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Atheists, how do you deal with a very religious family?

I have been semi-honest with my immediate family. My dad doesn't care. My mom used to pray for my soul (I think she's over it, I told her I was offended). They don't really know I've crossed over into the world of atheism, but they know I don't believe the same as them. For the most part, my family function well in the world of denial, and it's an unpleasant topic - so we don't talk about it.

My extended family is a little different. They are very very devote. I smile and nod a lot and comment very little. I show up to their churches for funerals and weddings and that is about it.

Having to hide your true belief system is kind of difficult when the rest of the family is so in to it. But it isn't something I want to sit around late at night discussing with them, so I don't. I've made it clear that I don't want to go to church and if I'm guilted into it, I play games on my cell phone or balance my checkbook - so they don't ask me anymore.

As for them snagging your kids to take them to Sunday school, don't let your family 'babysit' on Sundays. And if they can't respect the choices you've made to raise your children, then they haven't earned the right to have special time with them. I know this is harsh, but from my experience it works. If you are raising your kids as vegetarians and you parents think it's funny to feed them hot dogs when they visit - they aren't respecting your choices, and they don't get the privalage of having quality time with their grandkids. My parents have respected my choices rather risk alienating us (and their grandkids). This is the same thing. You respect them, they respect you.

Edit: @Mom - having the family "pray" for me isn't something that I consider a good thing. I consider it a deep disrespect of my spiritual path (or lack of). I'm sure that isn't something that he would like to encourage. It's one of the reasons I keep my beliefs private.

Christians: Do you know that when you stay up late at night it is bad for your health?

Hey friend,

Thanx for that tip. It is a great one really.

I thank God very much for making me busy this vacation. I used to suffer from much spare time. Spare time made me stay up all the night and sleep most of the morning because had nothing to do. I used to stay all the night reading or at the computer or just talking with my bro. Bur now i sleep at 1 or 2 am and get up at 10 to work( translation) or study or to go to courses.That is my mornings . About my evenings , i go to the church ( it is not really a church , it is a big building the governoment gave us to pray , fast and celebrate God. We don't follow any denomination) I am really very busy. Being busy makes me the happiest person in the world. lol.


Atheists have to admit they know NOTHING?

I always say, if they are so akin to apes and monkeys, then they should be housing and living with their ancestors and close kin, taking care of them daily and being good family with them.

That disproves it all because animals and people of these species can not live together, apes and monkeys would whip their behinds and kill them.

If they love them so much, let them take their uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters out of the zoo and give them a seat at the family table for every day of the week, especially sunday dinner.

Ever see any human woman have a monkey or ape in her womb that evolved into a human infant from an embryo?

I haven't either and neither have they.

How do I convince an atheist that there is a God?

Q: How do I convince an atheist that there is a God?There’s a simple 3-step technique for this, I call it “The Method™”Work out what would be necessary to persuade you as to the truth of the Nordic religion, that Thor, Odin and co. truly exist and are relevant to our lives. Feel free to describe the Sagas as “fact” when doing so, to point out how old the religion is, the continuing cultural relevance, the fact that we still base our days of the week on it and that still celebrate the midwinter festival with lights, gifts, feasting and a decorated treeAdapt the techniques from step 1 to instead refer to your chosen religion and deity/deities. Again referring to our current calendar and describing the appropriate myths and “holy” texts as “fact” if this should helpUse the adapted arguments from step 2 on your target atheistNow… You may have struggled at step 1, perhaps saying something to yourself like “That’s impossible, clearly Thor and co. are mythological nonsense, the sagas describe things that I know doesn’t happen in the real world; I could never be persuaded otherwise”If so, congratulations are in order! You’ve just learned the ability to empathise with exactly how that atheist feels about your religion. Try thinking about how you’d feel if someone repeatedly and insistently tried to persuade to believe in Freyja and Loki, perhaps using guilt-inspiring tactics, threats of damnation, anecdotes, and appeals to popularity.Hold onto this feeling of empathy and shared experience of the human condition, it’ll serve you far better than any futile attempts to persuade a rational individual that myths are true.

Are there atheist who are anti-communist?

Question asked: Are there atheist who are anti-communist?The only thing common between all atheists is a lack of belief in gods.Everything else is fair game. That includes, sports, politics, even belief in afterlife. Atheists, like the religious, are free to have or not have a differing belief system in these topics.That being said, I have no sympathies for communists as they exist in the present scenario. Their agenda is too idealistic and definitely not applicable in a real world scenario. Plus, most of them, at least in India, work as nothing more than rabble rousers and have no concrete agenda. They exist only to throw the occasional spanner in the machinery of effective governance.

Porn addiction is killing me. help?

i don't like porn. i really don't. i lack self-control. i find myself looking at many different outlets of porn that disgust me when i'm not "in the mood". i'm tired of it but i am fighting a losing battle. I am a christian and i am hurting from this 'disease'. Open to suggestions. I want to be done with this part of my life ... forever...

Why do people prefer Quora over Yahoo! Answers?

Oh boy, this is going to be fun.Q1: Why do we need water to survive?Quora: Our bodies are mostly made of water, so we need to continually replenish our water supply in order to survive.Yahoo! Answers: WE DONT!!! I ACTUALY FOUND A HEALTHY WATER SUBSTITUTE IF U GUYS R INTRESTED!!!!!!!Q2: What is 2+2?Quora: 2+2 is equal to 4. For instance, imagine you had two cookies and your friend gave you two more. How many do you have now? You now have 4 cookies.Yahoo! Answers: 2+2 is an aDITION PROBLOM. your duMb.Q3: Why is the grass green?Quora: Grass and many other plants have a pigment called chlorophyll which absorbs light to be used for photosynthesis. However, green light is the one wavelength in the spectrum that chlorophyll cannot absorb. Therefore, it is reflected back to our eyes, which perceive the grass to be green.Yahoo! Answers: the same reason teh skys blue god made it that way now just be happyBONUS: Yahoo! Answers strikes back!I’ll let you be the judge of why people prefer Quora.

I can't stop watching porn, help me please i'm trying so hard :(?

I had the same problem. I found porn when I was 10-11, started watching it regularly at 12 and developed an addiction for several years. It was so bad, I was doing it too many times every day, and I felt like I had no control.

What helped me was getting active. Join a sport, doesn't matter what. You don't need to be skinny or fast to run in cross country or try out for tennis, or something that can get you active and away from the internet. You will be worn out from the sport and will have no time or care to look at the internet.

Be social with friends, or at least try to make an effort to get in clubs or help out at a local homeless shelter.

The main point is, get away from your computer. Get active. Be social. You will feel much better (: