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Did I Make Her Mad Friend Help

My friend is mad at me, what should I do?

Ask them why they are mad at you. (If they refuse to tell you, it is apparently their problem. Nothing will get resolved if they just ignore you)If it is something you did wrong, you can either apologize or explain yourself. Do whatever works in the situation, but be sure if you are explaining yourself to explain the situation/misunderstanding/etc. in a logical, convincing way. Don’t just spew/yell/scream pathetic shit.If they continue acting like they are mad at you even after you apologize (or explain yourself) than just walk away. Wait for them to leave their state of self pity.Above all, just stay calm as another human being that is “mad” at you should be nothing to lose any sleep over (unless they are going to murder you, to which I say, if you know they are going to murder you either get far away or know how to protect yourself. Surely it is not that bad though)

Bad hygiene friend . i need help ?

Shaving is a personal choice not a requirement. Your friend may not want to shave or may have a parent that does not allow her to shave. While it will likely get her made fun of if others notice it is still a decision between her and her family. It may be something you want to try to casually bring up, ie tell her you don't like your current razor brand and are looking for a new one and ask what she uses. When she says she don't shave casually ask her why not. If she says she isn't allowed leave it alone. If she says she just doesn't you may want to give her some of the benefits of shaving but don't push.

The body odor is another issue entirely. I assume you are relatively young and still in school. My recommendation would be to go to one of the counselors or a trusted teacher and explain the problem to them and ask them to talk to her. This will help make your friend aware of the problem (she really may not realize there is a problem) and keep her from being mad at you as she won't know you are the one who told.

Why does my friend get mad when I cut myself?

Because your friend is a good friend.My son was a cutter. When he tanked his 2nd semester at college, he told my husband & I that he found out his girlfriend was engaged in a relationship with her professor & he took it very hard & started cutting himself.He showed us his body & I have never been so angry with him. I had to leave the room. He knew I was ticked off. When I came back I told him how I slaved for years to keep him from scarring (he’s very pale skinned & keloids easily) & he carves himself up. He gave me the knives he used, still with blood on them. I still have them. He asked about 10 yrs ago if I threw them out. I haven’t still.What you are cutting yourself over trying to pull your mental pain into physical pain doesn’t work. You need a therapist to find out what it is that is hurting you.And don’t be angry, your well being obviously is important to your friend. And that’s a great kind of friend to have. You are blessed.

What do you do when a friend pretends to be mad at you for fun?

Omg, I've had one friend that has done this to me, and she totally didn't act like she was kidding. She acted pretty mad. That's why I actually thought she was mad at me, or that she was in a bad mood, and had a bad day. After that, she said it was just a joke, and that she was kidding, but she got everyone in the group to go against me. I forgave her, but I went off with another group of my friends, because I thought that was a dirty joke, since she told everyone else about it, except for me, obviously, since the joke was ON me. And, that whole time she was "pretending" to whisper to her other friends, gave me dirty looks and glares, and kept on exchanging meaningful glances to her other friends. Was I overreacting, or did I do the right thing?

My friend is anorexic but is refusing to get help. What can I do?

If you’re her friend, there is only so much you can do to help her if she refuses to help herself. If she’s fairly young (teens to early 20’s), I hope her parents are aware of her anorexia. If they aren’t, you might have to bite the bullet and tell them that their daughter has an eating disorder. Anorexia can kill. Her parents are probably the only figures who have enough authority in her life to strongly persuade her to get treatment. Be prepared for your friend to be mad at you for “outing” her. She’s going to be defensive. But I think you would ultimately have a friend who’s alive and mad at you than a friend who is suffering or dead from anorexia.If she’s older, then there is really nothing you can do but to be there for her. Maybe she has to crash and burn before she’s willing to get help. Be there to make sure she doesn’t crash too hard. She may realize herself that she needs help if she sees that her actions affect her family/friends, or her work/school life. A “crash and burn” of making a stupid mistake at her job due to lack of focus is reversible, and might be enough to persuade her to get treatment. However, if she begins to show seriously impaired cognitive or physical function, then by all means drag her to the nearest hospital. In the latter case, this is a “crash and burn” that could be irreversible if not corrected immediately.Best of luck, and please don’t hesitate to message me if you have further questions or concerns.

My best friend is mad at me for a stupid reason. Wt should I do?

She's not a friend - she's an acquaintance. She's really not worth the wait or the hassle. Move on with your life. Smile - say hi - if she talks fine - if she doesn't fine. It's her problem - not yours. Why should you "obey" her and "wait 2 months" What is magical about 2 months??
My daughter (16) has recently gone through some similar crap - now the petty little creeps are coming back around after making her life miserable and her finally ignoring it and getting over it all - and saying " oh - I don't know why we aren't talking anymore or aren't friends - but IF I had anything to do with it I'm sorry." Ummm IF - right.
People like that - they just don't have a clue and don't deserve you nice girls that try so hard to work things out with them.
I have a feeling my dd's old friend is just wanting to have some fun at my dd's expense and is trying to drag her back into her game again for a while.
Get some new friends - and have a great time! That is what kills them the most - seeing you move on and having fun!

Do you think a true friend would talk mad crap about you because they were mad because you left town?

You should know that she is no friend, that is a women taking advantage of ur kindness.
Tell you what...i have friends like that and i know how u feel "FED-UP" PISSED-off".
Tell her what she should her, if she gonna talk **** about you don't help her, look at it this way for being a true friend urself thats a reward.

Your a smart girl you don't deserve this crap from no one.
If people ask you are you on drugs, tell them"Do you know me well enough to ask that question?"
Play smart..or say "Why u want some?"
Look at it this way at least u know where ur heading ...coz down the road a true friend like u will have much more to share.
You have to stop being nice to her and she is taking advantage of ur condition coz u don't think before you do anything that why she gets what she wants.
But try to help urself...coz ur really a good friend..and a great sister as well.
Good luck.

How can a guy help his best friend (girl) when she is on her period?

Holla buddy,Never had i ever came across a friend who'd do such thing for me but I'd definitely like to do some of the followings when i am going through my monthly cramps. Periods are nature's call and a girl needs utmost care and love at this period of time.Firstly, know that she's going through a lot of pain. knowing that you can't do anything about it listen to her carefully but don't question her about you never heard of pain in menstrual cycle.In this time of period, girls usually get mood swings. Girls love it when a boy cares them gently.Sudden cravings for food is quite normal. So if you get midnight calls to get her a chocolate ice-cream, you better do something about it.Surprise plans for movies with food will always be a mood changer for a girl. But note that sitting in the same position might get irritating for her.Food and sleep are always a girl's first love. Ice-cream, chocolates pizza's will always be a thumbs up.Besides all these, Handling her with care and utmost love is the key.^.^In case, this is my first answer to you,Hello there,It's Nidhi ware.I hope i helped. ^_^