Did The Berkley Bears Win Last Night

Did the packers win last night

Rodgers looked pretty good last night he went 9-15 for 117 yds. and 1 td and 1 int, i think he'll do pretty good in this league

His first series on the field he actually got a standing ovation from the crowd, surprisingly, i thought they might do something else

But they lost to Cincy 20-17, but hey it's preseason, it dont matter

What do you think of the Chicago Bears win last night?

Not great, they were outplayed and looked horrible on offense for a big chunk of the game. If it wasn't for all the penalties, bad coaching, and Kaepernick's complete meltdown, Chicago would be 0-2. It's a good win for them and defensively they looked better, but I'm not ready to call them a playoff team yet.

And the Big Dance is March Madness, I don't think the Bears will get there.

How much did the Pats win by last Night?

You must still be in denial, because if you care you were watching and saw what the rest of us have been saying all along...the Pats weren't and aren't perfect. They lost the only game that truly counts. Sorry bud...Giants won by 3 in the last couple was'll have to catch it on the NFL network.

Did the Bears win last night ?

yes but it was a remarkable game I watched from the 2nd half, 16-0, 16-6, 23-6, 23-13, 23-16, 30-16, 30-23, 30-30 4th down play on that td, overtime back and forth had to switch hands 3 or 4 times, bears missed a 45 yard fieldgoal, then they finally got a touchdown

Did the minnesota vikings win last night?


First, they didn't play last night. They played an early afternoon game that started at noon local time.

Second, they got massacred by the Bears, 27-13. Their special teams were awful, and their offense was weak.

How about that 49ERS game last night?

Niners are going to take the division.

Here's how:

Next week Seattle plays the Bolts. Yeah, right! Seatlle is going to get gang banged. SF only has to take on the lowly Cardinals, and they are going to be fired up and know that they have a shot and making the playoffs. The Cardinals will get slapped harder than an Oakland ho who shows up with half a days money.

The next week, SF has a tougher challenge in Denver, but with Larry Allen clearing holes, Alex Smith playing hard and Gore running like his shoes are on fire they will pull out the win. They'll end the year 8 and 8.

Seattle goes onto Tampa Bay, their hopes for the season crushed, wondering if they are overrated. Chucky will rally the bucs so they can walk out of their last game of the year with heads held high. Seattle will fall to an inspired D. They will also end the season 8-8.

SF goes to the playoffs with the division because they swept the hawks in the regular season.

And then we just take it one game at a time. Can we beat Chicago or New Orleans in the post season? Maybe, maybe not. But no one is going to be laughing at us anymore.

Go Niners! And... go bucs!

Did the Dolphins win last night?

Nope my Colts came away with the win and they definately stole it

the Dolphins controlled the game,but we made the big plays to win

Done with football, after the game last night?

Pretty much. That was pathetic. The police should have arrested somebody. I am disgusted and tired of the fights breaking out into a football game. Ben was hurt and he stood there talking and defending the game. I was so proud of him. Its getting worse than before. And the coaches are no better. They allow this and make those boys fight for their money. Its not a game anymore.Pressure from the top. Promises of bonuses and extras.The world is going to hell in a hand basket with old ladies knitting.

Da bears chicago?

Not a bears fan or a cardinals fan. That game was fun to watch for everone outside of Chicago and Arizona. But for the fans of both of those teams there really shouldn't be much to be happy about after that game. The Cardinals showed that they can't win, no matter how hard they come to play, they are just a terrible team. (They did come to play though, they played one hell of a game). The Bears should really be worried now though, every team in the league now knows that if they put pressure on Grossman, he turns the ball over.... alot. You can't possibly call it a fluke when you turn the ball over 6 times, you just can't. The Bears have shown the league a real bad weakness and you can be sure other teams are going to bring the pressure from now on. And yes, they still won, but all that showed is that they can beat a 1-4 team with their defense, whoopadeedoo. There're better teams ahead on their schedule and they are licking their chops.