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Do Girls Like Playing With Boys Hair

Do guys like playing with girls hair?

Yes, some guys like to play in girls' hair. There is a guy I know that likes to pull on girls hair. Sometimes they do it in a flirty way or it's a way for' no big deal, but they do it.

Oh, and I think they like it sometimes, I know that some guys like when girls brush their hair, I don't know why...

Girl playing with guys hair.....?

sometimes..i do it just to be funny but if i like the guy then i do it to flirt:)

Do boys like it when girls play with their hair?

Maybe an odd question.. I am a girl and I know I speak for most girls when I say girls love it when anyone plays with their hair!
I was wondering if boys like this too. Yesterday, my boyfriend was laying in my lap and I was playing around with his hair. He seemed relaxed and like he liked it but I'm not sure. Guys, do you? Girls, do you know if guys like this? Thank you all!

Why don't girls say anything to a boy if he plays with their hair?

While this question is a little bit tough to decipher, I must agree with my fellow Quora-ers on this one that it is a bit of a trivial question.Personally I will say for me that playing with a girls hair is definitely a form of trying to flirt.Thanks for the A2A. Godspeed.

Do girls like it when you play with their hair?

It may sound really weird but me and m girlfriend are often spending time lead next to eachover just talking about eachover and whats been going on and i was just wondering if maybe holding her hand or playing with her hair would make it seem more "romantic"?

Do girls like it when guys play with their hair?

I love it when my bf plays with my hair, it feels really nice. He's so gentle it makes me feel really precious. However, if you're going out and the girl has her hair done nicely, ask before you play with her hair. She might get annoyed at you for ruining her hair.

Do girls allow guys to play with their hair?

Hi,i am a guy who is attracted to girls having long and silky hair. Is that quite normal?
I have some female friends having quite good hair,and i feel like touching and playing with their hair.
Do girls allow guys to touch and play with their hair? How do i ask for permission from a girl that i want to play with her hair as i liked em???

Why do guys play with girls’ hair?

Because it’s fun.Because it’s intimate.Because I like it.Because she likes it.Because her hair smells like dawn in spring, when the sun has yet to come out and raindrops still dew the leaves.Because it calms her down.Because it calms me down.Because it tells her that I am always here, up or down, every step of the way.Because it tells me that she is comfortable with me and she wants me in her life.Because we like it.

How much do girls like it when guys play with their hair?

I like it, personally.

Just hold it towards the ends and gently twirl it round your finger, or push it away off her shoulder or onto her shoulders depending where it's lying when you're playing with it. Or if she's got a fringe, gently sweep it away from her forehead. That kind of thing. The key is to be gentle :) unless you're getting intimate then you can tug a bit harder ;)

Good luck.

Do guys like it when a girl plays with her hair ?

maybe you play with your hair where ever you are, the guy doesn't know, the guy thinks you're into him because you play with your hair, alot of women play with their hair when they are into a guy
but the fact that he plays with your hair is really because he's into you, i can assure you, if you're not into a girl you won't play with her hair