Did My Teacher Willingly Break The Rules

Can teachers legally search through your phone?

Tough question. There are a lot of factors involved: the phone probably doesn’t belong to the student (if the student is a minor, the contract is in the parent’s name and the parents can give consent to a search), the type of information (there are various layers of laws covering different aspects of the information on a phone—call logs and text messages, for instance, are protected by Federal law, and failure to observe proper law can run afoul of Federal wiretapping statutes, which have penalties up to twenty years in Federal prison and/or a $100,000 fine); and the expectation that schools can act “in loco parentis.”The differing legal jurisdictions are interesting. In Florida, for instance, Florida Statute 1006.09 specifically allows schools to search students’ property in some circumstances. However, and this is a big “however,” a state can not permit something that’s illegal on a Federal level, and anti-wiretapping statutes are Federal, not state. (The statute doesn’t mention cell phones, but Florida courts have ruled that cell phones count as “property.”)If a parent gives consent to the search, there’s likely nothing the student can do. On the other hand, an enterprising student whose phone is searched without consent might, if call or text message information is exposed during the search, be able to file a Federal anti-wiretapping complaint, and the teachers and/or school administrators might find themselves looking down the barrel of two decades in a Federal penitentiary. It would be fascinating to see what wold happen if a school did this, dug through a student’s text messages, and then the student and/or the student’s parents decided to make a test case out of it.The ACLU has sued school districts for searching cell phones, and schools have settled.ACLU Settles Student-Cell-Phone-Search Lawsuit With Northeast Pennsylvania School DistrictFederal courts have ruled against schools that have searched students’ phones.Judge Rejects Administrators' Search of Student's CellphoneMany lawsuits have been filed all over the US against schools that have searched students’ phones.If I were a schoolteacher, I sure as hell wouldn’t do it. A shitty, underpaid public job isn’t worth risking a Federal felony conviction. But that’s me.

A teacher is after my life. He will not leave any chance to put me in trouble, and he knows that my mother is a teacher in the same school. What should I do?

At some point, we all encounter someone like this. For whatever reason, you’ve landed on their radar and now you can’t avoid them. Honestly, this is one of those times when school is really preparing you for adulthood, because this will happen again and this is a great opportunity to practice techniques of dealing with it. *The best, and easiest, is to be above reproach. Yes, other kids are probably breaking the rules and getting away with it. You already know you can’t. So don’t. The best part of this strategy is watching the person meltdown as they realize that you are actually being perfect and thus their problem with you is personal. If you’re super lucky, they’ll meltdown in front of others and expose their prejudice. *A subset of this strategy is disappearing. You’re on their radar. Get off it. Be the quietest, meekest, politest person to ever cross their path. *Document everything and talk to an adult you trust about it. I’d recommend not your mom, because no one is going to believe that she’s unbiased (and I hope she’s not! She’s your mom :) ) But maybe a guidance counselor or another teacher? Sports coach or club sponsor? Someone you can talk to. Make it clear that you ‘feel’ they are out to get you. If you say ‘know’ you’ll sound paranoid. Good luck!

Why does my English teacher say paragraphs have to be at least 5 sentences?

If your English teacher says all paragraphs must be at least five sentences long, then your English teacher says that because your English teacher is dumb.However, I'm guessing your English teacher doesn't say that.I'm guessing your English teacher says that all paragraphs in particular kinds of writing assignments must be at least five sentences long. If you are assigned to write fiction, I bet you're allowed to have shorter paragraphs. If you are assigned to write a newspaper article, I bet you're allowed to have shorter paragraphs. But if you are assigned to write an essay, I bet you're required to have at least five sentences in each paragraph. And that's because essays typically have long paragraphs.This requirement doesn't exist because all good essays have at least five sentences per paragraph. Five is an arbitrary number. It could be four and it could be ten. But people like the number five because we have five fingers on each hand and a base-ten number system. Five is a not-too-small, not-too-big number. It's bigger than you might choose yourself. Left to their own devices, most students will write shockingly underdeveloped essay paragraphs of perhaps two or three short sentences. But it's also small enough to be realistic, requiring you to stretch a little but not too much. Which is exactly what good teaching does.Now, hopefully, your English teacher is giving you other guidance about essay writing, as well. Your English teacher might talk about organizing your ideas, and transitioning from one idea to the next, and supporting your ideas with facts and details. This five-sentence requirement is one piece of that, a way to encourage you to develop your ideas thoroughly. Students often bring a topic up and then move quickly to the next topic — too quickly. If you must spend at least five sentences on it, you're encouraged to roll it around a little, to include more detail, to explain it more carefully.I'm curious what your English teacher would say if you asked this question in class. Maybe you could cheerfully challenge your teacher to write at least five sentences about why essay paragraphs should have at least five sentences. Teachers sometimes need to be reminded to explain themselves more carefully!

