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Do All Modern Women Think Like Radical Feminists

What do you think of this radical feminist's statement to get rid of all men & boys from earth?

"What do you think of this radical feminist's statement to get rid of all men & boys from earth?"

It's a fantasy of a sick mind...nothing more.

"Definitely, due to the presence of sperm banks, IVF,
and sperm-sorting technologies, modern women can almost easily sort the sperm, get
pregnant using IVF, and have only female children."

Well the first problem is...artificial insemination is expensive. We can pretend that it isn't, but when your rely on technology for a function that used to be performed naturally, there is an added cost.

The second problem is that sperm bank sperm will eventually deplete.

The third problem is related to the second: the sperm bank sperm will deplete even more quickly if you start sorting sperm.

The fourth problem is this manufactured sperm (ie. from bone scrapings, stem cells, etc...) is theoretical at best. For all we know, it will either not produce children, or not produce healthy children.

@ RAWR: I think you need to stop being dishonest and start acknowledging that it's feminists by and large who are the ones claiming that the other gender is redundant/obsolete. I have mentioned the concept of artificial wombs in the past...however I've ALWAYS mentioned it in response to feminists who have brought up the bone scrapings that allegedly may be used to create sperm. Just as the MRM was a response to the excesses of Western feminism, so too are MRM hyping of artificial wombs a response to the obnoxious provocation of feminists who look for any excuse to claim that men are not needed!

Radical feminists?

"Radical feminists?"

Most radical feminists today consider themselves to be non-radical, everyday feminists. This is a result of the misandry creep that has occurred over the generations where the man-haters of yesteryear were never challenged by mainstream feminism. Now if we go back to the original feminism that was only interested in equal Rights and not any of this modern day social engineering nonsense that passes as feminism, it is a whole different story. THOSE women would be turning in their graves if they could see what passes for equality under the feminist banner today.

Yes, we live in an age of radical feminism. RADICAL new feminist "theories" such as "Patriarchy theory" and "Toxic Masculinity" and -gender as a social construct- and "race privilege" are fully accepted by mainstream feminism today. Simple equality is "old school". In effect, the original ideals of the original feminists have been abandoned.

Gloria Steinem even called herself a racial feminist with this basic understanding. But with all the misandry creep that has occurred from the 1960's up to our modern day, Gloria seems like a meek, good little girl, while radical feminism is now redefined to mean only the most vile feminists, such as those that feel it is OK to #KillAllMen or place them in concentration camps.

We live in the age of radical feminism because what used to be considered radical has crept right up into the mainstream. We live in an age of full equality EXACTLY as the First Wave Feminists asked for ... but somehow equality is not radical enough for today's feminists.

Third Wavers are even more radical with their full acceptance of cultural M@rxist social engineering. Not only is it not about equality any more, but it is rarely even about women's issues. Think about it ..... "white privilege", diversity, deference to the gay/lgbt agenda, political correctness, collective blame and group power "privilege" and so on.

All radical stuff.

How do I deal with radical feminists as a man?

Stay away from them. Ostracize them. Do not employ them, date them, marry them, talk to them, or look at them. If you find one, leave immediately.There are many inequalities that still exists between men and women, but it's on both sides.Feminism has certainly done a great work to humanity furthering equality. As a people we can now look at inequality on both sides and try to improve the situation for all.Everyone – men and women – deserve to live in dignity.If a woman (or man) act if there is only one side that is unequal, then politely disagree and get away.As a man, fight for equality.Women should make the same money, have the same opportunities, be able to live without fear of being attacked, should not be harassed and should feel dignified in their pursuits.Men should have equal custody as default for their children, no one should get any form of alimony, in divorce it should be half and half, men should not be assumed guilty in assault or rape charges, there should be no special circumstances for female students (or employees), all divorce should be "no fault" and men should feel dignified in their pursuits.The best tool we have against the radical, including a radical media promoting sensationalism, asshole men, radical feminists and the like, is to exclude them from society.Violence is sometimes the answer, but only in very specific circumstances.The rest of the time it's best to work together as a community to ensure we can all live together in peace and harmony.

What is the difference between a radical feminist and a mainstream feminist?

.One is preceded by the word radical, one is not. As you indicated both advocate discrimination against males.

Why are there radical feminists?

Because within living memory, this was considered a progressive, boundary-pushing stance on women’s place in society in the USA: “Women Are Teachable”: This 1940s Booklet to Assist Male Bosses in Supervising Their New Female EmployeesThis is an internal training document from a radio parts manufacturer, which employed women due to the pressures of wartime production and the draft of their regular male employees in WW2.We have come a long, long way since then - but we’re not done.

Is radical feminism becoming mainstream?

It already has. Christina Hoff Sommers talks about this a lot. In the 90s, Andrea Dworkin and a number of anti sex feminists were essentially thrown out of the movement. However, they took a number of assistant professorships and have been educating the younger generation of feminists. Andrea Dworkin said she wanted to see a man with a high heel shoved down his throat like the apple in a pigs mouth. She said that we lived in a society where every woman is a victim and every man is her potential rapist.Edit: I feel I should mention something I saw in Ellen Grogan’s answer. She said that women are an oppressed classing most men would agre with that. 2 things. 1: In the Middle East (except Israel) this is certainly true. Not so certain in the west. The wage gap is a myth, rape culture is a myth, anorexia is a far smaller problem than obesity. What rights do I have that a woman does not? 2: Viewing men and women as separate classes, oppressor and oppressed, is downright Marxist. Men are not an aristocracy with an all powerful patriarchy supporting us and keeping women down. We do not all hate women. There are differences between men and women. As Camille Paglia says, there is a biological basis for gender roles. They are not just enforced by society. If individuals do not want to adhere to them, fine. Equal rights and equal opportunity. However, if two groups have equal rights and opportunity, but there are differences between the group, equal outcomes impossible and can only be achieved by group rights, not individual rights. Group rights means that some groups will actually be privileged over others. That would be unjust.Here's a link to a Ben Shapiro speech in which he deals with this far better than J am capable.Last thing: Jezebel published an article that joked about and insulted male victims of domestic violence. I can take a joke, but don't tell me that there was nothing extreme in that. radical feminism does exist, and it is quite mainstream now.