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Do I Have Enough Experience As A Waiter

Can i become a waiter without experience?

Most restaurants have assistant waiter positions, you should apply for. Then after being a assistant waiter for a certain amount of time, they might promote you. I know restaurants do hire people without experience. Wating on tables doesn't require a degree of some kind.

One thing I've realized with restaurants like Perkins, Red Lobster, TGIFridays, Olive Garden, Applebees, Chili's, is that they seem to hire less qualified people. I job searched from my junior year in high school to the end of my first semester in college. I volunteered working with people who have disabilities, throughtout my teenage years. I've been in clubs, and stayed active my entire life. I've meet with career coucelors, so my resume obviously was better than the others. I could not get any job at any restaurant for the life of me. Let alone, getting called in for a job interview was nearly impossible. This goes back to 2006-2007 before the economy went down.

Theres nothing stopping you to apply, just give it your best try. I've realized that most restaurant don't care who they interview/hire. I can't eat at any restaurant without the waitress ignoring me, or getting the wrong dishes and drinks. There's always something wrong, that the waitress does.

I once applied to work for the Red Lobster near me, during my first semester in college. They calimed to be hiring, and I spoke to the HR manager about a week after I applied. She rejected me for an interview, then told me that she hired a high school drop-out instead of me. If that job applicant droped-out of high school, he/she would eventually drop-out of the job.

Is 6 months work experience enough?

I'm currently working in a position where I have got everything I can out of this role,the work has become tedious and i am required to stay back everyday in order to control the's killing me and I can't bear to stay any longer.what should I do?

How much experience do I need in order to work in Dubai as a waiter?

hi sir i am painter experience 4 years pakistan and 2 years dubai exp

I am starting as a waiter in a restaurant with no previous experience. What are some good sources or books I can read to get off to a good start?

If you want to understand how customer service could work, I'd recommend Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business: Danny Meyer: 9780060742768: BooksHowever, if you want to learn to do good service, practice is infinitely more valuable in this industry than theory. I'd suggest you work somewhere enough to get your feet wet, to show you have some experience. And then try to get into as nice of a restaurant as you can. And I don't mean "nice" as in casual dining decorated all fancy with a little bit of star power (ie, not Moxie's, Cactus Club Cafe).Those places will really care enough about their customers to train you well; if you can learn good service there, you can work front of house anywhere.

Should I be a cashier or waitress?

You'll make a lot more money serving, but cashier is a much easier job.

As a server, you'll be a lot busier and you'll have to manage your time carefully. You'll have to be able to remember a lot of things, do several tasks at once, and keep your head cool even when you're frustrated. You'll have to learn to be nice to people you don't like.

As a cashier, you'll have to stand in the same spot for hours and hours doing the same thing over and over.

As a cashier, you make a fixed wage so you'll get the same thing every week right from the beginning.

As a new server, you will make $70 - $100 per shift. A cashier might make about $40-$50 per shift.

As you get better at serving, you might expect to make $150 or more per shift. As a cashier, you might get a raise of 10 cents an hour.

Servers go home with cash every night, cashiers get a paycheck every two weeks.

A server can increase his pay by getting better at the job, increasing your sales, and/or going to work in a nicer restaurant. Cashiers get paid what cashiers get paid, period.

You have to be more of a go-getter, have a strong work ethic, and be willing to be engaged in what you're doing to be a good server, but you'll make a lot more money.