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Did This Guy Change His Mind Guy Not Getting Back To Me

If a guy rejects you can he ever change his mind?

I was kind of rejected by a guy I really like. I gave him my number and he never texted or called me and whenever we see each other we act like it never happened.

Do you think he could ever change his mind and possibly like me one day?

Do Capricorn men ever change their mind and come back to a relationship?

I was dating a Capricorn male ( I'm a Virgo) and he recently broke up. Nothing bad happened between us. He was going through some issues both personally and professionally and I guess needed some time for himself. He has sent me messages out of the blue telling me " Lori, I still like you" and " I'm not just going to forget about you". I've read lots of different things about Capricorn men. Some say that when they're done, others say give them some space and they'll come running, thinking that you've moved on. He knows that I love him very much and miss him terribly. Has anyone ever broken up with or been dumped by a Capricorn and they've come back? I know he was seeing this girl for 5 years off and on and even though she was a mess he kept going back and forth, right up until about a year before we met. I guess I'm just looking for some sign of hope that maybe there's still a chance. He was the first one to say I love you and was still saying it right up until the day b4 he left

What makes a Virgo man change his mind to get back after a relation broke up?

They are the person who are bounded by the love for their loved ones. May be the other one has done lots of mistakes which led up to the break up, but instead they'll find that one reason for which they feel happy around them. May be they act without thinking much but doesn't eventually takes wrong decisions.

How could this Aquarius guy's feelings for me change so quickly?

One month he was telling me he loved me. Then said we couldnt talk because he was falling in love with me and didnt want to. The next month he was telling me he cared about me, then the next day he was ignoring me and I ended up saying some mean things to him. The day after that he was so mean to me. Like, EXTREMELY MEAN.

I assumed it would pass, so I gave him a week then contacted him, he was still angry and very mean towards me. And told me to never talk to him again, and he kept saying things like "have fun with you magical new boyfriend" (I started dating someone else) "dont talk to me anymore like you said"

Since then it's been two months since I last talked to him. This is the longest we've ever not talked.

So why did he act like that? What did I do wrong, and can I fix it?

(I'm a Libra)

He keeps changing his mind about me, what should i do?

Me and my year long boyfriend broke up yesterday. But he keeps texting me. First he said he wanted to be friends, then he said he wanted to wait a while before we start talking again. Then he said he's not sure why he broke up with me. And now he's saying he wants to wait and see if we'll get back together, and then decided that we didn't break up, we're just on a break.

Omg i have no idea what to do. All i want is to be together with him again, but he said when we broke up that it was because he didn't feel a spark anymore. Like he didn't like me as much.. so i feel like there's nothing to work out. I don't know how to explain it. Help me? :(

Ex boyfriend keeps changing his mind about me .. ?

Okay so i liked this guy and i guess he liked me. He was going on about how much he wanted a relationship with that special girl, and how he cared about me and stuff. Well last week we started going out .. and then a few days after, he's like sorry I dont think we should go out anymore, I dont want a relationship with anyone right now .. but then the next day he asks me to come over, and he asks me out again? So i did.. but then two days after he was like ,sorry i dont know what i want, lets just not have a relationship ....
like is he worth it?
if he asks me out again what should i say?

Libras, (or those who know them) Can a Libra man change his mind about finding love ?

lol, I see you're chasing after this guy, and you are falling for his traps. If you want to attract a woman, make it hard for her to get to you. In other words, play hard to get. Naturally, humans want what they cannot have, thus it's working quite well with you. You want something you cannot have, and you are infatuated with this guy. This is what I recommend: if he's playing games, you do not need to waste your time with him. Secondly, people may say they're not looking for love for several reasons: to attract you; see what you REALLY think about them; because they're not interested in you. So, what you should do is back off this guy, and let him come to you. By doing this, you will expose his true feelings. If he likes you, the separation from the two of you for long periods of time will vex him, which will cause him to contact you. But if he does not like you in that way, he will not get in contact with you.

Personally, I am prone to infatuation, thus I'm easy to lose my emotions for women; that's why I do not date. But I cannot speak for all Libras. No Libra is the same. Remember, everyone has a complex chart, which is contrary to the sun sign characteristics.
Just for the record, Libra and Gemini relationships are known not to last long--it's just a quick experience, which is better left as a friendship. Of course, this may not be entirely true, but I did not have the best times with the Gemini's I've dated. Do not let a simple zodiac sign lead you astray from love, though. But also, like I told you in the email, you need to have control over yourself...if he likes you, he will approach YOU.

Feel free to email me again for specific help, and yes I changed my avatar & user name, lol.


Let me tell you one more thing about Libra men, like me. We love testing our skills on attractive women, yes, it's true. We can be faithful in relationships, but we love knowing that a woman is attracted to don't get too excited about this guy. Keep your faith in God, thus he is the guider of life.

Why do I have feelings for a guy that doesn’t like me back? And how do I get rid of the feelings for him?

In all honesty when a guy first meets you and gets to know you a little bit he’s trying to decide if he wants to fuck your or date you. Most often where girls make the mistake is being a little to eager to hangout with a guy, in a sense making things too easy. It’s all really just a game. If a guy doesn’t have to work very hard to have sex with you, you can almost guarantee the relationship won’t last.Getting back to your question though, if he’s not into you move on. My guess is the main reason you like him is because you weren’t able to win him over, and a part of you still wants to try. Don’t, once a guy makes up his mind about what category you’re in he won’t change it. Think about why you like him. Is the reason superficial? Speaking from experience, there are probably a few things you like about him, but my guess is that there are also a lot of things you don’t like about him. Things you’re probably overlooking or ignoring because you really want it to work.You’re better off forgetting him. Don’t give in to a booty call either, that’s not him changing his mind. It’s him being a guy and trying to get sex where he thinks he can. If you reject him, it literally will have zero effect on him. If you give into it he will continue to use you.