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Did Jessie Ventura Go In Hiding

Never voted for the guy -- couldn't get myself to do it. BUT he was far from being the unmitigated disaster that many of thought he might be. He was a working governor who lowered some property taxes and automobile taxes, got rid of a lame vehicle inspection system, and actually supported some public transit. Truthfully, he was a better governor than the personable Tim Pawlenty.The only problem was that he was a bit of a thug. I used to sit a few rows behind him at Timberwolves games and he was the first one to want to scream of refs or opposing players. Throughout his term he referred to reporters as "jackals." He clearly had a "interesting" family life and chose to close down the governor's mansion for the duration of his term Jesse Ventura.. Most of our past governors have led rather exemplary if a bit boring lives after the ends of their terms. Our former governor sued a dead American hero, went of the grid in a flight of paranoia, and has returned to his status as a bully in the ring.

Do you agree with Jesse Ventura, to make a point, he said that if he waterboarded Cheney he could get him to?

I will actually agree with the premise that those being tortured will tell you whatever you want to hear to stop torture.

So what if what you want,is verifiable truth?What if you ask for information,but let the person know that if ANYTHING they tell you proves to be a lie,you will be back to make them pay a price for the lie?

We didn't just randomly torture people you know,we tortured people we KNEW most likely had info we needed.Forgive me if I don't cry any Crocodile Tears for scumbags that murder women and children,that cut off innocent people's heads,etc.If they had to torture them so much at GITMO that the screams could be heard in the Florida Keys,that's fine by me.


Did Jessie Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota & a former Navy Seal call Dick Cheney a Coward? Look at Vid?

Cheney is a coward. Five deferments from any service to America but no problem sending our sons and daughters to lay their lives on the line. Our troops are awesome but those who sent them to war did not ever serve or send their children to war either. Jessie was a navy seal, was waterboarded and said it does not work. It only gives you answers to make the torture stop, they will confess to anything to end near death experiences. Cheney is only concerned that he will be prosecuted and even said he will not testify under oath if he does not know the questions first. He is a treasonous liar and should be tried, convicted and be the only prisoner held in gitmo...!

Is Jesse Ventura doing the right thing by suing TSA agents?

Yes he has every right,this is America, if the naacp or aclu can sue all the time how about an ex Vet Navy seal.

besides the only reason for the "big" push is that two scanner companies, L-3 Communications and Rapiscon Systems landed open ended government contracts to supply the things. They spread millions around The House and Senate and sued both Republican and democratic lobbyists to get the the "key" people. grant millions is not much when you consider that the lobbyists hand the House and Senate members billions every year** and also employ their families, but they paid enough to the ones on the committees and landed the open ended contracts.

So people don't want to go through them and the only way to herd them in is to make them real uncomfortable wit the TSA agents, who by the way used to be minimum wage earners, but I believe they did have to have no criminal record and a GED.

Not sure why anyone would doubt the government as they say the radiation from the machines is safe. Didn't they also approve that stuff called asbestos? But look at the below site it shows what each one of them gets from the lobbyists and SIGs, who bribes, I mean donates to them and how they vote. I am still trying to figure out which committees would have approved this and then can tell you who got the money. Former Democratic Senator Tom Daschle's wife is one of their lobbyists. Go figure.

But when the cattle give up and start going in them to avoid being attacked by tsa people those companies will make some money and get those millions back.

Is Jesse Ventura a former Navy SEAL? And did he served in Vietnam War?

Like him or hate him, yes, Jesse Ventura, AKA "Jim Janos" did graduate from BUD/S and was assigned to a UDT Team.

Back in his day, BUD/S graduates were assigned to either a UDT Team or a SEAL Team. It wasn't something they had a say in, and it wasn't something based on performance. You were assigned to either team based on the needs of the Navy.

Jesse Ventura was involved in an operation on the Mekong river in Vietnam. It wasn't anything too elaborate, but he was there...

Today, all UDT Frogmen are known as Navy SEALs. Ventura was on UDT 12, and finished his time in the Navy at SEAL Team One Reserve.

So to answer your questions... Is Jesse Ventura a former Navy SEAL? Yes. Did Jesse Ventura serve in Vietnam? Yes.

Anyone who says otherwise doesn't understand the way UDT and SEAL Team work.

Why did Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura get pulled off the air without a word from Main Stream Media?

