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Do Men Actually Fall In Love Like Women Do

Do men really fall in love?

I think they actually fall harder. That's why they tend to fall in love a lot less--when a guy gets his heart broken is REALLY gets broken. We don't throw our hearts around quite so much and so when we's intense.

I've always wondered why girls fall in love so easily....

Can men actually fall in love?

This is a sincere question, I promise. I'm not trying to knock the male gender or anything but can guys truly fall in love or is that all romance novels and movies? Ever since I was little I was lead to believe that men could not love.. That all they have in their minds is to reproduce with as many females as possible whether it was a conscious thought or not. I figured it's just nature. (It may have something to do with my parents splitting up when I was a young toddler, it may not, I don't know)
Now this might cause a lot of controversy but I just want to know if there is hope of finding a man who can love as deeply as a woman can without sexual intercourse being the first thing on his mind.

Do men actually fall in love?

Do they really feel the feelings and emotions the way women do? can they really mean it when they say "you complete me"? or is tom cruise just so cute u want him decapitated?

Do men really fall in love with a hot woman?

Assumption: “really hot” means “physically attractive”?“Really hot” or “physically attractive” only goes so far. If I walk up to a really hot woman and say, “hello, my name is Behr” and she screeches, spits in my face and starts to try and claw my eyes out, the last thing I am going to do is fall in love with her.That said, “really hot” women have a curse. The curse of being really hot. The curse of being desired by a large number of men. Men are generally more aggressive than women and will not hesitate to approach, coax, connive, manipulate, coerce and convince the best they can. This often gets abusive, especially when rejection happens. The really hot woman now needs to put up a “you’re out of my league” vibe to keep men away. She also might like some attention and free drinks every now and then so she can dispel this vibe for a few minutes to score drinks for herself, then put the attitude back up.Really hot women are inherently in danger of being spoiled rotten. Of being abused. Of turning into neurotic assholes. Of becoming manipulative and self centered.So yes, men (at least this one) really can fall in love with a hot woman. Even a really hot one. But most likely she will have already been driven a little crazy by our society by the time I meet her. I’m going to be turned on by her body and turned off by her crazy.

Do men love women more than women love men?

Yes, men love women more than women love men.
Even today, when men are second class citizens there are still guys willing to champion women's rights (and privileges).
Do you think if women were in charge they would be putting men on a pedestal and taking care of their "loved" ones?.

Men love women more; both physically and emotionally:

Women don't tend to date poor guys.
They tend to "want" men not because they love them but because they like to be loved by them.
The "key" to female arousal lies in them being the centre of attention and feeling sexy rather than feeling anything for their partners. (they are self-centred and selfish).
Guys tend to suicide more and also tend to have a harder time after a break up.
Women are the ones asking for divorce more often (>70%).

Men have dedicated a lot of art to women, but what about the opposite?:
When women paint, they tend to paint other women.
When women write about love, they focus on the woman being the centre of attention and “love” becomes a synonym for “gynocentric egocentrism”.
When women sing about relationships, they rarely focus on the guy; it is always about them unless they are looking for someone to blame.
Also, we can’t forget female sexual arousal is narcissistic, and it says a lot about female’s idea of “romance”. It is but a one way street pointing at them.
And women seem to love women far more than they “love” men both physically and emotionally.

So, why do people think women are the "romantic ones" when they are just selfish, emotionally distant, sexually indifferent, self-centred and hypocritical gender narcissistic lesbians?.

Don't let yourself be fooled by the "women are romantic" bs. Their lack of sexual desire towards the opposite sex doesn't make them more "loving" or "emotional"; lust and love are not mutually excluding. As a matter of fact, it seems sex drive and love have a lot in common, and this could explain why men love women more than women love men.

Do men ever really fall in love?

Sorry if you've encountered men whom didn't give you the respect or love you deserve. Fortunately, there are actually men who do fall in love.

Hopefully, you will meet one who will give to you what you are looking for.

Can a man really, actually,truly fall in love?

Yes I love my wife past my heart into my soul I want to breath her in my body when I make love to her life stops when I talk to her and look into her eyes I melt been married for four years I love her more everyday our heart beats together when we are close she is me and I am her

Do women truly ever fall in love?

It’s rare.And I’ll tell you why — every one wants to fall in love. You won’t find a single person who would say that they don’t ever want to feel the love of a spouse/partner. But more often than not, people don’t get the chance to fall in love.Point it, true love happens only if you have been fortunate enough to find the right person, ‘the one’. How many women, or men for that matter, do you think are that lucky?So, yes, women do truly fall in love, but only if its with the right person. And the sad part is, most women, and probably men too, go through their entire life only believing that they’re truly in love when they’re actually not. Their brains have been programmed to think that way. And that’s social seasoning for you.

Why don't women fall in love with guys who really care for them?

Read this carefully. It might answer your question.A guy I knew from high school happened to be a “nice guy”. I never was interested in him but did believe he would land a girl just as sweet as him someday. He was so sweet. He and I would talk occasionally. He seemed like an approachable guy who wouldn’t behave like a butt hole like some others I knew. He would help out people a lot and was kind. Sometimes I would think how someone like him could be single. He wasn’t a go-getter type when it comes to girls.This guy never showed any interest in me and went on to date some girls in college. We did not get to meet face-to-face after high school. I once noticed him grinning when a bunch of his friends they made misogynistic jokes on my girl friends. Soon after college, he texted me once and showed interest in me. I was shocked. I never really saw him as anything more than a nice friend. That was all. But alas!I had to respond whether I accepted his advances or not. I rejected him. I was asked for a reason. I told him that I only saw him as a nice friend. He was heart-broken (I believe). He asked me again and again. I denied him each time. Then he asked me the reason as well. I told him with full honesty that I did not like him that way. He once texted me. “The girls; they all tell me that I am a very nice guy.” I was like, “Me too. But that doesn't make me attracted to you romantically.” He is still waiting for me to say yes, even after I specifically told him that I wasn’t interested in him.Did you guys notice it? Did you notice why I outright denied this nice guy?There was the misogynistic take. Any guy, not matter how sweet, if he is misogynistic on the inside, there’s no point.He kept using his sweetness to get me. I don’t like guys just because they are sweet. I have certain criteria which guys need to fit if they want me to perceive them as attractive guys. Some of which include a passion to travel, not being a chauvinist and admit mistakes when he’s wrong, not blindly following someone when he knows they are wrong, chivalry and similar interests as me. He didn’t fit all the categories.Just because you’re a nice guy, doesn’t mean that girls should feel lucky if you like them. Being sweet is a good thing. But if that’s all you’ve got, then your pool of selection will be limited. There is more to life than just sweetness.

Do guys actually fall harder when they "fall in love" ??

People are often willing to virtually sell their souls for things that seem irrational to outside parties...although it's an ideal example, relationships are only one instance of such a gap in reasoning.

Furthermore, ironically enough, this is usually the least effective method of attaining something. We typically want what we can't have, yet have almost no desire for what comes easily. This is because we can't want for something if we already have it.

This can be applied to any desire or relationship for both men and women; there exist many examples of women aspiring futilely for certain men. However, it usually seems to be the case that women are much less overt about it, or that they can be less openly persistent, and as a result the characteristic seems to be attributed more to men.