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Disposition Type Non Conviction. What

What are speeding ticket dispositions?

In Florida, there are several ways a basic speeding ticket can be resolved. The first and most common situation is that you show up to the clerks office, wait in an ungodly line, and pay the fine listed on the citation. This will however add points to your license, which will then cause your insurance rates to increase. If, in the last 12 months, you have not attended a traffic school, you may elect to do that. The benefit being that your speeding fine will be reduced, and you would not have any points added to your license.Another option that is popular in Florida, is to hire a “ticket clinic”. These clinics are basically lawyer shops where they (on your behalf) “fight” the ticket, the purpose of which typically ends in you not receiving the points on your license, or paying a reduced fine, or both. It can also end a few other ways. If the attorney is on his game that day, he may be able to get the ticket thrown out completely. The flip side to that being that he may lose against the officer, and the magistrate would impose the full fine of the ticket, plus points, and court costs. It is a myth that officers tend to not show up if you choose to fight the ticket. In Florida at least, officers and deputies are required to show up. And if the court date is on their day off, they get overtime. So it’s advantageous for them to do so.Another disposition for a traffic ticket, which is usually only available if you fight the ticket in court (either with the clinic, or “pro se” which means, by yourself) is “Adjudication withheld”. This means that while you may pay the speeding fine, and or court costs, the magistrate has chosen to not actually record your guilt on the record. This is helpful if you’ve had multiple speeding tickets in a certain period of time, because when the points reach a certain amount in a period of time, they will automatically suspend your license for 12 months.And of course, the one everyone hopes for: Case dismissed without prejudice.

Difference between disposition and conviction date?

what is the difference between disposition and conviction in a court case..
i have a reckless driving in VA which was reduced to speeding after i plead guilty and agree to pay fines..
but then,when i looked at my criminal report, it says N/A for conviction date where as it shows a date on DISPOSITION DATE...
please clarify

What does arrest disposition:HELD mean?

If your arrest disposition says held that means there were no charges brought against you. Basically, you were just held for a certain amount of time. This is common when law enforcement is investigating a case. For instance, if a cop believes that a person has something to do with a crime and doesn't have enough evidence to arrest you for the actual crime, they can detain you for 24 to 48 hours to gather evidence in case they think that person is going to run if released.

What does NON CUSTODIAL mean when a disposition is given to a criminal?

Non custodial means he was not taken into custody. In other words he was released.

What does Disposition/Sentencing/Revocat... Hearing mean?

If someone is going to be or has been adjudicated in a court of law...then the court can call for a disposition hearing to determine any action to be taken.

Likewise, upon conviction there is a sentencing hearing. This is where the judge tells you your punishment.

A revocation hearing is normally conducted when a person convicted has violated any rules of probation. If the court finds against the probationer...the court will vacate any probation making the defendant serve out their time.

Do background checks go by the offense date or disposition date of the conviction when they look back 7 years?

Lets say my offense date is May 20, 2007 and my disposition date is July 20, 2007. The application asks have you been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in the past 7 years? And lets say the date that I'm filling out the application is June 20, 2014. Can I say no I don't have a conviction in the past seven years or would I have to answer yes because background checks search and attain records by the disposition date?

Can you be convicted without going to court?

1. You can not be convicted until you enter a plea. That would require an appearance in court.
2. Yes, the arrest can show up before you are convicted or if you are found not guilty.

Your criminal history contains two segments. There is an arrest segment and a disposition segment. The arrest segment is created as soon as your finger prints are submitted to the state. The disposition segment appears after the case has been through court. Even if the disposition is "not guilty", the arrest segment remains.