Channels don't need approval to run Programs ( at least not yet ) and do so with ratings and revenue in mind. Never caught the show, but despite Ventura's rather "glittery" past, his stint as Governor of Minnesota was moderate and overall, he retired with some high marks.
What separates Ventura from the "standard entertainer" brand of television shows, is his very obvious, fervent and almost reverent belief in the U.S. One can believe Ventura takes his role in the series, serious and genuinely for the benefit of the viewers.
The FEMA angle, is simply being skirted because once a person uses the word "concentration" or "detention" they are immediately dismissed as "conspiracy" theorists.
FEMA has an operational plan, based on the Katrina failures, to open "Humanitarian Centers", anywhere, in any city or even small town ( with the help of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ) within a matter of "hours" of a crisis, disaster or national emergency, whether real or "created".
Problem is, as much as these sites are meant to provide safety, security and support, what they are intended to keep out, they can also keep "in". That's where the "rub" is. One Regulation specifies that "once a civilian(s) is admitted to the Center, they will not be permitted to exit until such time as FEMA determines the continued threat(s) to the community or population." So one in, your a guest of the Feds until they decide you can leave.

What type of gun does Jessie Ventura in the movie "Predator" use in the movie?

it's called the "gatling gun" and it is used mainly as armament for aircraft like helicopter and C-130 gunships. it is the hi-tech version of the machine gun. the gun used by jesse ventura doesnot exist because the gatling gun is not designed to be carried by one person alone, as it is too heavy. it is mounted on aircraft and battle tanks.

I reject the premise that Jesse is an "innocent, well-meaning guy". He starts the series as a meth cook and drug dealer. This is the case before Walt ever came along. He's not cruel, malicious or sadistic, but he's a screwed-up guy with very serious problems. There are plenty of reasons why his parents would have problems with him, and wouldn't want to get involved with his life. He only calls them when he needs something, and he's constantly making obviously untrue promises about how he's just about to turn his life around, go back to school, get a better job, etc. In all likelihood, they've been through that time and again, and simply don't have any reason to believe him.All that said, they're implied to have their own problems. It's implied that they have very high expectations and a low tolerance for failure. Their younger son, who clearly tries very hard to look like the image of perfection they expect, is still sneaking weed, he just manages to hide it better. It's made pretty clear that Jesse's been a screw-up since high school. At some point, they basically decided that there was no hope for him, and put all of their affection and plans for the future into their younger son.Bluntly, we don't know enough about them to make a clear judgment on their response to the situation, even if we wanted to make such a moral judgment. Giving up on your own child is an extreme reaction, no doubt. But running a drug lab out of your family's house is also a pretty big frigging deal. Officially, their position seems to be a "tough love" approach where they won't take him back until he gets his life together. Realistically, everyone knows that isn't going to happen, and they just want to keep his actions from further harming them or their other son.Is it wrong? Is it right? Who's to say? Jesse's an easy guy to feel sorry for when we watch him on TV, but having a child living a life like that would be an incredible trial for any parent, and it's hard to make a judgment towards parents who are going through something you haven't been through.They're doing what they feel they have to do in response to the way Jesse lives. It's harsh, but it's certainly not incomprehensible.

Nope. Jesse had absolutely nothing by the end. Walt aquired the $80 million during his stint with the Czech Republic after Jesse left the business and therefore Jesse earned nothing after Walt delivered the $5 million to his doorstep. Also, Jesse later worked as a slave for Jack Welker’s white supremecist gang, where he earned no money for his labor or knowledge.In the end, Jesse escapes the white supremecist gang’s compound with no money and somewhat of a symbolic clean slate. Let's just hope those state troopers didn't catch him on the way out.Edit: I don't think Jesse would have any of the $1.2 million he received from Gus by the end of the series. He spent the majority of that money buying his parents’ house and I imagine he burned through whatever was left during his heavy drug phase after murdering Gale. Lastly, any money Jesse had remaining would likely be stored in his house and subsequently lost. From the state of Walt’s house, which was abandoned on the same day as Jesse’s, we can infer that his house would most likely also be ransacked by the time he escapes and any saying would be stolen.

The cuisines I don’t know are getting harder and harder for me to encounter in my home base of coastal South Carolina, so when I do get the opportunity, I need to have a meticulously crafted approach. As a result, I’ve thought about this a LOT, and I’m in a great place to provide some insight here. As everyone else has said, do a little research and listen to your server. However, I have some personal rules that I follow whenever possible.Challenge your palate. Get something you’ve never heard of. Every time. If you go to a restaurant serving a style you are mostly unfamiliar with, and then get the one thing you’ve had before, you are missing an opportunity to learn. Never had raw beef? Kind of afraid of it? Than get the carpaccio, don’t be a pussy! If you try a new dish and it’s amazing, that’s a win. If you try a new dish and hate it, and barely eat it, and have to stop for a burrito on the way home, that’s also a win. Because who doesn’t like a burrito?Conversely, get something familiar. This will help you gauge the technical competence of the kitchen. If you are at your first ever French restaurant, you may not have a frame of reference for blanquette de veau, but if you get a steak frites, and it’s the worst steak you’ve ever had, you’ll know that you didn’t like the restaurant because it was bad execution, not because you were unfamiliar with the cuisine.Go with at least 2 other people, and share everything. That way, you can get enough entrees to follow hints # 1 and 2 without exploding.