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Did You Know That Most Hispanics Do Not Support Marco Rubio And It Is Unlikely That He Will Win

How conservative is Ted Cruz?

The discrepancy between politicians' public image and actual record is astonishing. Despite claims to the contrary from uninformed political commentators, Ted Cruz is less "Conservative" than Marco Rubio and more ideologically consistent than any other candidate.Marco Rubio is more socially "Conservative," unequivocally refusing to support gay marriage and other social freedoms. Militarily, Marco Rubio is also further right-wing, advocating for an extremely large and aggressive military capable of reasserting US influence throughout the globe.With deep commitments to limited government, extensive individual liberty, and the protection state's rights, Ted Cruz is closer to Libertarianism than Conservatism. His major policy positions, a reflection of these core principles, are listed below:Gay marriage - states choose their own laws, something many legal experts agree upon.Taxes - flat tax at 15%Immigration - follow existing federal law and deport those who entered the nation illegallyAbortion - unborn children are still "life" and should not be killed for convenienceGovernment involvement - most federal functions are not constitutionally authorized, are harmful to growth, and comprise civil libertyMilitary - Having a strong military is important, but avoiding unnecessary fights is also important. Stopping ISIS and defending Israel are primary objectives.Executive order - unconstitutional and should be undone immediately.You might not agree with these positions, but surely you can see that these are far from "radical" or "right-wing extremist."