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Disputing Credit Report Without Documents Because Accounts Are False

Have you ever disputed something on your credit report?

I’ve never used a full service credit service but it’s only because I worked in collections and credit counseling while in college so I know what these companies bring to the table.Honestly, you can do everything yourself while saving money and getting a better improvement on your credit score.I was able to increase my credit score 80 points within a month by disputing a couple of bad marks on my reports. One was a report error and the other two were legitimate marks but I was able to get them removed.After this quick fix dispute, you can also negotiate with creditors to get bad marks removed pretty easily. There’s a process to it but it’s not difficult and it works at boosting your score another 50–100 points depending on how many bad marks you get removed.Beyond that, I’ve used a few other credit tricks like improving my utilitization ratio to get my FICO up to 805. Happy to answer any specific questions you have on the process. I share my credit report dispute letter here and you can reach me through the YT community.

Credit Report File Dispute with Agency or Credit Card Company?

When you find something incorrect in your credit report, you should alert, in writing, both the credit bureau who provided the report and the information provider. This is the process to dispute credit report information.

If you have statements or cancelled checks that support your claim, include copies of them with your statement(keep the originals for records). In your statement, include your name, complete address, the information you are disputing, and the reason the information is not accurate. It will be helpful to include a copy of your credit report with the disputed information highlighted.

Send your credit report dispute via certified mail with return receipt requested. This way you not only have proof that you sent the dispute, but also that the credit bureau received your dispute. Keep a copy of the letter along with any enclosures you sent.

The Credit Bureau Responds To Your Dispute
The credit bureau has 30 days to investigate your dispute and respond to you, in writing, with the results of the investigation. Any data you provided about the inaccuracy of the information will be forwarded to the original information provider. The information provider is then required to investigate and respond back to the credit bureau.

Once the investigation is complete, the credit bureau will provide you with the results, along with a free copy of your credit report if the dispute resulted in a change. You can request that the credit bureau send a correction notice to any company that accessed your credit report within the past six months.

If there is inaccurate information in one credit bureau’s version of your credit report, it’s likely that the information will be inaccurate on the other two bureaus' reports as well. You should check all three credit reports to be sure that the information in each is complete and accurate.

Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter

Dispute Addresses for the Three Major Credit Reporting Agencies

P.O. Box 7404256
Atlanta, GA 30374

P.O. Box 2002
Allen, TX 75013

P.O. Box 390
Springfield, PA 19064

Questions on dispute credit?

on my credit report it said:
Bank Of America/acc# (TUC-B01239845) decode 4

is this mean I only need to send it to transunion to clear if off or also send it to all three credit bureau

What can be done about a false reason for denied credit?

If a person is denied credit by a company and the reason they give on the letter does not appear on the your credit report, or the agency they claim to have gotten the information from, what would be my next step in terms of finding how or where this information/decision came from?

situation: I applied for credit at a major retailer and it was denied because of a "recent mortgage loan". I have never owned property or been involved in any mortgage. The bank says the information came form Experian. I called Experian this morning and explained what happened and they do not see anything on my credit report mention a mortgage or know why this company used that as an excuse. The rep. confirmed they could not have given the bank this information when it doesn't exist. They also can't dispute the claim of a mortgage account if it doesn't show up on my credit report.

Logical next step, and the one Experian suggested, is to call the bank and ask them why/how did they come to deny me credit for a mortgage loan that does not show up on my credit report or would have been supplied by Experian. After 8min on hold to get a rep, then another 5 or 6 as she "looked into this", the rep says I have to call the credit bureau and ask them. Then call back if that doesn't answer the question. Hmmm I'm thinking fraud.

To my knowledge there is no one federal credit bureau to contact. I'm assuming when they said call the credit bureau they mean Experian which I already did. I really don't care about being denied the credit or want them to reconsider the application. Its more of a principle issue of using a false excuse. I'm also thinking it is against consumer rights and the law.

I put on my credit report with all 3 major credit agencies a fraud alert in case someone is trying to use my identity. I will also file a complaint with the BBB. Looking up a "credit bureau" online brings the Federal Trade Commission. I'll probably see what information is there about filing a complaint with them.

How do I get my CIBIL report corrected, there is a wrong credit card number as settled in my CIBIL report whereas it's not my card, my visit to the respective bank has gone unanswered how should I proceed?

Raise a dispute using the feature of the same name in your CIBIL user account.Also, write an email to the bank’s customer care mentioning your grievance and ask them to present the documents they recieved along with the application for the card in question and also a photocopy of the application form which should bear your signature. They cannot deny, for it’s your property.Visit the bank’s branch once again witha written complaint on a plain paper and take acknowledgement from the branch manager with his sign and seal.File a complaint with the RBI Banking Ombudsman after 30 days of your complaint with the bank, attach the acknowledgement and mention the branch manager’s name. He/she will then ensure resolution of the issue to your satisfaction to ensure they he/she does not loose their job. ;)Simultaneously, lodge an FIR with police if needed, for this might very well be a case of document forgery and also mention that the bank branch manger’s name besides saying that he/she is not cooperating.

Can or will a collection agency erase late payments if disputed?

you're talking to the WRONG people.
you need to talk to the original creditor not the collection agency.
the original creditor reports on time payments or late payments etc....
the collection only tries to get the account paid off.
you can only try to REMOVE a collection....
no matter how you look at cant sugarcoat a collection item on your credit report.
send them a debt validation letter....and you can still dispute the original creditor on the account

How do I remove a public record from my credit report?

The same way as any other item on your credit report...dispute the item and if investigation proves it false, expired or not belonging to you, then it's gone.  But is this something you SHOULD do. Records of arrest do not appear on a standard credit report, neither does marriage certificates, divorce decrees, records of name change or adoption.  The  Public Records that do show are those relating to the management of money, Judgments, Liens and Bankruptcies.  What specific public record is listed yours? It may be hard for consumers to believe, but it's not good to have valid public records invisible.  The reason these items are on your credit report in the first place is because certain ones impact elements of some financial transactions.   When you obtain a mortgage loan, the paperwork has two principal parts, the mortgage (which is the I.O.U.) and the lien (which ties repayment of the loan to the security (the house).  If there is a pre-existing unresolved lien or judgment, anything unresolved would become attached to the land in question thus creating a "cloud" on the title.  Clouded titles create issues for owners, lenders, the municipalities they're located in and potential new owners.  So, while a public record may prevent a consumer from obtaining additional credit, it's visibility on your credit report helps you in the long run by notifying you of something legal that should be addressed going forward.

How do I get charge-offs removed from my credit report?

Generally speaking if the debt remains unpaid, but the account was declared a write-off then the debt still stands if a County Court Judgement was taken out and entered. Once you pay them off, those usually stand (in Englsih Law) for six years after the debt was cleared.The bank upon receipt of the notice of Satisfaction from the Court, should place that on your Credit File and copy it to the Credit Reference Agency.If you have not paid the debts at all and they were written off, no Judgement entered, then it is at the discretion of the Card Issuer/Lender whether to alter your Credit Profile. In many cases, the Creditor will not delete the entry unless paid, even though it is written off (charged off).The only exception is Student Loans and of course the death of the debtor should their Estate not be sufficient to clear the sums outstanding (that would normally deemed to be post-mortem insolvency); obviously that would not affect the debtor, merely a legal record.