Do I Give My School The Medical Bill

How do I get out of medical bill that was from a school incident?

You do have some options. So, don't panic.

First, no matter what anyone at the hospital said, if you pay them $5 a month, they cannot legally send your account to collections. They can say all or nothing if they want, and they can even return your checks, but if you are making what's called a "good faith effort" to pay, they lose in court, every time. So send them a little each month, and you're doing your part. If they return your payments, keep the checks, in case you need them.

Has the hospital already filed court papers, or are they just threatening? Collections will threaten you with all kinds of stuff, but it's usually not really worth it to them to pay to go to court to get a judgement from someone who can't pay it.

If the school filled out an incident report, which they are legally required to do when a student is injured, ask for a copy. If you have to, you can get the police involved. If the boy did it intentionally, his parents are partially responsible for her injuries.

Good luck. I know how frustrating this must be.

I need help with medical bills.?

one of the things you can do for yourself is go into the office where the medical bill originated (make appt.) and make arrangements for payments. I was in that very situation several years back. take your id, bill, income from ly. while you may be unable to make a large payment you can make some payment. mine worked out to be 5.00/mo. (yes a month) that's 60.00/yr. there is no interest charge it is all principle. if some months you can pay more than agreed to, then do it. I've done this for 10 years now. yes, there's still lots left and they will take my home if its not paid by the time I die. but meanwhile I have a home, I have good credit as I make my payments. there is nowhere in my state that will pu a medical bill after the work is already complete. I was blindsided by needing major heart surgery and am currently disabled. I don't know your situation but this way is loads better than having a debt collector come after you gain a judgement and being homeless. the window of opportunity to accomplish this agreement is small do not delay in getting it started immediately.

Do banks give out loans to pay medical bills?


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How do i pay medical bills if im under aged?

As far as any legality is concerned, no one under 18 can legally sign a contract and therefore are not obligated to pay any claims for any financial transactions. You are not legally responsible to pay any bills until you sign for them yourself after age 18. When your mom recovers and is released from the hospital, it is her responsibility to pay. Those who are sending bills for electric, gas, water, mortgage, etc., you need to contact them and tell them the situation. I'm sure they will make arrangements so that you won't have to worry about the bills. Legally, they cannot hold you responsible, but you have to tell them what is going on so that they won't turn off your utilities or foreclose the house.

If you can access your mom's bank account on the Internet, there should be a way to send out payments by their web connection and you won't have to deal with slow mail service to deliver payments or even have to write out the checks, which you may not legally be able to do anyway if you are not listed as someone who can write checks on the account ledger. This should make it possible for those sending out the bills to get their money. If you can't access the account on the Internet, you can make payments on the phone by calling each bill's sender and authorizing them to get a payment from a credit card account or the checking account. You will have to have the account numbers to make it possible to pay by phone. Before doing this, however, make sure there is money available in the bank account before payment is made or you will make matters worse by getting insufficient funds fees from the bank and the bills still won't get paid.

I'm sorry you have to experience this right now. If you have some other relative like aunt/uncle, grandparent, etc., you should contact them. They will be able to give you more support and advise. In the meantime, keep your chin up. It will work out for you.

How long does someone have to pay their medical bills?

If you are unable to pay the full amount go to the hospital billing office and make arrangements to pay it in monthly installments. You will need to document your income and debts since the payment will probably be based on a sliding scale. The worst thing to do is to ignore it and let it become a charge off that will seriously adversely impact your credit rating.Also, don't borrow the money from a finance company or charge it or you will be paying much more than the original bill when interest is included. The hospital will not charge interest.

What happens if you don't pay medical bills?

I would advise you to wait and see how much the bill is before worrying about it so much. Since you have insurance, even with a high co-pay, it can't be that high, and a lot of hospitals and doctors discount the part of the bill that insurance doesn't pay. When you get the bill, if it's too much, call the billing department and ask to arrange monthly payments. They are interest free and will usually settle for an amount you can afford to pay monthly. I agree with you that the system isn't perfect, but not paying the bill is not the way to protest the system. And yes, they will sue you and mess up both your and your wife's credit rating. If you had work done on your car, you wouldn't think of just not paying for it, even when it's crappy that your car breaks down two months in a row. You might also want to talk with a social worker at your local social security office. If your wife is sick and can't work she may be eligible for Social Security Disability. I think that would make her eligible for Medicare Healthcare also. Instead of being angry about the government helping the poor, be glad that you are not in their situation. Maybe I shouldn't say that to you right now, but sometimes a change in attitude can make life a lot easier. It's hard to enjoy anything you have when you're angry. Good luck to you and your wife.

Programs in CT that can help w/ my medical bills I've acquired because of my lack of insurance?

I'm 23 years old and ever since I got out of high school I have been working a few full time jobs at a time, on top of going to school full time, mostly because if I am not full time in school, I do not get health coverage through my mother. Once my classes were finished, I was not able to obtain insurance through my mom anymore, resulting in me losing my coverage. At this time, I tried to apply for state insurance, however, I didn't qualify. In the meantime, I ended up getting ulcers and another illness that put me in the hospital, and over $7,000 in debt with the hospital (which has now gone to the debt collectors.) The hospital did offer me a program called the Free Bed Fund, but it would only accept me if I didn't have insurance and if I got denied from state insurance, which I had, but when I called the state to get my denial letter, they "lost my application" and said I would have to reapply, which takes 3 months, and will no longer help my situation since all my bills went to debt collectors now.

I'm just curious, does anyone know of any programs that may help pay for medical bills for people left in my situation? I have no family to help pay for my bills, and I live alone, paycheck to paycheck.