Disney Princess Art Desk With 100 Piece Art Supply Kit How To Find

What are the best things to buy at Disneyland?

Must have foods at the Disneyland Resort:
Dole whip/ Dole whip float (sold in front of the Enchanted Tiki Room)
Monte Cristo sandwich (sold at blue bayou and Cafe Orleans)

Since your 18 and if your a big Disney fan I would suggest buying some Disneyland Park books. They have a big variety from Coffee table books of concept art, to the history and legends of Disneyland. You can find books on main street and Off the Page at California Adventure. These range from 10-50 $$$. Well worth it though if your a fan.

A popular item to buy is pins and vinylmation. They are collectibles and come in a very large variety. Anything from classic mickey to Pirates of the caribbean to Disney princess. You can find pins and vinylmation at any store in the parks. These range from 4-20 $$$.

There is obviously tons of clothing to buy, all of which is in good quality but I have rarely bought any because you can buy it on Disney's website.

I allow myself 100$ for the parks in souvenirs to limit myself and to buy a few really special things.

Diversity in Disney films?

Legal fees for what? No private company has to make films with characters of different races/cultures... why would you even think they can get sued for that? There are no laws dictating what races animated art should have to depict. Disney embraces diversity because they have a diverse audience and diverse pool of consumers to whom they much cater and please. It's simply business... supply & demand. But even if they chose not to cater to that diversity, there's no grounds to sue them.

As far as trans/gay... I simply don't see why we need to bring overt sexuality into cartoons aimed at preschool and elementary school age children. Honestly... I think it's kind of the wrong place to try to stick in a political agenda.

And I am speaking as someone who has supported gay rights, same sex marriage, and rode on the float at our city's GLBT parade with my daughter, her partner and our UU church's GLBT group-- and let my elementary-aged children ride on that float as well. I'm not someone who thinks being gay or transgendered or whatever is wrong, nor do I think children need to be shielded from it.

The reason it's not going to happen is that it's going to be a money-losing venture. There are a lot of parents uncomfortable with homosexuality in general; and a lot of people who are not necessarily uncomfortable with people being homosexual are going to still be uncomfortable bringing kids to a movie with an agenda that is going to open a can of worms when it comes to questions from their kids-- questions they themselves may not feel comfortable discussing with their kids. Not everyone is open and accepting enough to be willing to explain to a 5 yr old why the 2 princesses are kissing, or why the princess used to be a boy (and how she got to be a girl). While they may be okay discussing it with their 15 year old, it's not something they're going to want to talk to their 5 year old about. It'd be absurd to alienate half or more of their audience to champion a cause; that's simply not the goal for their enterprise.

Mulan isn't the only one who does not wear pink. Merida doesn't wear pink. Neither does Cinderella, Pocahontas, Snow White, Jasmine or Belle. I say let the princesses be true to the story that's trying to be told; this is fantasy, fairytales-- and they are just stories for entertainment purposes. I don't agree that there needs to be any forced undertones of political correctness infused into the stories.

What is the best birthday gift for a 6 or 7-year old niece who also happens to be my god daughter?

I have a daughter around the same age heres what she likes to give you some ideas

play tent ( you can get them in disney princess, my little pony, etc)
you could make her a dress up kit ( dresses are generally expensive but you can put play make up dress up shoes, crowns a sceptor, feather boas, fake beads and rings, sunglasses)
barbies- all little girls love barbies or bratz you can get her a couple of barbies and a barbie car ( I found one for ten dollars at walmart) and got this for my little girls birthday a month ago
disney movies- my little girl loves anything by disney
polly pockets
at walmart they have these twenty dollar hand held games that plug into the tv they come with all different theme and have like eight different games on them my daughter has a disney princess one and she loves it and plays them all the time
a minature castle with little furniture ( they are generally cheap if you know where to look biglots has them and walmart may have them)
cabbage patch dolls
or a doll that comes with a stroller big and little accesories so she can play mommy

some of these are cheap so you can get her more than one present :)
hopefully you will find what you are looking for
go to and you can probably find some good stuff there walmart is generally unexpensive and have a lot of great toys cheaper than toys r us... k b toys is also a great place to shop for toys

