I certainly agree that The Beatles are very likely one of, or the most influential band of all time, There is something, quite over looked, to be said about Radiohead in that regard also.OK Computer: 1997 - Regarded by MANY as the greatest rock album of all time… Thats a lofty claim. (no links to the original album on youtube):Kid A: 2001 - Regarded by MANY as the greatest Electronic album of all time:In Rainbows: 2006 - Regarded by MANY as the greatest Indie/Alternative album of all time:This shows that Radiohead dominated not just one, but many genres throughout there career. So is it fair to claim them as “The Beatles of the 21st Century?” Well yea I really don’t see why not.

What is your goto, never gets old, song/instrumental that makes you feel better any time of the day?

Usually my songs change with my interests, but there are a few that will be with me for a long, long time.Rubik's Cube by Athlete. This is a song I first discovered as an elementary schooler watching Warrior Cats AMVs, and it's stuck. It's so gentle, yet so raw.Bernadette by IAMX. I clearly remember discovering this song- I was twelve, I was a crazed Bill Cipher fangirl, and my life was honestly at a low point- for reasons unrelated to being attracted to a fictional triangle, mind you. I happened upon a speedpaint of Bill with this haunting song playing in the background, and I was smitten. It's been one of my favorites ever since.Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might be Giants. This one takes the cake. My dad's always been a fan of TMBG, and he was excited to introduce his daughter to their music. I've loved this song since I was a little kid. It makes me feel cozy and safe.

What are your Favorites? Survey!?

1-favorite song ,in fact i have two !!! breathless by shayne ward and the promise by tracy chapman ...both remind me of my ex whom i loved so very much !!!
2-favorite food : indian and italian ...both r mmmmm..miam miam !!! i just can'thave enough!!
3-favorite ice cream : ferrero that itasted first in italy ..mmm i loved it so !!!!
4-favorite movie : the notebook ( i know i know !! im such a romantic !! ) and a walk to remember !!! i always drop tears and i seem to enjoy it !! im lunatic ,arent i !!!!
5-favorite tv show : Grey's Anatomy too and desperate housewives just get to know life through all those characters !!
6-favorite car : mmmm i just can't decide ..let's say the new opel corsa ..see!! idon't ask for too much hein?!! lol!!
7- here r the names :
*henry 8 ( the one who reformed englad ,thx to him everything changed ...)
*Hitler (man !! the guy must have been way too clever!! )
*george bush ( just to pew on him!!!! yep !! i do hate him! )
*Angelina joli ( just to see if she's really that cute .guys seem to die for her!!! )
8-favorite animals : don't laugh !! i like gorillas !!to me,they re so friendly ..and of course cats n dogs like the majority !!
9-favorite book : the alchimist by coleo paolo! he's a real genius .i won't tell u why i like the book so that u read it!
10-favorite clothing spot : Etam ,Levi's , Mango !! i don't know why!!i got used to them maybe!!
11-favorite colors :yellow,black ,blue ..they just look great on me! especially black !!
12-favorite place to live : the US ! it's a childhood dream !! im always amazed by its culture and civilization!!
13 - my favorite is for sure Obama !! and so far , he's the one who's having more votes ..let's hope for the best!!

If Liverpool signed a German player, which German player would you want?

Phillip Lahm ;)

Korean or Japan?!?!???!?

I'm only 14.. I was introduced to anime when I was 10, and I just absolutely loved it! Now I don't really watch anime so much.. But for 4 years, I've loved Japanese culture! I even bragged about it in front of my family.. ( Im Asian still) but about a year or less, my Chinese friend introduced to me to
kPop and kdrama. I LOVE CULTURES SO MUCH! I wish I was Japanese and all I have to do is
Learn Korean :( lol, but I have noticed more cuter Korean guys!!! BUT I love how cute Japan is. Cherry blossoms, Vocaloids.. Anime, manga, rilakkuma!!! I love this song: Just be friends ( Shounen T) those stuff makes me keep switching from Korean or Japanese fan :(( but I know a few
Japanese words, like Kokoro , ashiteru, arigatou, zen zen, boku, etc ! I also know some katakana, ( or hiragana) like: Means ah >あ means shi>し means ru>る means ro ろ :( . I get SO sad when I have to pick from both :(( I just want to do ONE. I want some pros and cons >< I know Korea is cheaper, but Japan has better jobs and stuff. I know probably a lot more words in Korean, but Idk HANGUL at all!! And Korean is hard to pronounce..but, it seems
Koreans are nicer. I don't know! I've seen Japanese dramas and some guys aren't that cute. And it's a bit scary because they do a lot of fetishes like gangbangs yaoi yuri and etc. they have the yakuza... Plz, if you're either of these races, tell me what