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Distance Learning Schools

Are there distance learning schools based in the Philippines?

Pls only mention government accredited (CHED, DECS, or TESDA) schools offering degree programs and certificate courses either by correspondence (mail), the internet, mixed media, or with small residency requirement. I need full mailing address and other contact info. Thanks...

What are the best (Cambridge) A-Levels distance learning schools?

I found the same question on a thread here: Who offer the best distance learning courses for A Level??. The schools mentioned seem to be,, http://www.distance-learning-cen..., A Levels | Brockenhurst College and I can’t compare them in more detail, though.

Does the school where you undertake a distance learning MBA matter?

Of course it does! In fact, I would go on to say it matters more than a regular full time. The thing about distance program is that, since there is not much physical interaction with the college and faculty, so much depends on the interface used. One of the places that I made a personal review of is icfai. They have built an in-house course ware that integrates with internet to give regular access and updates. There are student groups, discussion and self evaluations tools embedded within the group. I have read other ICFAI university reviews that confirm this. They've added that having such a participatory interface makes it motivating for students to keep the work on their study and deadline.

I'd like to know some reputed Distance learning B schools?

I would like to tell you about Brentwoods Online that offers 60+ Management and Business Administration programs online in partnership with globally recognized, Govt. accredited Universities. For more information refer to the link below: Online Management Courses and Business Administration Programs

Will medical schools ever be in distance/online learning format?

I would say that medical school can incorporate some distance learning and online learning format. It’s already starting to happen at some medical schools where they’re using virtual reality to teach anatomy courses. It is hard to predict whether all of the curriculum will be online just because there are hands-on components that can't be easily replicated by simulation and or virtual reality.If medical school were to adopt more distance/online learning, it would be in the basic science courses and foundations where students can watch from home and come to an internship and or clerkship to integrate and apply their course knowledge to observing cases. The benefit to this would be that students have more time to gain hands-one experience and apply the foundations sooner rather than later.Check out some of the schools such as Harvard University that are already going online with their medical education curriculum:Home - HMX | Harvard Medical School - they’re embracing the “flipped classroom” formatCurriculum: Year One - UT Southwestern TX has their first year of medical school curriculum onlineCheck out this 2012 article from Stanford University: Online learning initiative reinventing medical school courses

What is the best open-learning school (distance education) in India?

-List of Mandatory conditions to be met by an Institution offering Distance Education Programs.Recognized by UGC.Recognized by UGC-DEB.Recognized by AICTE for Technical Programs.Recognized by AIU for International validity of the degree offered through Distance Education.Recognized by NAAC with minimum of 3.4 CGPA.Recognized by NAAC A grade or Higher.Exams conducted offline i.e paper based tests and NOT Online.

Which schools offer the distance learning for executive education?

Choosing a Distance Learning SchoolEven current engineering students continue their course with post graduations. IIT Hyderabad shares benefit and pros of the engineering. And reasons for why wee chooses and do engineering.Degree ProgramsAs any of the distance learning school, you will also search for academic programs. It improves your confidence and you will face most of the situation with dare and confidence. Any of the distance learning school students are sure they line up with your goals for higher education. Nowadays, there are many options to choose from in distance education with specific programs at different schools.Also, see which college you choose that offer you a associates degrees or professional certification? Look at the specific courses that are required for a degree.Understand the Requirements and ScheduleIt is also important student also check and understand the academic requirements. In distance education, these factors are really important. Your schools have which requirement and how they follow the schedule. A schedule of online classes is really very important part. The student has a good at self-motivation. Some online courses are filled with live or recorded video lectures, multimedia lessons podcasts or also a written text. Understand all the schedule of the school so you can be certain meet with these requirements.CostNowadays Distance education is a dynamic and competitive market. All distance learning school has different cost and quality. Every school has not the same cost of the course. If you search for the distance learning school compare all the quality and variety of degrees. Also, search for an experience of the teachers and feedback from other students.Online college should typically cost than attending a traditional college or university.

How does distance learning exactly work?

Nowadays, distance learning courses take place online. As with any course, you usually have to buy a book and complete tests, projects, and/or written assignments. The only difference is that instead of handing in the assignments physically, you submit them online (through email or a discussion board). Class discussion usually take place in a "chat room" or something similar.

Tests themselves vary. Some teachers give you an essay or project which you have to submit by a certain time and date (ex: midnight on Oct. 26). Other teachers give you timed exams that you must complete by a certain time and date. These exams are timed using an online clock.

Yes, you can get the same degrees through distance learning. You cannot, however, complete any degree that requires a lab (like Biology or Chemistry). Most schools (including Harvard) offer distance learning, but you may be required to take a couple of courses at the school if you want a degree.

Finally, distance learning does provide the same job opportunities, depending on the school you receive the degree from. Obviously, a degree from Harvard will give you better opportunities than a degree from the University of Phoenix. In addition, you are limited with science-based careers because you cannot get a science degree through distance learning. The price varies from school to school, but it is the same price as "traditional" classes. That is, an English course physically located at Yale would be the same price as a distance learning English course at Yale.

Distance learning is best for liberal arts (social sciences, humanities, English, etc...).

What is the difference between distance learning and online learning?

Distance learning typcially involves you sitting in a classroom while an instructor via satellite instructs your class or vice versa. You can see them, they can see you. Many high schools use distance learning to offer their high school students college credits. Online learning is typically for college, you may meet once or twice, but the learning is done through an online server. Usually you have a book to read, projects to submit electronically and quizzes online to take. One online class I had even had power point slide presentations to help you study. Hope this helps!