Do Abortions Cost Money

How much do abortions cost?

* Average cost for an early abortion at a clinic: $350
* Average cost for an early abortion at a doctor's office: $500
* Average cost for an abortion after the 16th week at a clinic: $650
* Average cost for an abortion after the 16th week at a doctor's office: $700

Doesn't mean I condone abortion, but this is a Q & A site, not a debate site or a site where you should push your ideals and opinions on others...I just hope that you have considered ALL the options available to you

Does abortion cost money??

I think it's pretty expensive, but there are probably agencies that pay for women or help offset the costs.

For all the people making personal comments to this girl, she's not after an abortion, and guess what? Nobody likes abortion, not even pro-choicers, but they believe it is a called for in certain situations.

How much does abortion cost?

Your dignity.

Why is it that abortions cost money in lost GDP?

The errors and biases in that article are legion:Lost GDP doesn’t “cost” us anything. If the article’s assertion were true, it would just be unrealized production. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. GDP is just one among many measures of an economy. There is no global race to see who can clock the highest GDP.The article seems unaware of the difference between “nominal GDP” and “GDP per capita at parity”. The article argues the aborted babies are not capable of producing anything, and therefore cannot contribute to GDP. This is only true on a per capita basis.By the article’s logic - that higher birthrates prevent losses in GDP - would suggest that the most productive countries would have high birthrates. Take a look at the list of countries ranked by birthrate. Scroll until you start seeing higher-producing, modern economies. I stopped at about #133 (Ireland). The US is at #159. The point here? A nation can have high GDP that does not rely on human production.“Aborted pregnancies” is a more responsible term than “aborted babies.” Not all pregnancies are viable. Not all viable pregnancies naturally lead to births. Not all births produce healthy babies. Not all healthy babies reach adulthood. Not all adults contribute to GDP. Wash, rinse, repeat.The article ignores contributions to GDP by the industry surrounding birth control and abortion. One could argue that by prohibiting them, we would “lose GDP” by the amount of those contributions.I honestly don’t know what the author is talking about when he predicts a 100% chance of a crash by 2020 that will make the Great Depression pale by comparison - while writing in 1997. If he meant the housing bubble and recession, then that hardly compared to the Great Depression. And even if it did, it had little to do with national demographics like birthrate and more to do with government interference in the housing market. It comes across more as scaremongering.I think the article has a religious and political agenda to push and is fairly open and unapologetic about it. It’s hard to take such an article too seriously.

What is the cost of abortion in Mumbai?

I have read some of the answers and would like to point out that abortion can be categorized broadly into two types. Medical termination of pregnancy and criminal abortion.In india the medical termination of pregnancy is governed by MTP act. According to this act for an MTP to be conducted there are certain criteria that the case should fit in. Mainly the indications for MTP. To name some..Pregnancy endangering the life of motherPregnancy as a result of rape.Pregnancy in case of minor.Grossly deformed baby on scans etc etcIf the case fits for MTP the doctors can perform the termination. The hospitals where the MTP can be performed should first get registered with the govt. Only registered hospitals are allowed to perform MTP.Now coming to your actual question. The cost factor.An MTP in a recognized MTP center is free of cost in govt setup. Even private hospitals are bound to do it for free or with minimal charges.All cases which are not having indications for MTP and being conducted in unrecognized centers are criminal abortions. Both the hospital management, doctors involved and the prospective mother are punishable with imprisonment.

How much of taxpayers’money pays for abortions?

“How much of taxpayer's money is used to pay for abortions?”Hard to say, but based upon the Republicans elected to presidencies and Congress, somewhere around 10 to 20 trillion dollars. The one issue has resulted in an enormous waste paid for almost every other endeavor.Were all abortions paid for with tax money and it to cease to be a political issue, the amount spent so far could have been used to perfect birth control, build artificial wombs, and help convict serial rapists while reducing incest and child pregnancy.

About how much money does a abortion cost after 4 months pregnant?

i dont want to sound like a whining bi tch but it does hurt to kill my child and if i could keep it i would, so keep your insults to yourself!

btw. s it really too late or is this just your opinions?!!!!!

How much does an abortion cost in pune?

I don't know the actual cost as I am not from Pune and I don't know what's the actual cost taken by nursing homes but a decent nursing homes in Delhi is Rs 4000-5000. While Government hospitals charges are very less in comparison to private hospitals.It can be terminated by oral contraceptive tablets if you visit the doctor within 24 to 72 hours. In my opinion Unwanted21days is the best and only tablet which I know to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

How much does an abortion cost in India?

Medical abortion with out pills??How can it be possible.. Medical abortion is done by pills..See abortion costs vary from hospital to hospital in a same city.. And it also depends on in which month termination is taking place and how complicated it is.So medical abortion of 4-8 weeks pregnancy os charged minimum of 3,000 -5,000INRCosts may increase if abortion also includes procedures like D& C or S&E..

How much does an abortion cost in Canada?

The provincial health plan in Nova Scotia covers the costs of abortions at hospitals up to 15+ weeks based on ultrasound results.

For more information, look here:

Abortions performed in hospitals are covered across Canada. But abortions performed in clinics are not. As long as you have your abortion in a hospital and not an abortion clinic, the price of the procedure will be covered by the Canadian health plan. If you want to have your abortion performed at a clinic instead of a hospital, it will cost you somewhere between $400 and $1,000, depending on where you go.

Abortion is completely confidential in Canada. All minors in Canada have the right to a confidential abortion. So don't worry. Nobody will tell your parents.

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