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Do Least Developed Countries Have Any Future Do You Think They Are Kind Of Impeding The Progress Of

As countries become more developed, do people become more isolated? (long explanation inside)?

Don't think so. In fact what most Latin Americans have told you about Argentina is a stereotype. Argentinians are cool and open, just a bit arrogant and competitive, but that doesn't mean they are cold and anonymous to the rest of the people. As for Chile yes it's truth as well. But I ask you, have you been to Australia? They are open cool and uncomplicated. I think Dutch people is nice too, though I do agree with the rest of the countries, French are cold and they don't care about the people around them (my family is French, I ws born there). I think is part is truth, but not all. They become materialistic and only care about physics and money, that's why Americans think we Latin Americans are always wanting to live over there.

Poll; How many people believe in time machines can be invented in the near future?

To some extent this already exists. EMF Meters are said to measure spirits energy. Just this last weekend, while on an investigation, I was in an open paddock with the emf meter going. The meter detected about 6 milligauss so I snapped a few quick pictures and recorded the time. Then once the energy had subsided I took more pictures in the same area. On further analysis of the pictures I found orbs in the pictures while there was emf present. No EMF Present, no orbs. Now I am not a big believer in orbs and think the 99% are bugs etc, but in this case I really wonder. EMF at the same time seems to indicate something else. Maybe Radiactive bugs hey. In any case I believe that EMF Meters do detect spirit energy. A special style of EMF meters have been developed over the past few years and they are getting better and better. I think that over time they will get far better.

Do you think replacing oil would have solved US middle east problems instead of war?

Getting off of foreign oil would certainly solve a lot of foreign policy issues. But, it would hurt our economy also. It would put corporations, consumers, and workers in a bind.

We'd be putting a lot of manufacturing laborers out of work. We couldn't sustain the kind of production of new technologies that would be in demand. Prices would go up as demand went up. The process of switching over to alternative fuels has to be gradual, but I would certainly agree that the process needs to be faster than it is now.

Neither political party currently has an interest in switching.
(Speaking in generalities...) Democrats need the votes of the manufacturing unions. Republicans need the money from the big corporations. Democrats don't want to alienate middle class voters by hitting their wallets, and Republicans don't want to alienate their strange Middle East policy by abandoning the oil reserves in those countries.

Do you really think Iran is the country portrayed on T.V?

What is on TV is TV.
What the mystery of us-911 expose on what went wrong out there is real.
And " The young one" back home is in troubles without being aware of what went wrong being short-change getting themselves kick on the butts with ghostly stories of failures and horrors of the past.
So what good is on TV
When the survival and advancement of "The young ones" back home is at high risk with high stakes out there in risking their own lives living in misery in own backyards.
Try and ask the dirty old men.
Do they know how to create living human kind into mankind of intelligent design?
Ask them where are they leading their own children , own generation and living human kind to ?
Ask them do they know what is "The last of the Mohican"?
Ask them what good is science and mathematics with nuclear weapons?
When all "The young ones" were dying inside in own backyards?
Ask them do they know who is the creator of heaven and earth?

Suppose all the most developed nations found a way to meet the goals of Kyoto?

OK GOOD SO FAR, but you need to do further readings.


A concept CDC targets "common but differenciated" calls for different goals for countries according to their level of development.

Remember the China we negociated the Kyoto Protocol with had a GDP ppp per capita of 500 USD !!! It wasn´t the industrial power it is now.

So according to CDC, countries would be separated in three groups:
-> developped (GDP over 20,000 USD): goal to reduce emissions
-> emerging: goal to stabilize emissions while pursuing the development.. strong increase of GDP/emissions
Emission reduction cost would be shared between the worldwide market (developed countries) and the emerging country (e.G. China will now have the economical strength to act... and they do)
- > developing countries: development on a greener scheme through carbon finance.

As soon as a country reaches the next level, it would have to take a stronger committment


Heavy industries can be taken out of the Kyoto Protocol and get an own intensity target assigned.
This can be quantity of CO2 per ton of aluminum, steel or cement.
This is no problem since the technology is largely shared worldwide and the sectors are controlled by a small number of multinational companies which are READY and WILLING to act.
This takes out partly the problem of the burden sharing between countries !
No new plant should be allowed if it is not at the Best Available Technoogy.

As a British citizen who has been living in Spain for the past 14 years I think I’ll be able to give my perspective based on my experience here. I have been sucked right into the epicentre of their culture and I love it. I would never go back to live in England or any other north European country.Also, I have just come back from a volunteering trip in Kenya, where poverty does greet you on every corner. Spain is definitely not a “poor” country. There is a high unemployment rate and I have to say there are not many choices when it comes to educational courses, apprenticeships and alternative professional development compared to other European countries. However things are improving.I live in the south east of Spain in a place called Murcia. People do complain about job security and work conditions and In a lot of cases remuneration is just minimum rate. In spite of such trivialities, people still have time to eat out, buy clothes, have food on the table and pay the bills. Almost every family has a car and without a doubt, virtually everybody has a telephone and the internet. So in most cases people earn enough money to get by and have a roof over their head. Nevertheless the living conditions have to be improved to be within European standards but using the word “poor” is simply just a naive misjudgment.Many of the traditions here in Murcia might seem quite poor at first glimpse, especially to European tourists who are use to living in cities and built up areas. Many older generations have not yet adapted to “ modern Spain” so could easily be judged as “poor” just because they don’t thrive in a modern lifestyle.That leads me to my next point. Here in Murcia, Spain there’s still an essence of humanity. They are not robots living to compete and beat everyone at work to make themselves look better. Many families are bound together by intrinsic love and a family gathering is not so much seen as an obligation but a way to cherish the moment: to eat, drink and banter . They value love, health and quality of life which when you think about it makes sense: Harbor what you have rather than sacrificing it.Having said this, Spain will soon be sucked into the European typhoon and for future generations life and family will not be “nurtured” in the same manner. So on the outside it might look poor to a tourist’s eye. But let us leave this down to a common misconception.

Why does no one care about China and the near-future?

I think you are disillusional.

How many countries have China invaded in the past 4000 years? And another question since you are having a one sided mind. What makes you think it's bad for China to have ASAT technology but its good when USA has ASAT technology?

So just because China is Asian, its suddenly bad for a country who hasn't invaded a country to have ASAT abilities. I can see from your view that you are very pro-western. History has taught us that not all countries would success from democracy and this is what the west is trying to impose on every country in the world. Was Libya, Tunisia, Egypt better with democracy?

Tunisia has gotten even worse in the past 2 years after they overthrew the King/President, human development has decreased and poverty has increased. Libya is now a country filled with militants and other governments wanting autonomy and independence for their region. When Gaddaffi ruled Libya, he made sure housing was a human right, every house got free water and electricity, bread was spread and Libya had the highest human development in the entire Africa continent.

First of all, China would actually benefit the world if they became the superpower of the 21st century because this world has been carelessly damaged by all the American propaganda and war. America is probably the worlds must hypocrite state, they block any UN resolution on Israel.

Israel alone, has violated more UN laws than all the world combined. Bahrain wants an uprising to overthrow the King and USA and Western countries try to calm the protests when innocent civlians are being murdered.

Many analysts have come together to agree that China as a rising superpower would benefit the world because it would bring balance to the world with America on 1 side and China on the other. China is the only country who can balance the world from American aggression and thats been proven, just be looking at history.