Did I Get The Job Starbucks Interview

Second job interview at Starbucks?

It's Starbucks policy to have more than one store manager (or assistant store manager or even shift supervisor) interview a candidate. Basically, the shift/manager at the store you interviewed at must have liked what they saw of you, and so to officially hire you they need to put you through a secondary interview. It makes sense--why pull another manager away from duties for a second interview if they're not serious? Don't worry too much, and I hope you get hired. I loved working at Starbucks!

Starbucks 2nd interview?

I went to the Starbucks job fair a week ago, and was called back the same night for a 2nd interview, which was 5 days ago. the manager who interviewed me told me that i would hear back a week from that day, which would be this coming friday. however, some people said that they got hired right after or the day after their 2nd interview? but i asked a friend who has been working at starbucks for months and she said it took them a week and a half to call her back. should i do a follow up call this friday night if i dont receive a call?

What Is A Starbucks Interview Like?

It depends entirely on the specific store and how nice the manager is going to be. If he/she likes you right off the bat, they'll go really easy on you. But don't worry, the hardest thing they'd ever ask you is something like this: "Discuss a conflict you've had and how you resolved it; what would you do differently?"

It's not bad at all! Good luck!

Interview with starbucks in target?

Questions they might ask you:

Describe your work experience.
Describe your school experience.
How have you demonstrated that you are a reliable person?
Describe your greatest strength?
Describe your greatest weakness? (The trick here is to take something that seems negative and make it positive. For example, I love coffee and think I may drink too much.)

Questions you could ask them:

Will I be able to get as many hours as I want?
Can I get a fixed (or flexible) schedule?
If I show potential, what are my opportunities for advancement?

Any intelligent question shows your interest. Ask one even if you have a good idea of the answer.

Before your interview, take a good look at the Starbucks website. They have a lot of excellent resources and employment information. You can even learn all their lingo.

Good luck!

Just got back from a starbucks interview?

I just got back from a Starbucks job interview about fifteen minutes ago. The interview seemed to go well. She asked my availability, my preferences (mornings, days, evenings) and if I had any problem with the dress code among other things. I answered I'd prefer mornings, but I'm really available to do anything and that I had no problem whatsoever with the dress code. Anyway, the interview ended and she told me that she was interviewing some people tomorrow and some people next week and that that's when she'd be calling people back.

So basically, what does that mean? I've heard that when they tell you they'll call you, it means you didn't get the job. I'm not sure what to think.

How does one nail an interview at Starbucks?

Be OUT-GOING!Starbucks looks for young, energetic, kind, down-to-earth people. Smile a LOT! That is probably the most important thing on any interview. I remember after being hired for Starbucks, I told my manager a few months later that I didn't apply for Starbucks for the coffee or for the perks, but to be the person that would brighten people's days, to be the spark in their lives. She smiled at me and said, "I know. And that's why I hired you."Definitely prepare as well, know your stuff!I remember during the interview, she asked me, "What do you know about Starbucks?"Doing prior research to it, I told her everything I knew, from the establishment in Pike Place, Seattle, to its introduction in the international market.You will also be asked questions like "What does excellent customer service mean to you and give an example?" Be confident. (: