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Do Guys Prefer A Girl With A Leaned Flat Toned Stomach Or A Girl With A Two Pack Whats More

What body type do you prefer in a woman?

Just as a forewarning: I am not as shallow as my answer here may suggest. Trying to be as analytical as possible. If you need anything more detailed, PM me.I’ll base it of off this picture I found on Google:Quick answer: 2, 3, 4, & 8. This probably goes for your average guy as well.Longer explanation: 0 is too skinny for me. I don’t want to be able to play the marimba on a girl’s bones. I can’t see a very good picture of 1, but regardless the name “boyish” is a turn off. I want a feminine woman, not a masculine one. That should be obvious. Not a fan of tom boys at all. 2 and 3 are both fantastic. 4 is just like it says, average. But that’s not really a bad thing — not overly fat, but not very skinny either. I can’t do fat chicks; 5, 6 & 7 is a definite no. 8 is also good, but I wouldn’t want a girl to be more ripped than I was, which is why I’m saying no to 9, but not a definite no. Though, if it was between 7 and 9, I would pick 9 in a heartbeat.Overall: I pay less attention to body type, as long as I can see the person is generally healthy, has a good wide ranging fashion and beauty sense (this makes up for a lot of other qualities in my opinion), & a nice personality especially.Cheers & thanks for the A2AEdit: Well shit, after a few days of consideration, I will also add number 5 to my list as well. But the girl has to at least have a nice face to make up for the rest, then otherwise it’s still a no.

How do i get bigger boobs and a flatter stomach?

I'n obsessed with looking good.
But i don't want to starve myself or anything like that.
I just want to increase my bust size and define my belly.

And tips?

Poll/quiz for guys: what are the most attractive features on a woman?

This is a poll to all straight guys and lesbians out there! Let's see what's the most desirable...

1.Color: a)Blonde b)Brown c)Red d)Auburn e)Dark Brown (Brunette) f)Black
2.Length and Style: a)Short b)Bob c)Shoulder Length d)All one length e)Long f)Long and layered

3. a)None b)A little bit/natural looking c)A little eyeliner and blush d)Dramatic e)Bright Lipstick

Physique: *Be serious!
4. Height: a)Very tall b)Tall c)Medium d)Medium-short e)Short f)VERY short

5. Breasts
a)HUGE ^DD+^
b)Big ^Big C-D^
c)Proportional/Medium ^Big B-Small C^
d)Small ^under^

6.Bum a)Humungus b)Big c)Proportional d)Small e)Completely Flat
7. Weight a)Overweight b)A little extra c)Flat d)Toned

Finally, choose the ideal body type:

A: Very vuluptuous. Curvy, very large bum and breasts. A little extra meat.
B: Tall. Lean legs. Medium breasts and large butt. Toned.
C: Short (5 foot or so), proportional, medium bust and breasts, hips, proportional, light with a flat stomach.
D: Medium height. Flat stomach, breasts, and bum.
E: Girl with no breasts, and a waist with a very large bum.

9. Eye Color? a)Blue b)Green c)Hazel d)Brown e)Black

Thanks, hope you at least semi-enjoyed it. Feel free to leave any comments!

Do women prefer slim-waisted men with flat abs or men with muscular, round waists and big abs?

If by “abs” you mean “visible abdominal muscles”, it’s pretty much impossible to have “big abs”, unless you’re on steroids. Men with abs need to be very low-fat and they’re usually more on the lean side.Statistically speaking, women in general tend to prefer lean, low fat-percentage men.Source: The Ideal Male Physique — What girls want & what guys want to be

What do you prefer, skinny or thick girls?

Okay I might be a girl, yes but I’m bisexual and this an opinion post.pros of a skinny girl:Theyre generally tall and very flexible, such as I, and can make the baggiest of clothes look good on them. How they’re so tall; the fat on THICC girls goes towards their stomach and limbs. Skinny girls fat goes towards making their limbs longer and making them taller. They can reach the top shelf too, which is awesome if you’re short.Cons of a skinny girl:If you try to take a photo with them but you’re shorter than them, good luck. She won’t fit in the photo. Also, clothes shopping is sort of hard. It’s not easy to find clothing in XXXXXXXXXXS size. (That might be an exaggeration) but they have a large appetite and barely gain weight so bye bye grocery budget.Pros of THICC girls:They generally have more shape or size when it comes to breast and buttocks (if that’s what you’re into). They don’t eat as much as skinny girls do so by that’s a good budget check! Thy will also eat most anything, even your bad cooking!Cons of THICC girls:They weight more so if you want her to ride you, bye bye human body. They are slower because they have to carry more weight and their limbs are shorter so they take small steps. They get called out a lot for being thicc and catcalled and crap so if you’re okay to deal with that, do it go for it.My answer on what I prefer is definetly skinny girls, just my opinion though.

What do girls like more, 6 pack or big arms and chest?


Do 6-8 pack abs attract women?

Yes they do attract me.Personal experience: I had a tremendous crush on a guy of my class a few years back. He was the very definition of the word 'stud' - a nice chiseled jaw-line, a height of 6'2", drove around the campus on a bike, and more importantly, had 6 pack abs. (and a body worth lusting over)So I was hopelessly smitten, and wanted so bad for him to like me back. We got talking and became quite good friends. But he was not my type. I liked to lose myself in the imaginary world of books and movies, he considered them a waste of time; I enjoyed a deep heart-to-heart, he wanted to crack jokes and talk only about frivolous topics; I'd curl up with a book on a cold rainy day, he'd rather go out and play in the puddles.He was incredibly hot, I was incredibly plain and I got incredibly bored with him. All in a span of one week. And no, he never knew of the secret flame I'd nurtured in my heart for him; I'm glad he didn't.So the bottom line is: Yes, 6 pack abs and a great body do attract a girl, but all she'd do is have a crush on him. They'd never be more than friends if they can't connect on a deeper level. All that matters in the long run is not looks or sense of humour, but compatibility. Without that, no relationship ever lasts..

Do young girls really care about a six pack of abs that much? Is a six pack or being "buff" more attractive?

Lookout Broskis coming through.The ladies all bite their lips, stare in his direction and loom in his unfathomable greatness.As they swoon, they all think to themselves, “I hope he notices me.”They can’t see his six pack but from the schmedium tight clothing and buff outline of his physique, they know it’s there.Broksi sees a girl he likes, walks up to her.The two of them lock eyes, she thinks this is her big break, love at first sight.All the other girls watch enviously.Broski say’s what’s up but beyond that he doesn’t really know where to steer the conversation.The girl smiles and they decide to awkwardly grab drinks.After all, the 2 of them are at a bar and maybe a few shots of tequilla will liven the mood.Broski doesn’t have much to say, apart from pressing her with interview questions just to keep the conversation flowing.Eventually the girl loses the twinkle in her eye, butterflies vanish.After 20 minutes of talking to, what seemed like a pile of rocks, she says “I have to find my friends.”She doesn’t think twice about looking back.So where did Broski screw up?He made the fatal mistake of thinking that soley his looks will get him the girl.And in some cases, sure looks can land you a one night stand.Beyond that, if you want to have deep meaningful attraction with a girl:Have a body like BroskiBe 1000x more playful and interesting than BroskiYou could be skinny guy with the six pack:ORYou could be buff guy with the six pack:again, that might get you laid but peel back all the physical layers, you’ll find we’re all just people, comprised of thoughts, ideas and experiences.Lack any of those 3, your pile of rocks personality will eventually shine through and eventually she’ll lose interest.The Take AwayGirls want the total packageThey want the guy that’s playful, interesting and has a nice body (In that order)Looks will only grab their attentionIf you haven’t already, be sure to smash that follow button-Nicholas Charles

Why do girls like guys with big muscles, broad shoulders and abs?

hey you're body isn't half bad :P i'm not too into huge buff guys but i'm not into lanky ones either. it's kind of an in between with me. just depends on the girl. some girls like huge bulky guys because they want them to be super masculine and "tough" i guess. i don't really care. lol