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Do I Have The Flu Or A Bad Cold

Is drinking cold water bad for your flu?

I have the flu right now. I was reading about how fevers are good because the higher body temperature prevents the virus from replicating. I did just pour myself a glass of cold water, but now I'm a little afraid it will undermine the fever, which seems to be a natural defense mechanism. I actually want the fever to go above 101 as long as it isn't too high. When you take aspirin, it reduces the fever and brings new life back to the virus.So now I wish I made tea instead.But I read a lot of feedback, and much of it seems to contradict other feedback, like feed a cold and starve a fever is a myth. So, I ate dinner, despite not even being hungry, and then read I shouldn't have, because the liver is cleaning microbes and waste, and eating impairs its ability to do it's job. Also, the same article advised to feed a cold.

Do I have the flu or the common cold?

Whether it's the flu or not you should get some rest and don't do any exercise. Drinks LOTS of water. Take an advil/Ivyprophine(motrion)(Can't spell -.-) See your doctor to get tested, you don't want to spread it to anyone else. Did you get a flu shot? If not you're probably vulnerable to it.
Also, do you swallow mucus? If you do(did) then you might have a sinus infection. Just blow your nose as much as you can and dont let anything down there or you could suffer some reallllllly bad throwing up and stomach cramps, aches.

I get this about every 2 months, because my white blood cells are low(I believe), so I'm pretty aware of how to prevent this stuff!

Flu or cold?

My symptoms started 3 days ago with scratchy throat and coughing up mucus, and today i developed the worst symptoms yet... Nose is very clogged and very mucusy, coughing up mucus, sneezing nonstop, head hurts, body aches are pretty severe... I'm dizzy, no appetite at all, and I'm shaking but no fever. What's going on? Is this the flu or really bad cold? :(

I have a bad, bad, bad, cold and flu. Can I take an amoxicillin pill to clear out my cold and flu virus? ?

Don't take expired medications, it can be dangerous, and they won't work!! I once took some Tylenol when it was expired, and it didn't help at all. Plus, any antibiotics won't help because you have a cold, and a cold is a virus. Antibiotics are for bacteria.
To help your cold: Try some Vick's NyQuil or Vick's NyQuil. Vick's products are really good and work great!
Also, Try to get lots of sleep. To open up blocked passages, take a hot-steamy shower.

What is the difference between a cold and a flu?

A cold is a mild form of the flu. It can contain stuffy nose, sore throat, or a cough. The flu contains all these elements, as well as a fever. You'll be hot and then cold the next second, and you might feel dizzy and disoriented. A cold can make you feel uncomfortable, but with a flu you will not be able to go to school or work.
With a cold-drink lots of fluids, take tylenol if it's really bad, drink hot tea, maybe do a steam to clean out your sinuses...With a flu--STAY IN BED!! also, drink a lot a lot a lot of fluids, it'll flush out the bad germs. Also, do all the things I said with the cold..Hope this helps a lot!

Do I have the Flu????????????

Well, refer to the below. Hope it helps. I believe you've got flu.

Cold – The common cold is also known by the medical term of “ viral upper respiratory tract infection.” It is, simply put, a nasal infection. The most common cause of it is the virus called rhinovirus, though there are two hundred other viruses that are also known to cause colds.
Some symptoms of the common cold are: sore throat, congestion, and runny nose.

Flu – “The flu” is the shortened term for influenza and is named as such because it is caused by the viruses influenza A or B. It is a very contagious respiratory illness. Coughing and sneezing can spread the virus. The virus attacks the upper or lower respiratory tracts and sometimes even both. As compared to the common cold, the flu has more pronounced symptoms with high fever and more body aches. Its effects are also more severe. It can affect the lungs and joints and cause respiratory failure. Symptoms of the flu are: fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, cough, runny nose, and so on.

Cold or flu whitch one do you think?

You've got a bad cold!!
You wouldnt be remotely interested in asking this question if you had flu!!