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Do I Have A Fat Tummy

How to get rid of belly fat?

Losing belly fat is hard especially if you are overweight. But there are a lot of ways for you to have your dreamed slim tummy or having abs.
You have to change your lifestyle and eating habit. Try this few tips I gathered for you.
- Don’t eat sugar and avoid sugar-sweetened drinks
- Eating more protein is a great long-term strategy to reduce belly fat
- Cut carbs from your diet
- Eat foods rich in fiber, especially viscous fiber
- Exercise is very effective at reducing belly fat
- Track your foods and figure out exactly what and how much you are eating
- You're eating too many processed foods
- Get motivated
- take healthy fats from nuts, seeds, vegetable oils such as corn and safflower oil, and fatty fish
- Pass on the potatoes
- Drink water before meal
- Replace softdrinks with water
- do abs exercise like Sit-ups or stomach crunches
- try running and bicycle exercise 2 hours a day
- You must have a good sleep and drink more water

Try this and I know you can do it.. Go go go go.


Maybe some exercises that focus on your stomach area? Like crunches and it's many varieties. Check out the link I placed in the sources for some toning exercises that won't need any equipment.

Do girls like guys that have a fat tummy?

That is actually depends upon the girl that you are talking about.The answer that Kriti has given is very true according to her own perception,but it is not necessary that everyone thinks like that.Some girls/boys attracted by not other one's physique but by his/her intelligence. Such person is called as sapiophile.However,except few people, most of the people don't like someone with very bad shaped physique.Everyone have their own personality and area of attraction they get into.If that girl prioritise your nature and intelligence over your outer look,than that girl will surely like you.Fat tummy will not matter much.P.S. : Just for the additional information, with the growth of belly,ability of the person to work is reduced.Just not only that,but it also becomes bearer in the sexual intercourse.

Why am I skinny but still have belly fat?

You are skinny fat.When someone is skinny fat, they appear thin when they have clothes on or when you look at them from a distance. However, when you see them with their clothes off and look at their body up close, they actually have more body fat than you thought.See this guy?He looks thin when he has clothes on, right?But look at his body up close when he has no shirt on:This is Margot Robbie with her clothes on. You would think she’s thin, right?Look at her body in bikini:Notice something about both individuals?Both look thin when they have clothes on but when they reveal their bodies and you look at them closely, both people actually have more fat than you thought.If someone is lean (meaning they have low fat percentage), you would be able to see their abs and their bodies wouldn’t jiggle a lot (especially their upper arms, thighs, and bellies).Most skinny fat people are the way they are because they don’t lift heavy weights or do any resistant training. Skinny fat people have low muscle mass. Their fat percentage is high compared to their muscle mass.Skinny fat people also tend to do excessive cardio and eat low calories.Cardio is not going to balance your muscle mass and fat percentage. Lifting does.

Why do I only have fat in my stomach area?

The quickest answer is that you picked the wrong parents, but generally, from a physiological standpoint, the belly area is really the ‘most convenient’ place to gather fat, as it insulates and protects our organs, keeps our core warm, and it’s proximity to our digestive and glucose generating organs make it a prefered location. However, poorly developed abdominal musculature can make the abdomen look and feel “squishy” whereas in an individual with a good amount of muscle tone will have a firmer feel even if there is subcutaneous body fat on top of the muscle.Not to sound gross, but if your bowel movements aren’t regular, solid digestive waste (which takes up a significant amount of space) can add to belly bulk. As can excess water, which often is stored in the muscle cells.With all that said, many people have a genetic disposition to storing more abdominal fat than others. If you are prediabetic (which may be detected on a blood test) and/or eat more carbohydrates than what your body can process (many people fall into that category) then it may be manifested by storing fat in and around you organs in your abdominal area.So in a nutshell, what can you do about it? First off, reduce carbohydrate intake, in particular sugar products. I would even suggest (and this goes with the normal disclaimer of getting medical clearance from your dr, yadda yadda yadda)that you greatly reduce most carbohydrate products altogether, with the exception of vegetables and some fruits. Keep the portions small, but eat more frequently, and if you are not already on an exercise program, start one. (Again with medical clearance). give your body a REASON that requires it to NEED fuel. It will eventually get that from fat. Good luck!

Help,, im skinny with a fat stomach?

Cardio really helps aid in weight loss and also help to shrink your tummy. But do make sure to change up your cardio routine so that your body doesn't get tired and bored of it (to prevent a plateu). But to help really tighten your abs & obliques, try to do some sit ups, work on some of the ab machines, or try to using the resistant ball. Also vary your ab routine so that it will help to tighten all of your muscles.
Also try to limit your consumption of sodas and your consumption of sodium as well, because it causes your stomach to look bloated.
A reasonable time that your abs will start to take a more define form would be within 2 to 3 months (only if you do this on a consistance basis and also assuming that you will change this up, because once your body gets use to the same routine, it will not respond as well as when it was first challenged). But if you stick to working your abs consistencely, you should see some kind of noticeable results within 2 to 3 weeks.

If you really want to tone your thighs (by toning, they will be a little muscular like, but they will be leaner), I would suggest doing some lunges and squats. And if you have a gym membership, try to get on the leg press machine to help tone your thights too. And to help build a stronger and more muscular calves, you could try calve raises.

To help your hips to become stronger, you could use the adductors and abductor machines at the gym. Or if you do not have access to the gym, you could try using dumbbells and doing Standing Hip Abduction Exercise:

· Standing with or without a weight around your ankles, kick one leg out to the side until you feel the outer thigh or hip stop you from going any farther without having to bend sideways. Make sure you stand with the spine extended as you kick to each side 10 times.

Good luck and stay motivated

Small boobs but fat stomach?

Im 19 wear a 36B height 5"4 tall and weigh 165lbs. My boobs are small and my stomach and thighs are fat. I really wanna lose it but no motivation. Plus i dont know why my boobs are not big. I gain weight on my stomach and thighs but not my boobs. Will i lose them if i lose weight? Why am i a B cup when all my aunts grandmas and mom are DD's?

I have the body like the girl to the left.