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Did Y A Get Rid Of Voting

Why did Yahoo Answers get rid of voting?

When they made the change to answers never being resolved and being able to be answered forever even with best answers voting became redundant so they scrapped it.
Now only the asker can choose a best answer and even then questions can still be answered.
Questions without answers are deleted after 7 days.
Voting was a way for many users to reach higher levels and inflate a best answer % by
cheating with multiple accounts and other ways so that may have factored into the decision.

Why did they get rid of voting on yahoo answer? Please answer!?

While the cheating was ONE reason voting ended, there is a much stronger reason. Voting locked millions (literally) of questions into limbo where nobody accessed them. By eliminating the voting status, and making ANY question answerable at ANY time, even if a Best Answer was already chosen, questions were streamlined into ONE single listing, all active. That made the site seem larger and more active, which made it more attractive to advertisers. Which is the bottom line for Yahoo, as that means they could charge them more for running ads, which means more revenue. And even so, Yahoo is going broke, so it didn't work, after all.

About electoral college voting system?

The Electoral College system does suppress voting in some respects. Example - if you live in a “winner take all”(almost all states) red state, your liberal vote doesn’t count except towards the popular vote but the electoral vote decides the election. The Electoral College system is an antiquated, undemocratic system that should be abolished but won’t be because small states see a benefit in it and they are already over-represented in the Senate so they have control of the situation.

Is the reason the Democrats are pushing to get rid of the Electoral College, lowering the voting age to 16 and bringing as many illegal?

aliens from Latin America into this country as possible is that they know they have to get complete control before they can implement their socialists ideas?

If they can accomplish all this they will get and keep control of the White House. But getting and keeping control of both Houses is going to be harder.

The other thing they will need to do is get liberal majorities on the courts especially the Supreme Court

Should we get rid of the electoral college?

No. The issue is dealt with ably in the Federalist Papers and in Madison's notes on the Constitutional Convention.

The problem is that if you go with a straight popular vote, you inherently favor urban population centers over the suburban and rural areas. In colonial America this was the clash between large and small states. In the modern US, politicians would pander their policies to the concerns of urban voters over all others.

The electoral college is not a perfect way to balance this, but it does the job about as well as any other system tried to date. Even with it, populous states enjoy outsized influence.

Now, I WILL say that I think a better method would be to do what some states already do and embrace plans OTHER than winner-take-all. I think I read that Maine applies electoral votes by congressional district. Proportional representation is also good, with the winner getting a percentage of votes equal to their proportion of popular votes rounded up, the second getting their proportion and so on until there are no more electoral votes.

A philosopher whose name I do not recall right now claimed that winner take all elections naturally lead to two-party duopolies on power. I don't know if I agree, but some non-winner-take-all scheme would suddenly make every state's election meaningful. No single state's race is more important just because it is a swing state, yet the balance between urban and rural is maintained.

Why do all Americans think that getting rid of the electoral college must get rid of the disproportional weight of rural votes?

From the phrasing of your question it appears that you believe that all Americans support eliminating the electoral college. That is not the case.The electoral college protects rural America from being savaged by ignorant uncaring urbanites who do not understand the needs of the farmers and ranchers.Typical example. The Obama initiative which attempted to regulate erosion in farm fields as waters of the US and require farmers to get permits to prepare their fields for planting would have caused massive food shortages in the US and around the world.Fields must be prepared and planted in accordance with the seasons. They cannot be planted based on the schedule of some permit writer in an office when he/she gets around to the permit in 6 months.The electoral college protects the rights of the Nations largest minority.It is called disparagingly Flyover Country.

Should the U.S. get rid of the electoral college and allow its citizens to elect presidents by the popular vote or another method?

Yes, of course. A popular vote does not require a constitutional amendment. Google “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact,” a de facto popular voting system.The Electoral College suppresses voter power. Different people have more political power. It is possible to win 23% of the popular vote, less than a quarter of all people, and win the EC.Cons of ECVoters in non-swing states are neglected.The EC does not reflect the will of the majority, simply put it.Some voters have more voting power, measured by voting power per capita.Candidates could win 23% of the popular vote and win the EC. How To Win The Presidency With 23 Percent Of The Popular VoteLower voter turnout. Voters are more likely to vote if they know their vote won’t be discounted by the fact that their state is winner-take-all, and possibly a strong state for a particular political party.Pros of the ECEasy to recount elections.Pros of the EC?Claim: EC requires more geographically diverse support.Reality: Geography doesn’t matter in a nationwide election. People do. Where someone lives should not affect the weight of their vote.Reality: A popular vote requires broad support – the support of real people. See Reality #2 under “Claim: Small states will be ignored” for statistics.Claim: The EC has been with us for over 200 years, and has worked well.Reality: Logical fallacy. It is a logical fallacy that, just because something is old, it should not be reformed. The EC has not worked well. 2000, 2016. The EC does not reflect the will of the actual amount of people. It does impose rule of the minority over the majority.Claim: Widespread voter fraud will be a problem in a popular vote.Reality: Widespread voter fraud doesn’t exist. It’s a non-issue.Claim: Small states will be ignored.Reality: States don’t matter in a nationwide election. People do. State boundaries should not matter in a nationwide election if the elected official represents the entire nation.Reality: Statistics say the popular vote leads to equal attention during campaigns. According to actual statistics related to popular vote elections within states, the nation’s most professional campaigners and politicians, with the advice of the best campaign strategists and advisors, organized campaign events proportionally to a region’s population, giving everyone in the state equal voice to other citizens in the state. In fact, there was a very slight skew in favor of rural areas.

Wattpad Help: How can I remove my accidental vote for a story and never having it visible in my activity again?

Hey guys so I basically was on Wattpad reading stuff and I accidentally voted a story that I didn't even read, wasn't even interested in it. My question is: is there a way to remove it from my activity and vote and if there is how? I am new to Wattpad so I need your help!

Thanks in advance!