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Do I Have A Weird Face To You

Do i have a weird face shape? :\?

ive been told alot that i have an ugly face shape.
it really lowers my self-esteem.
i wish my face was round,
but its really long. ):

do you think it's abnormal looking?
be honest, please.

i know im not the greatest to look at.
please be nice. xD

(sorry for the blurryness.)


It really shows my face shape in straight-on angles.


Do I have a weird face profile? [picture]?

hahashaha, dude, that cracked me up.
no you dont look like a gerbil.
i think its a pre cool lookin picture.

I have a very weird face. Is there anything that will help my blemishes and pores?

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Do I have a weird face profile?

im guessing your the one in the colored bikini top and black/white dress. if so your facial profile looks fine! also, im really sorry about what he did to you and no one deserves that.

Why does my face look weird in photos?

There's one main culprit to blame for this, and it's not you or your psychological perceievment of yourself.Mirrors.Every time you look at yourself, you're looking at a mirrored version of yourself. In fact, everything is backwards. This is the only ‘us’ we will ever see. And selfies make it even worse. When using apps like Snapchat, pictures are also mirrored.Have you ever taken a great-looking selfie on Snapchat and then try to take one with your phone camera app and it just looks terrible?That's because we are always used to seeing a mirrored version of ourselves.That's why when you see yourself non-reversed, it looks so strange and you might even think you don't look nearly as attractive as you would with a mirrored image of yourself.

Why do dogs act weird when I blow in their faces?

I don't really know, but my dog also acts weird if you blow in his face. Although mine has never fallen asleep. I just don't think they like it, unlike riding in a car with the window down, one quick blow in the face is just a tease.

Why do people make such weird faces when they sing?

1) what do you do when you sing??
possesed, depends on the song i sing...if the song kinda inspiring and high note, my face kind of look stress because have to sing in high pitch and also feel the melody...if sad song, my body wave in mellow just like the song...if funky songs, i am gonna dance or do a funky face...thats all i guess?

2) why do you think we make weird faces and do strange things??
urm, i think it's because our mind had setup to follow the song...example, sad song...we tend to feel down or mellow...this is because the song give impact to our emotion...that means the song conveyed their meanings well..and for the weird face, i think if we have to sing in high note, everybody look stressed...this is because we have to sing in high note..just imagine if our face just blur..does the singing impact us or everyone?? of coz not..for the strange things, i guess because we enjoyed singing very much until we kinda possesed to it...

that's all my opinion...

Can I make a weird face on my drivers license photo and get away with it?

If you want to do funny faces, find a photo booth and knock yourself out. A drivers license is an official document, and your face cannot be covered or contorted into strange expressions. Hat off. If you start making faces when they try to take your picture, they will either charge you again, or ask you to leave and you won't get your license.

Do you think my face will look weird with her nose shape?

The tip of my nose used to be pretty square but now it looks like its rounding for some reason.
I really like her nose..¤t=jessnose.jpg
We used to have pretty similar noses, idk why my nose looks different now..but do you think her shaped nose would suit my face?

I think I have a very weird-looking face and it affects me negatively?

Hi there. I've have struggled with this for the LONGEST time (since I was 13 years old was when it began): I feel that I am so strange-looking that it sometimes effects my relationships with others. I think my eyes are too large and I just have a weird, weird look. I have some very close friends and a couple of guy friends, but I've only ever had one boyfriend.

The sad part is that I am 21 years old. Yep. 21 years old and I STILL feel this way about myself. What happens is that if I notice a guy is interested in me, I won't even be able to look at him. I know that he probably thinks I'm pretty, but then if he actually talks to me and sees me up closer, he'll think I'm really not that pretty and not be interested. It's so sucky for me. It's ridiculous. I virtually have no courage and I should feel so vibrant and full of life at this age. I mean, I've been pretty successful in college so far (with nursing) and it should appear that I'm happy. But I'm just not happy.

This also leads to me being scared that I will never lose my virginity. I realize how silly this sounds, but hear me out: my sister is a year younger than me and she's been with two different guys. Soo many people I know are already married or at least they are still not virgins. I know that it isn't something that should just be "thrown away," but golly, I feel sometimes that it will never happen to me. I shouldn't be so concerned over that, but I am.

If you were curious, I have a line-up of pics on my Flickr account. The first is a pic of me as I normally look, not smiling, up closer. I want to know what you all think... please be honest, completely honest! I appreciate it... here it is:

Yikes. Okay. There ya go. Thanks for your opinion... any suggestions would be WONDERFUL as well :-)