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Did You Ever Have Sludge In Your Gallbladder

Diagnosed with gallbladder sludge?

Been there - done that! I tolerated the pain for over 18 months, then one night my wife thought I was having a heart attack. Always on the right side ribcage with the pain extending like lightning through to my right shoulder blade. 2 trips to the hospital in pain - the 1st trip was a waste of time as the pain subsided while I was there and they sent me home - the 2nd trip the pain was much more severe, they did an ultrasound - yup, jelly on the belly - and found a 3/4 inch gallstone.

The "vibrating" was my gallbladder trying to "crush" the stone (aka: gallbladder attack). The pain would come and go 2-3 times a night. Why at night? It was after I ate a large dinner.

Gallbladder "sludge" is a precursor to a gallstone. If you've not had an ultrasound, then consider having one to see if you've already developed a stone.

What to avoid...

- fatty foods (hamburgers, deep fry foods, french fries)
- peanut butter
- greek dressing

What to consider...

- Chinese Gold Coin Grass (a natural herb)
- lots of water
- cranberry juice
- lemon juice

You also may want to read this article as a reference...

Hope the info is helpful...


I have Gallbladder Sludge? Is there any thing other than surgery I can do?

Oh honey, get it out! It is the best thing that has happened to me or my daughter. She is 14 and was nauseated for a year and a half without being able to figure out what was wrong. Finally they figured out her gallbladder was only working at 14 percent and the lowest it should be is 35%. She has had it out and it's like having a new daughter! She used to have problems with sugar regulation too but that has stopped since she had the gallbladder out. Somehow they are close together (Pancreas and gallbladder) and can affect one another.

I had horrible pain before I had mine taken out and I was perpetually constipated. Now that mine is gone, no more pain and I don't have any trouble going. It was a godsend for me too.

Have them do the laproscopic surgery and it isn't that bad. 3-4 tiny incisions is all it takes and it's barely noticeable. You should be up and around the day of surgery and walking right afterward because you need to get the gas moving. They put gas in your abdomen to see what they are doing and if you don't move, you get pain in your shoulders. (The gas rises and pushes on your stomach and the stomach sends a message to the brain that your shoulders hurt... sort of backwards but walking helps that)

within a week you should be back to normal. It really is for the best to have it removed.

EDIT: the only other choice is to live with the pain but eventually it will get infected and HAVE to come out. It's better to take it now. The 11 year old girl in the bed next to my daughter had hers out due to sludge. She is feeling much better.

Gallbladder sludge and stones?

I was told that I have sludge in my gallbladder (I know what that means) and an 8mm size gallstone...recently I've been having problems with extreme nausea just under my rib cage and into my back. Doc says it's a gallbladder attack although it only lasts about 15 min each hurts so much and i feel so puky, that I even have to take off my bra to try and get any relief....I see a general surgeon in about 2 weeks for a consult I think....anyone know if this actually ARE gallbladder issues in the first place? When my back hurts it's like someone is putting a knife AND a baseball bat into my back and it goes directly through to my other side as I've said....this does NOT happen after a fatty meal at all so I don't think these are "usual" attacks but then, everyone is different. What do YOU people think???? Do you think they'll even take out the gallbladder since it does have the big stone and the sludge? I'm at a loss and am getting anxious as he*l about this because I have to wait till the 11th to find out...any answers would be greatly appreciated!

What can you do for Galbladder biliary sludge pain?

You can eat BEETS, several times a day, about a tablespoon. Good to grate over a salad. OR, you can get to the health food store for something that has beets in it-the employees can help you. The product I deal with is called Beta-TCP but Biotics is not sold at most health food stores.

Your gall bladder bile is thick, there are many things to try before surgery, unless a Doctor is telling you it is necessary. You need to thin your bile.

It would help to avoid fats, especially trans fats, for a week or two. A nutritional therapist in your area can help you. Let me know your city and I can try to find someone.

Does your back hurt about mid-way? Do you get headaches between your eyes?

Massage, warmth, chiropractic and maybe foot reflexology...bottom of right foot, middle on right side-circular motion til you find a painful spot-then massage in circles, gently...then deeper. good luck. Best to find a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner.

Sludge was found in my gallbladder but no stones,what can this mean?

So basically, to understand, you need to know what the gallbladder does. The gallbladder stores bile that is made from the liver. This bile is excreted to digest fat/greasy foods or rich foods or when you overeat. The bile is excreted by a strong contraction of the gallbladder. When the gallbladder doesn't squeeze all the way, then you get a cramping type feeling in your right upper side that can radiate to your shoulder or just below your rib cage. The constant squeezing without emptying properly can lead to inflammation of the gallbladder which leads to the increased pain, nausea, vomiting and possibly fever.

Sludge is when the bile in the gallbladder becomes very thick, like syrup. So when your gallbladder squeezes, it can't push all that thick liquid as quickly as it could when it was normal. Sludging may eventually lead to stones because the bile stops moving and the salts in the bile start coming together.

Regardless of whether you have sludge or stones, if you have 3 to 4 gallbladder attacks a year, its time to take the gallbladder out. Or if you have one reallly bad attack with fever and chills, it has to come out immediately.

Good luck with your gallbladder

Will they remove my gallbladder?

I had an ultrasound that confirmed something is wrong with my gallbladder. The doctor said it was either full of small stones or sludge (he was a new doctor for me, and sludge was the term he used). So far in the past week I've had 4 attacks of horrible pain that get worse each time and last longer, and I hadn't had much nausea until this last one I had a few minutes ago. I was going to go to the ER for this last one, but it let up before I got there so I just went home. The doctor said he would set up a surgical consult for me, and he did for next Tuesday, but he said most likely they won't do anything because I'm not sick enough. That doesn't make sense to me, if I'm in pain shouldn't they do something? This same doctor also told me that the ultrasound showed a fatty liver, and that it was just cause I'm fat, which I am overweight but I've recently lost 20lbs in an attempt to get healthy. He made if sound like they would have to remove my gallbladder entirely, not just the stones/sludge. I'm worried they won't do it though because of what he said about them waiting until I'm sicker. My mom waited so long to do something about hers that it calcified her whole gallbladder, and I don't want to wait for that to happen to me. My question is does anyone know what the criteria is for removal/action to fix it? Will I have to wait until I'm really sick before they will do something? I have a 15 month old and a job, I can't keep having these attacks. I haven't had one at work yet, but it's a fast paced job and I'm the only one there most of the time in the mornings, I can't afford to have one of these attacks there.

Sludge is a kind of tiny stones which may pass through the bile duct and cause gallstone problem. Gallstones are pieces of solid material that form in the gallbladder. These stones develop because cholesterol and pigments in bile sometimes form hard particles.Sludge in the gallbladder doesn’t require any treatment. But when a patient suffers from pain around the gallbladder due to sludge, surgical removal of the gallbladder is only one treatment.

My gall bladder has biliary sludge. Will I need to have it removed?

This is exactly what my daughter had when she had hers out at 17. She had off and on symptoms until one day they wouldn't go away. She spiked a fever and the first hospital had her for two days and couldn't find out what was wrong. She was sent to Children's Hospital in Boston where they found "sludge" and one or two very tiny stones in the duct itself - within 2 hours of being admitted. She showed me pictures of what it looked like and not very me. Those doctors are super. Wish we had more like them on Cape Cod.

I had mine out two years ago and my mom and dad as well. The pain is right up there with childbirth and I sympathize with what you are experiencing. Gall bladder disease appears to run in my family. Based on your readings and what you are experiencing it sounds like a yes to me. It will take about 6 weeks to recuperate, but you'll feel a whole lot better. I wish you well.