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Do I Seem Intimidating Why Can

How can I look more intimidating?

How can you look more intimidating?The choice of clothing and your physical appearance can have a factor in how you intimidate people. Here is an example to prove those factors:Meet David HoggHe’s the face of gun control advocates in the aftermath of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting this past February. While it may seem that he’s trying to intimidate those that are for firearms rights; no one really takes him seriously despite the media attention he has and how he conducts himself in the public eye. When photos like this came out of David Hogg, plenty of people on social media made harassing remarks about his arms, or the fact that he’s insecure about firearms for being a skinny little twig.Now let’s meet Navy SEAL, Clint EmersonHe’s wearing a form fitting t-shirt that compliments a physique he’s kept since leaving the Navy. Mr. Emerson also embodies Teddy Roosevelt’s statement of “Speak softly, but carry a big stick”. Unlike David Hogg’s interview that has him excessively cursing everyone and anybody like a stereotypical Millennial, I cannot recall any sort of interview where Clint is swearing like any good military member would.However it would be wise to not mess with him based off of his actions demonstrated in books and TV appearances where he showcases his skills.So how can you be more intimidating?You can start off by exercising to be fit, then find clothes that compliment your physique. From there, learn a deadly skill or two, and don’t talk about it openly. Only use that skill in a nasty situation and soon your intimidating reputation will spread like wildfire.Want more answers like this one? Check out my profile where some of my best answers are featured. Be sure to also follow me on Instagram.

Why do people seem so intimidated by me?

People I dont know give me dirty looks all the time, and it takes a while for people to warm up to me. Like when I first meet them they seem uneasy and standoffish, but once they get to know me more they realize I'm a kind individual and great friend. I dont have a bad reputation, as far as I know, so why are people hesitant about getting to know me? I don't look scary, I have a baby face and look pretty innocent, I dont do drugs, I'm good in school, so why do people seem to be intimidated by me? Could it be soemthing I did? Or the people I hang around?

Do I seem like I intimidate guys?

Impossible to answer from a single photo. But who cares what your male peers think of you? I assume you are still in high school. at this age, you don’t have much control over your social universe. the kids you go to school with are who they are. get yourself into a university. preferably one with a large social sphere. not necessarily in a city, although that will help, because cities in themselves offer a broader range of social engagement opportunities. You will find a kick-ass peer group of people just as awesome as you who aren’t intimidated by the qualities that make you you.

Why are good looking people intimidating?

Most of the time we are around non-attractive people, thus it is our “comfort zone”. It's our “normal world”.Attractive people are rare, so when you bump into one, you feel like you got into foreign, hostile territory. You don't feel right.And the fact those people are among unattractive majority in the moment (their own “comfort zone”) doesn't help either, as they look calm and collected, unlike you. You are the one who got into the unnatural environment.Beauty is valuable in our society. Just as social status and money. It is even more valuable than that, due to the fact beauty has the expiration date.Imagine entering the room of what you may think looks like a bunch of normal, average people, but you are told beforehand they are all super rich and powerful. Bam! They are now important. All they say is important and looked up to. All they do is important. How they do it is important.Beauty is the same. We don't care much about average-looking people. They need to earn our admiration first, and only then we may start worrying about what they think of us. When average-looking person is a stranger, we don't give a fuck about how she perceives us.But as beautiful people are important, our brain tells us it's a big deal.How to fear them less? Remember, those people live on this planet. If you (presuming you are average or above average) have 6–7/10 people less attractive than you in the room, 9/10 people surrounding an attractive person are less attractive than her.She got used to unattractive people even more than you did.You haven’t caught her attention. She isn't looking at you as nitpicking as you do at the moment. You don't stand out.You aren't under the magnifying mirror. No one judges you in the moment you are in the room with a good-looking person. Actually, everyone else in the room is busy judging her.


I always get attention from guys, either if its them checking me out, smiling @ me, or trying to hit on me. Problem is...i am too shy to respond back to them in an interest. So they always assume i am not interested, even when I am, and we end up staying in the "friends" zone, and sometimes not even that. So i am just the problem of them not trying to ask me out or do more because they notice I am shy and really think i am not interested. Or do they find me intimidating and just dont wanna be turned down? I am 19 years old. Please help!

Can a libra rising be intimidating..?

I've heard that Libra risings can give a person extraordinary good looks and an ability to attract attention. I know that Elizabeth Taylor has this rising, and that is a very good example of what I'm talking about. Also there are Harrison Ford, Jon Bon Jovi, Deidre Hall, Carole King, Leonardo DiCaprio, Anne Heche, Rock Hudson, Chrissie Hynde, Natalie Wood, Geena Davis, former president Bill Clinton, and JK Rowling.

I would not say that I find any of them intimidating, but they do seem to have an elegance, stately quality and attractiveness which might possibly intimidate me a little bit.

I personally do not know of any rising sign which I would think goes around looking intimidating. If there is one, I would not want it.

How do short people seem intimidating to taller people?

Let me just say that I don't get intimidated easily, in fact it's quite rare (feels so manly saying that!).But there is one instance where I'm almost always intimidated by shorter men: sports. Allow me to explain.I've been an athlete in one form or another for about two decades, I absolutely love it for the excitement and endorphin rush, competition, all that good stuff.A shorter man on the field of play intimidates me for two key reasons:He's short, and he's still here competing with “regular” sized men. That means that he either has honed his skill to compete and exceed others (in which case I lose haha), or he has an iron will with zero f*cks given. Both make him an equally intimidating person, and likely a formidable opponent. Some would say that that's no reason to be intimidated, but we're talking about contact sports and the male ego… so yeah. HahaCenter of gravity. I've wrestled shorter people, blocked them, sparred with them, tackled them, been blocked, defended, all that. Their shorter stature makes them able to change direction more quickly, and being lighter also makes that easier. So they can get around me more quickly than others for the most part. Also, we had a saying in football when it came to blocking: “the lowest man wins”. I've pushed my fair share of 6′4″ 220 pounders around because I was lower than them. Shorter individuals equipped with that knowledge and the desire to move you, will move you.So there's your short list. Shorter men may occasionally lose socially due to female preferences, but I can tell you that in athletics there are some serious advantages.

What makes someone intimidating?

Personal experience has taught me the following, with regard to others’ feeling intimidated (of me):*Confidence. Knowing exactly who I am and, though I am very quick to apologize for my wrongs, I will NEVER apologize for who I am.*Intelligence: Those who attempt to come to the battle of wits half-armed or unarmed are often quick to regret initiating conflict.*Self-Esteem: And by this, I mean genuinely valuing myself as an individual, as a human being. When you value yourself, you disallow others from devaluing you, and for the narcissistic, that is powerfully intimidating.*Physical Attractiveness/ Beauty: It is human nature to judge a book by it’s cover and within seventeen seconds of meeting someone for the first time, our subconscious mind has formulated its initial impression. Beauty can be perceived as power and power is initimdating.*Integrity: When you mean what you say and say what you mean, many find this intimidating because the preponderance of people live their lives as though it were some longterm game. Those of us who’s “yes” is “yes” and “no” is “no” and refuse to play any role in this sick, evil, distortions of reality and call the players out on their BS are profoundly intimidating as the preponderance of people prefer to live a life of pure lies.