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Do Mexicans Bring Discomfort And Disease More

Headache from Mexican food?

what....mexican culinary its delicius...

My cat ate a mexican dish called mole ! help?

The chocolate in mole is toxic, depending on the amount. If your cat seems unwell take it to the vet.

Baby-proofing sounds like a good idea.

Your cat may be constantly hungry because his food is not high quality and lacks the nutrition the cat needs. It needs meat, and most of commercial foods are made with cheap plant filler.

I can't recommend feeding ANY dry food. Cats are designed to get their water from food. That's the way nature designed them, they have low thirst drive. When fed dry, they won't drink enough to compensate for the lack of moisture. They will only consume about 50% of the water they should be having. This can lead to kidney disease, UTI, crystals, blockage, renal failure and more.

Free feeding also leads to obesity. And the fact that dry food is over-processed means, that most of it’s little nutrition has been already destroyed, leaving almost no nutrients for your cat. It needs to eat more to meet his needs, and in the process consumes more calories from the fillers.

Btw wetting the dry food will not help. There’s bacteria on the kibble and the water would just allow it to grow.

The only way to give the cat it's natural hydration is to feed it wet food only.

But some wet foods are junk too. That goes for most commercial foods. Just like the dry, they are often made with cheap fillers such as corn, wheat, soy, rice etc. These are not a part of cat's natural diet (it’s an obligate carnivore – it eats meat!) and they are not designed to digest it. Grain is carbohydrate which the cats can't process and it turns into blood sugar and fat, causing diabetes and obesity. In the wild, where cats only hunt for meat, diabetes and obesity are unheard of. It's us who cause these by feeding a species inappropriate food.

The healthiest food to feed apart from raw feeding is grain-free wet food with no by-product. Some good brands are Wellness CORE, EVO, Merrick, Nature's Variety, Felidae, Blue Buffalo Wilderness and more. These will give your cat the proper hydration and nutrition it's designed to get and it will be strong and healthy.

If you switch it's diet, do it gradually, by mixing the current food with the new one over couple of weeks until there's only the new. This will prevent diarrhea and upset stomach.

Here are some links on cat nutrition, maybe you'll find them helpful!

Good luck!

Toothache after eating meat.?

For a while now, I've been getting toothaches after eating some very chewy and hard meat. It's the 2nd last tooth on the back of my left side (top). The tooth would also be quite loose after eating the meat. The pain would go away the next day but even when it doesn't hurt, the tooth feels a little bit loose. When I touch the tooth from the inner side of the tooth it kinda hurts but the outter side feels no pain.

So I'm wondering, could this toothache be serious?

Also, are all teeth suppose to feel a bit loose? because all my other teeth are a little bit loose as well.

If you are a doctor and start noticing symptoms about yourself that are defined as serious health risks or disease, what do you do?

Doctors are human . They are prey to the same lump and swellings, diseases and pains as everyone else, so eventually they go to their own doctor.But doctors (and personal injury attorneys) know about something gently called Medical Student Syndrome. More or less that is when you have read about and seen and treated true pathologies so often that you begin to magnify every ache and pain into something horrible.If you are smart, you learn to differentiate the real from the neurotic and see your doc about the rural stuff.If you are not smart you figure that the arm and chest pain are from the gym and the nausea is from bad Mexican food… until the call a Code on you.We buried a lawyer friend a number of years ago who had that symptom complex and said that he’d read it often enough to know his wasn’t that bad. Wrong.On the other hand, I have been personally convinced that I was suffering from trigeminal neuralgia or Bells Palsy when all I had done is lost a filling in a tooth and then there was the time I was convinced I had a collapsing acetabulum but the hip pain was really because I had a new pair of high heels that threw my gait off.I have had the privilege of having the same internist for 30+ years. She rolls her eyes when I go on a rant and tells me of her medical colleagues who are just as bad.

Can drinking soda cause pain in joints especially on foot?

Phosphoric acid (in a lot of sodas) binds with calcium as it is expelled from the body. So, for every molecule of phosphoric acid expelled it takes a molecule of calcium with it.

I had a devastating knee injury and had been an avid Pepsi drinker. After reading an article about this I tried it and was shocked at the reduction in pain. So, I went back to drinking them again to see if it was all in my head. Sadly, it was not. I avoid any drink (some flavored water too) that contains phosphoric acid and am much better off.