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Do I Need Friends In Middle School

How to make friends in Middle School?

Start a conversation with a girl. Maybe the girl you sit next to. Start by complementing her. For example: I like your purse, where did you get it. Then she will answer with the store or whatever and you could say, I like that store. Then ask her to sit with you at lunch. At lunch, exchange phone numbers.

How can I make friends in middle school?

Middle school is tough for everyone but here are a few things you can try:Talk to the people that sit next to you in class. They are the ones you will see the most, after all.If you share a locker, talk to your locker-mate whenever you're both there.Talk to your friends’ friends.Try sitting at different tables in the cafeteria until you find a group you like.Find someone sitting alone and ask if you can join them even if their friends are on their way.If you need to borrow something (pencil, erasers, yesterday's notes), ask someone you've never talked to or someone you don't know well.Join a club or a sports team or a camp or a church group outside of school or in school.Be the one to suggest plans outside of school. Some people never think about that or don't want to be the one to make suggestions. Invite a group of people to the movies or mini-golf or pizza or video games at your house. Some of them will probably come and if they don't, ask different people next time.Set mini-challenges for yourself for the number of fellow classmates you're going to talk to every day.Talk to your school counselor to see if they have any suggestions specific to your school or town.Basically, the more people you talk to multiple times, the better chances you have of finding people that like you and share some of your interests and match your sense of humor.

I don't have any friends ( Middle school)?

Holy damn I love you Lauren! You sound a lot like me when I was in middle school, I sat in the corner listening to music and I really never obsessed over petty middle school relationships or how I looked. And usually when people tried talking to me I wouldn't even use words, I would just shake my head or shrug my shoulders. And now I'm older, still in school, but I'm in someways still like that and I actually do have two sweet friends. The thing is friends are not always where you think you'll find them. And sometimes you have to wait. The key is just never forcing yourself, don't try to talk when you don't want to, don't try to change yourself, don't think you have to settle with those awful girls at school who will end up knocked up, on drugs or constantly drinking, all you need to do is wait and never be ashamed and always be glad to be you are. :)

I don't have friends, what do i do...middle school>?

to make it simple--my group of two friends decided they don't like me, and now i've been branded as one of them (annoying, hormone-crazy, boy obsessed and average looking) so now I have absolutely no friends. i know i can be mean sometimes and i have been trying not to, but i guess nobody cares. My other two friends have tried to apologize, but our personalities aren't really a great match and they aren't the greatest friends. But now i'm a loner. I'm very quiet and talking to people freaks me out. I only talk during school if forced to, and i only can make friends if they make the first move (I know it's stupid.) But what am i supposed to do, i don't like being a loner!!

Do you still have the same friends from middle school?

I'm going to be in 9th grade next year and everyone always says you lose the people that you were friends with in middle school and get new ones. Is this true? I have a group of like 10 girls I'm close with and we've all been best friends since fifth grade, I can't imagine not being friends with them... But I guess that's not the case? Are you still friends with people from middle school? Thanks!

I have no friends.. and I am only in Middle School.... help!?!?!?!?

I am a 12 year old in Middle School and I have no friends. I started school when I was 4, so I'm about half a year, to almost a year younger than my class, which means I'm still short, and haven't started growth spurts or anything yet.

I recently moved across the country, so when I started Middle School I didn't have any friends. Everyone already had their own "best friend" so when I tried to make friends, I was accused of stealing friends. :( Middle School girls can be huge (something or others).

I recently made a Best friend, but then she started bullying me and ditching, lying and being mean to me. Then she ran off to be BFF's with my worst enemy, who also started bullying me. Then they realized I was going to tell someone, so they purposely got me mad and then went to the guidance counceller and principal and blamed it on me, saying I was bullying them! Guess what? They fell for it. The two girls seem innocent so they have many friends, who are on their side.

When I told the guidance counceller my story, she was very bi-est against me, and laughed at me. Yes, the guidance counceller laughed.

I am the only girl in a family with 3 brothers.. so thats hard to.
I am a tomboy, which doesn't help, but I don't want to change myself, because I don't want to be something I'm not.
Nobody understands me. Litterally. I have like short term memory loss, and a short attention span.. I think I might have a small bit of ADD, but I'm not sure.

I have cut myself, and tried to kill myself, but I have stopped..for now..

I know why people don't like me. It's because they don't understand me. It's hard to like something that you don't understand.
I am shy around people I don't know, but once you get to know me. I'm nice and friendly and kind, and considerate.

Everybody says that it won't matter when I'm an adult anyways, because I won't still be friends with who I am now. They all say that once I become an adult, I'll make friends, and wont know my old ones. What they don't seem to realize is that, I am 12. It's another 6-8 years till I'm an adult. I think I need friends for those 6-8 years.

I don't want to be a suck-up, and I'm not doing this for attention.. I just need some advice, help, or just some hobby that I could do myself or with my family, even say something funny, or cute, to cheer me up.

Thank you

How do I make friends on the first day of middle school?

Pick a nickname - Introducing yourself as “Spud” or “BJ” will make you immediately more identifiable.Choose a group - Nerd, Jock, Stoner, Black Guy, Asian, Jew, Girl etc. Selecting a group and learning the accepted mode of behaviour/dress will mean you find a solid group of friends fast and avoid falling into the “School Shooter” category.Start smoking - this is considered cool by basically everyone, even teachers will respect you more.Hate the school - make it abundantly clear from day one that you have no intention of making any academic achievements, as doing so would directly contradict everything you and your selected peer group consider to be true in this world.Shoot up the school - No one can not be your friend if there's no one to not be your friend amirite?

No friends in middle school? Very depressed...?

I just started 7th grade, my second year of middle school. Last year went bad...lost all my elem skool friends 'cept 1, made only 3 or 4 new friends. Only close to one from elem skool, others i dont see often or kno as well. So basically i see on of my friends all day. Im really smart and im in all advanced classes so i dont have any classes with my friends, haven't seen them at all yet this year (started skool sept. 10) They obviously don't care enough about me to find me in the lunchroom or wave to me in the hall. I see my one elem friend in 2 of my classes, thats it, otherwise no one talks to me. im kind, a good friend, very smart, very mature for my age, and im extremely shy. People consider me a nerd, but is tottaly not true. I might be smart and shy and not one of the "cool kids" but im not a nerd. i recently lost my closest friends because she became one of the cool kids and 4got about me. She doesnt text me, call me, talk to me, hang out with me, think of me or care about me. and she doesnt treat me like a friend. shes hardly said a word to me in almost 4 MONTHS! she told my elem friend that she feels bad about it but she doesnt do anything to help me. i feel very alone and depressed. i feel like im 5 years older than everyone my age. i dont understand people my age. i feel like no one likes me. i dont even wanna stay in the same skool anymore and i cry myself to sleep a lot. that is if i even fall asleep by 3 a.m. i talk to the guidance counselour once a week. how do i make friends so i can be happy again? how do i get people to like me? none of the cool kids seem to like me or kno me, im not very athletic or very girly and i find it very hard to start a converstaion or relate to people. this problem upsets me so much that i cry when i talk to people about it, even when theyre trying to help me. im i just not a likeable person?