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Did Children Live At Court In The 1500

Custodial parent claiming child for taxes.?

I am the custodial parent of my one child (age 8) as stated in court papers. Last year when my ex & I (never married) went into court our lawyers suggested that we take turns in claiming the child every other year so long as I make at least $20K on my year. If not, my ex claims her still. Is this right? Or fair? I've been reading up that as the custodial parent I should get to claim her no matter what. I am very upset and disappointed that my lawyer was not aware of this. My child lives with me full time and only visits with father twice a week, not even overnights or weekends. What can I do about this?

Is it possible to live a happy life paying child support?

My ex girlfriend is a pyscho and took herself off birth control to get pregnant. She knew i was done with the relationship and that i was beginning to talk to other girls and i know it's my fault i had unprotected sex but never in my wildest dreams did i think someone would do this. I was young, naive, and ignorant. However after not speaking to her for two years i get a piece of mail saying i have a 13 month old daughter that i'm being sued for child support for. Well it's been about a year since and things are going pretty well. I've done my best to mend the relationship despite not wanting to just for my daughter whom i love and want to do everything before but there's a couple of questions i have. If i pay child support will i ever be able to live a happy life financially? it's 17% of your salary and i should come out of school with a decent job. I'm graduating from a good school with a business administration degree, and a 4 year collegiate athlete with no criminal record and the other question i have is will girls still want to date me? idk i feel like it's a stupid question but knowing the fact that i have a child kind of hinders my ability to talk to girls because i don't think they will be interested. If anyone out there has experienced any of these issues please help! and seriously i know i was irresponsible and s**t does happen in this world. I don't need to hear from people that i should have done this or shouldn't have done this. I'm looking for advice in the situation that i'm in currently. Thank you.

Child support in texas?

2 children different mothers one is in the home medical is covered and the father makes net app. 1500 a month the mother makes net 2500. I've tried using those child support calculators but to be honest i don't really understand them. So my real question is for the child that does not live in the home how much child support should be paid if the father is covering medical care has another child whos in his home and makes 1500 a month. Any help is appreciated, fyi this father is not trying to get out of paying he only wants to know if he is over paying. At the time the order was made he made 2900 a month and only had that one child. I know some courts don't care if there is another child (understandable), i'm only trying to determine how much he should be paying -thank you

My Child Support is too high. Is there anything that can be done to lower it? I need to live too. I'm IN NC

Before you think of me as a deadbeat dad, please understand that I am willing to pay child support but I think the amount is unfair. I take home about $1500 a month. I pay $628 a month in rent, I was ordered by a judge to pay $444 a month for child support. Utilities is about $150 a month. Gasoline for my car is about $120 a month. I'm in NC and the way the court system figures out the CS amount is they take the income of both parents and determine the amount. The problem is, my soon to be ex wife (currently separated) can work but doesnt want to. She wants to be a stay home mom. Thats why I have to pay $444. If she was working, the order would be $320 a month. Can she just stay home? That's not in the best interest of the child!!. The laywer told me that they cant force her to wotk because the child is under 3 years old (14 mo). What am I supposed to do? If I get a 2nd job, I guarantee she'ss run back to the judge and have the amount increased. The court system treats men like crap!!!

What age will my dad stop paying child support?

I have just turned 18 and live in Alabama and my dad pays $1500 a month in child support. I am currently in high school. I will start college in the fall and he says that when I turn 19 he can stop paying child support to me. Should he have to keep paying until I graduate college? Also, he says if he pays things like tuition or other college fees then that counts as child support and he won't have to pay. Anyone have any answers about this?

If I owe back child support, can I be stopped from obtaining a passport, leaving the U.S. to travel the world, or immigrating to another country?

Indeed.  There are actually very few things that can prevent a U.S. citizen from getting a passport, but owing over 2.5k on back child support is one of the most common.  And without a U.S. passport, it will be difficult for you (presumably a U.S. citizen) to travel or immigrate anywhere.The child support collection process is automated to the extent that a passport will be denied to a non-custodial parent in arrears, without any additional paperwork.  In other words, nobody lifts a finger and the ban shows up in the system as soon as one crosses the 2.5k USD threshold.In my experience, most non-custodial parents who find themselves in this situation are able to get out of dodge by either contacting and negotiating directly with the custodial parent (not always feasible or advisable), or by providing evidence for an amendment to the original court order of support (usually based on a material change of circumstances).  Thanks for the A2A, User-11978101981914353371.

Should fathers who don’t want to pay child support be allowed to terminate their rights to their children to end court-ordered child support payments?

The right thing would be to support your children.Parents should support their children. Parents should also be parents. If a parent chooses that they do not want to support that child, often their rights to the child could be terminated to allow the child to not be exposed to their unhealthy parenting techniques.I understand that it is hard to make money and support children. I have been doing it for over twenty years. I also know that in choosing to procreate, I accepted the responsibility of children.So, while I think it abominable that you don’t want to support your child, yes, sometimes it should be allowed to have your rights terminated. Perhaps they can find a healthy parental figure once you are out of their life. Or they will look at your example and realize that is very far from the life they wish to lead when they are of the age to have children. At least, that would be my hope.In the end, buck up and support your child, even if you don’t want anything to do with them. Even if the court didn’t order you to take care of them, take care of them. Do it because you are a person that really wants to do the right thing.