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Did Jack Johnson Lift Weights

If jack Johnson could train like athletes do today wouldn't he be the best?

JACK johnson is a much overlooked champion. If he had the training equipment and knowledge of training that boxers have today I think he could possibly be in the top 5 of heavy weight champions.

Would Tyson Fury put up a good fight against Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Jack Johnson, Rocky Marciano, and Lennox Lewis?

Ali much to fast! He would pot shot him to death! Remember Earnie Terrel! He was almost 6’6”! But he could punch! Ali punished him! He was a much more complete fighter than Fury as he has a punch! Ali by decision or late tko ! Fury vs Tyson Tyson would use midrange to work the midrange to work body! Ko 3 Johnson for you young guys who are fight tacticians and know nothing about greats, Jack at the age of 38! Went 27 rounds in hot Cuban sun against Jess Williard before getting koed! Dempsey who famously almost knocked Willard out in one round didn’t and said Williard really hurt and dazed him in round 2! So we have a true master boxer against a thumber! I go with Johnson by decision in 15 12–3 For Rocky to be effective in this we would have to give him modern training and diet and weight training. Making him 200 pounds! He would be on Fury like a cheap suit ! He never tired and he was quite good at slipping punches! And he feared no man! If a cruiserweight barely turned heavy like Kevin Cunningham could drop him twice what could one of all time greats do? Wear him down with the never ending hard ko punches ko Marciano 5 Lennox. Eventually bag of tricks for Fury run out! Lennox ko in 8 follow me for boxing

How much does squatting an additional 90 lbs of weight add to a person's vertical jump?

I know it is not the answer that you are looking for, but absolute strength (max lifts) and explosiveness are two different things.  Say your max squat is 315.  That 315 weight isn't as important as how quickly you can accelerate with say 225.  The most important factor in vertical leap is the amount of force you create.  And to improve that you have to focus on dynamic effort training.That is not to say that a stronger squat won't help.  The stronger you 1RM in squat is the more potential you have to generate force with lighter weights.Basketball Workouts to Increase Vertical - Mammoth StrengthExplosive movements like Snatch Grip Hang High Pulls might be something worth trying.  While many of the Olympic Variations are somewhat techical the High Pull doesn't have a catch component so it can be learned very quickly.Also...the high pull helps to build the traps and upper back.  Don't forget that ARM SWING CONTRIBUTES 15% to vertical leaping ability.  If you don't believe me, try jumping without swinging your arms, and then compare that to jumping with your arms swinging.

Who had the most impressive natural build (no weight training) in boxing history?

I agree.Norton was just naturally cut.I always envied guys who were like that since birth.I had to work hard many years to get cut up.I like the pysiques of the fighter's in the past as well.

Jack Johnson

Jack Dempsey

Jim Jeffries

Does doing push up will effect my height?

Your height is entirely determined by your genetics. You'll grow when your DNA says you'll grow. It is possible for people to have growth spurts all the way into their late teens.

If you want to put on some muscle, you need to start lifting weights. Push ups will not have a big impact on muscle size, the load (your body weight) isn't heavy enough to stimulate much change. Find a good lifting program that focuses on whole-body workouts.