Is it ever too late to edit/finish an unfinished art/craft project, or is it best to just throw the pieces away?Thanks for the A2A, User-10175260113773747882.In the sewing realm, UFOs, or unfinished objects, litter every sewist’s domestic landscape.I have SO. Many. UFOs. My apartment often looks like a craft shop exploded.I’ve got doll parts in one corner, two bookshelves crammed with fabric (the books are largely in stacks on the floor), a 5-lb bag of polyfill stuffed behind my computer desk, and a sewing nook that I just barely organized the other day. (I couldn’t find my seam ripper and all hell broke loose).I can’t speak for other artists, but I tend to hoard art and craft supplies. I’ve donated countless bags of supplies, and draw from my stash to replenish the art supply cabinet at work… and yet my shelves remain full. I have a hard time throwing things away, precisely because of that eternal question: “What if I need this later?”It’s never too late to finish an unfinished art/craft project, though. It’s just that when you get back to it, you’ll likely take that project in a different direction than originally intended. Or you might decide that that initial project is no longer something you want to pursue, so you recycle the pieces for other projects. The latter happens to me frequently. You never know when inspiration might strike!

Well, it’s now 2018 (a year later after 2017, if you didn’t know) and it’s nowhere near the Christmas season. However, I wanted to spread some love in any general direction and I came across the idea of writing cringy, but true, answers for gift ideas.That said, the best gift you can give to ANYONE, in my opinion, is time. Time is our most and I truly mean MOST valuable resource. People will cherish the times you spend with them (well, the ones that love you, anyway), and to those people, there’s no better gift to get them. Likewise, gifts that usually take a lot of time and effort and are specific to the person's tastes (which you’d know if you truly listen to them) are basically the best materialistic gifts that you can give to someone.As an example, I had a friend going away to work a job for a few months that would require him to move and travel a lot and he loves gaming. What do I do? I get him a Nintendo Switch, of course. He absolutely went batshit crazy over how much he appreciated it and he cherishes it to this very day. We can't wait to play Mario Party and Smash Bros. Ultimate on it!However, last year, the gift that my fiance gave me was truly precious - his time. As I mentioned, it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, or how expensive the gift is, what matters is how much you care about a person, and how much you care and listen shows through a gift. My fiance has a job that requires him to work during the Christmas season. It's very important that he does, too, but this year (or rather the last one), he chose to spend time with me, even though it would delay his job a bit. But please do note, I never told him he HAS to do this. I was perfectly fine with letting him do his job properly and getting that promotion - as long as he's happy, I'm happy. ANYWAYS, we spent that night decorating our home with string lights, having snowball fights, snow wrestling matches, and all that jazz, and it was one of my favorite Christmas evenings ever.

How do I make my room look more grown up without spending alot of money?

When I read your headline, my first thought was "throw out anything pink," but I see that is one color you want in there. Unfortunately, you have missed the good sales on the back to school/college dorm items.

It depends on what you consider grown up - do you mean "adult" like room or going from Disney princess to a teen room? I just changed my daughters room from a Disney Princess/Barbie hot pink room into a preteen lime green/turquoise room. Cleared out all the toys/toybox and bought her a school desk and funky lime green desk chair to go in it's place. It's perfect for her age (11) and is something that will take her through at least another 5 years. What I bought her came from the Your Zone line at Walmart. You can check it out online. It's all color coordinated and looks great! Everything from furniture to comforters to storage bins and lamps and throws/throw pillows and curtains - all coordinate. They even have mod wall art.

But as a parent (and you will hate to hear this), I will have to say the best way to make your room look more grown up is to keep it clean. ;)