Did People Travel To The Moon Before The Delluge

How did people use to travel the world before the advent of airplanes?

The wheelThe sailThe RailThe AutomobileQuadrapedal motionAnd whatever the heck this thing isAlso, bipedal locomotion

What was travel like before airplanes?

Travel was accomplished by steam-powered train or ship. Steam powered travel was measured in days.Before steam power, travel was much more difficult and dangerous. People rarely traveled far from thier town or village. Travel was accomplished by foot, animal power, or sail - and measured in weeks or months.Today, the average American can easily afford to travel to the the side of the planet in a matter of hours, in comfort and safety. We are indeed fortunate!

Before cars, how did people get to work?

I know this is a really stupid question.
But these days, people travel 30, 40, 50+ miles to work. Before cars, were most jobs within walking distance? Or did people walk farther than most of us today are willing to? I know they used horses and buggies, but did they really tie the horses up for their entire shifts? What did the horses do? Just stand there and wait? And did they have labeled parking spots to park your horse?

How did people get around in the olden days without transport?

In olden days main important thing in people’s mind is affinity towards any people. If there may be no transport but still they are going to each other by walking, by horse riding or with any domestic animals, with bullock kart, Tonga etc again main important thing is that they didn’t keep any type of ego to meet another people nowadays we are fulfill with a lot of ego so if we have a lot of vehicles, roads, etc but we are waiting who will be proceed first. Now we are purchasing high priced mobile but again there is a question to whom i will call? & why did i will call every-time ? or is there need to call ? means if we can keep conversion with anyone easily but again it become less due to ego, jealousy etc.In olden days i think people were more curious than today but due to a lot of comfortableness we became lazy so we have lost our creativity & so we have legs but we are forgetting to use it & we know that walking increases creativity but we are using vehicles . I am not telling do not use vehicles but use legs also. We know that Columbus invented America by walking & with simple vehicles. These points should keep everyone in mind.

The deluge drown'd The earth around?

This is a exert from the New England primer alphabet (exert for the letter "D") i wanted to know what the meaning of this sentence is, therefore if you do kno i'd very much appreciate it.

How did people get around when cars were not invented?

When I was growing up (40s and 50s), we did have an old Buick , but usually it didn’t run. We would get it running if we needed to get to town, or to go to the free movies on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For getting around the farm, we had a pair of huge work horses (Bob and Nig). (they were not good for riding). I fell off several times. We used the horses for pulling the hay bailer, and to haul the hay into the barn. And the horses also pulled the sled that we used to haul firewood in the winter. We also had a carriage that the horses could pull, but we didn’t use it that much. My Moms dad had a horse drawn carriage that he used alot. He didn’t have a car.I did try to hitch my dog, Dicky up to a sled, but he woudn’t cooperate. ‘ My grandpa had a pair of oxen that he used to haul field loads.And I did have a bicycle that I used mostly to visit someone on our road.Oh. If we wanted to get someplace—to the river, to the woods, or to grandma’s house that was just a few miles away—we walked. Or if it was winter, we went on skis or snowshoes.

For how many years did people use horses to get around before cars?

These answers fail to take something into account: horses were domesticated first for their meat and milk. The saddle is a surprisingly advanced first used for riding whenHorses were first ridden in 800BCE!Since mass- produced cars are an early 20th century thing, that means that horses were used for less than 3000 years before cars.And even that's inaccurate. It took time for horsemanship to spread across the Old World. And furthermore, riding horses were expensive for much of this time, precluding their widespread adoption.Some things are more complex than they appear.