Is there any way to enjoy school without disturbing the teacher?

Why would your enjoyment of something involve disterbing someone else? Do you need to disrupt, antagonize, or otherwise bother people who are trying to help you to enjoy something?Or are you just bored and looking for a way to not feel like you are wasting time?If the first, change your attitude. If the second, there is a ton you can do without frustrating your teacher.First, make sure you have done absolutly everything you are supposed to do. Do your in class assignment and your homework before proceeding with any of these ideas. Make sure you are all caught up. Pay attention to lectures and be a general good student.Once you are all caught up, most teachers will let you do nearly anything you want that does not distract other students. Some ideas to consider:Do homework for your other classesStudy (anything you get done at school, you don’t have to do at home)Read a book (much more likely to be accepted than a cell phone)Design somethingMake somethingTutor your friendsPlay a game with other friends who are caught up/ ahead like youIf your teacher will allow your phone, play a video gameAny other solitary activity you can do at your desk without being distractingThings you should not do:Distract friends who are workingGo on social mediaTake picturesMake a sceneHave fun.

I slept with my teacher and got pregnant. I’m 17. What do I do?

Do not tell the guilty teacher! You don’t know how he will react! He knows he did wrong and that he will lose a lot when this comes to light. Often sexual predators (and that’s exactly what he is) may be desperate to ‘rectify’ the situation any way possible. Even with violence or coercion.Do not tell fellow students. Even your besty. High school age kids love to gossip. The surest way to announce this to the entire school is to tell ANY student that attends there.I would first consult with the school counselor. Or any teacher you have a close relationship with. Get them alone and tell them you have a terrible secret and confide in them. Tell them you don’t know what to do or where to turn. If you are afraid of your parents, this person can be with you when you have your sit down with the parents.Understand, YOU did nothing wrong. This teacher took advantage of his position of power over you to ‘groom’ you for a sexual relationship. I know at your age you have all these fantasy’s and ideas with this teacher but it is a function of his grooming and brainwashing you. You are likely not the only one he is in the process of grooming and, if you let him get away with it, you won’t be the last. It is up to you to protect other underage girls down the line. This ‘teacher’ needs to find another profession RIGHT NOW. DO NOT protect him!If you do what I say there is a chance you won’t end up all over the news when it leaks out another way…and it will.

Can a teacher say no to a student using the bathroom?

never had that problem in grade school but High School yes, with only one teacher named Mr. Bart, we call him Mr. Fart and for very good reason, his thing was when the bell rang and your in class you STAY in class until the bell rang for the next class, his logic was go in between classes since you have 10Min. when each bell rang. But sadly nature does not always play fair. On two occasions the first time I had ask to go and he gave me a rubber band and that I can’t leave, I tried holding it but that was not going to work so I asked again and he told me No, so being I was not a little kid and 17 years old I just upped and walked out, he did come after me but I told Im going to the bathroom. later I had a chat with the Principal because Mr. Fart send in a discipline report. I explained to the Principal the situation and I told the Principal if it happens again I would do the same and He warned me the next time I would get a Saturday Detention. When it happened the second time I got the detention, but I never showed up and my Parents were called, My Dad told the Principal that I am old enough to make my own decisions and there would be NO discipline on his part and that he agreed with my decision to walk out and that the teacher was out of line, my Dad also explained that the detention was also out of line and stupid and the next time the school would have a problem.

Does an experienced teacher practice what they believe in actual teaching?

Yes! Well, actually most of the time yes :)Experienced teachers will practice what they believe in in regards to the best educational methods, how to connect with students, making a difference, holding students accountable, etc. However, there are always going to be tough times in the year where they might be stressed out, overwhelmed, or tired and don’t stick to their convictions. It could be something as simple as finishing class early and skipping that last activity to allow students a little free time, or letting a student slide on a behavior you know should be admonished. However, I’d like to think those are few and far between and those experienced teachers will get right back to their high expectations!